Netflix not working with VPN on Firestick

Watching Netflix with a VPN on a Firestick is a little trickier than it is on a laptop or smartphone. Luckily there are a couple of things you can do. Continue reading to find out what to if Netflix is not working with your VPN on a Firestick.

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Quick fix: Netflix not working with VPN on Firestick?

Read the more in-depth sections below to find out how and why Netflix has stopped working with your VPN on your Firestick. However, if you just want a *quick* fix, follow the four steps below. 

  1. Get NordVPN ($3.49/month) or Ivacy ($2.49/month)
  2. Download the official VPN apps on your Firestick
  3. Select new server location
  4. Open Netflix app and enjoy

It’s as simple as that.

What to do when Netflix stops working with VPN on Firestick

There are a couple of reasons why your VPN might have stopped working with Netflix on your Firestick. The first thing you need to do is test your VPN on another device – laptop, iPad, or smartphone –  to see if its a bigger VPN-server problem. See my article Netflix not working with VPN to find out more.

If your VPN is still working with Netflix on your other devices, then you know its a problem with the Firestick specifically. If this is the case, I recommend trying downloading the free Firefox browser on your Firestick instead You can sign in and stream Netflix content through the browser just like you would do on your laptop.

Why Netflix has stopped working with your VPN on a Firestick?

I spoke to a couple of VPN providers to find out why some providers might struggle to unblock Netflix on the Firestick. The response I got wasn’t very detailed, or clear – probably to protect their company’s intellectual property.

However, the problem seems to be that the Firestick is unique in how it lets third-party apps access core information about the device. Which makes it easier for makes it easier for apps to detect that a VPN is being used in the background. 

Before we go any further, it’s important to state the obvious. The Amazon Firestick is a budget device with budget specs. If you’re looking for the best streaming experience while using a VPN, a laptop and an HDMI lead is the best option. 

That said, the convenience the Firestick provides is unrivalled. So, if you want to keep using your Firestick with a VPN to watch Netflix, then the single best thing you can do is use a good VPN. 

I recommend NordVPN ($3.49/month) or Ivacy ($2.49/month) as these two providers always have (fast) servers that work with US, UK, Canadian – and many other region’s – Netflix’s.

Background: Netflix made headlines in 2016 when it said it would start blocking VPNs from accessing its servers. The reason it was taking action was simple – Netflix has different libraries for different regions.

And too many of its customers were using cheap VPNs to connect spoof their IP addresses and access Netflix libraries from different regions.

For example, New Zealand (where I live) has a tiny library compared to the US, despite paying the same price per month for Netflix. Few a few extra dollars, us Kiwis could buy IPVanish, TunnelBear, Private Internet Access, Hotspot Shield or any other cheap VPN and unlock Netflix’s global library.

Those days are gone. Netflix now actively blocks VPN connections.

The good news is that some VPNs still work with Netflix. If you want to watch Netflix with a VPN on a Firestick again, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a good VPN that still works with Netflix.

I recommend using either NordVPN ($3.49/month) or Ivacy ($2.49/month) as these two perform the best on the FireStick.

Other VPNs like the ones I mentioned above – IPVanish, TunnelBear, Hotspot Shield – only work with Netflix some of the time. This is because they don’t monitor their connections with Netflix as much as high-end VPNs, who employ 24/7 technical teams to ensure their servers have 100% uptime with Netflix.

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