Forget wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and 5G; LiFi has arrived to make wireless connectivity as fast as light. Quite literally, as LiFi uses light rather than radio frequencies for wireless communications.

Shown off at MWC 2024, pureLiFi, the lead company behind LiFi, aims to show how this light-based connectivity can go beyond what Wi-Fi offers, which relies on radio frequencies. It’s an intriguing concept named “CES 2024 Tech Trends to Watch.”

Among the products unveiled is the LINXC Bridge, a collaborative project between pureLiFi and Solace Power, a global leader in high-performance, leading-edge wireless power technology. This solution addresses the challenge of providing robust connectivity indoors, particularly for 5G mmWave signals.

What does this result in? Well, the LINXC Bridge “significantly” reduces costs and logistical challenges associated with signal transmission from outside to inside buildings. This window-mounted system is self-installable, eliminating the need for costly professional installation, and improves indoor connectivity for enterprises and the home.

LiFi Cube pureLiFi 1
LiFi Cube via pureLiFi

We got to experience LiFi’s low latency, congestion-free gaming, video conferencing, and streaming, which weren’t forced to battle for bandwidth with others over Wi-Fi. As you’d expect, everything was fast, similar to lag-free Wi-Fi, and that’s the point.

pureLiFi’s LiFi concept SkyLite is a whole-room access point that covers over 50 sqm (540 sq feet) of space, flooding the room with high speed, low latency and highly secure wireless connectivity accessible to all. There’s also the LiFi Cube, a plug-and-play access point designed for simple, secure working from home, gaming, streaming and on-the-move connectivity, offering speed and privacy.

“Mobile World Congress is about pushing boundaries and shaping the future of connectivity,” says Alistair Banham, pureLiFi CEO. “We are excited to bring products solving both today’s and tomorrow’s connectivity challenges. LiFi is now ready to augment and extend other wireless technologies, ushering in a new era of bandwidth, speed and reliable communications.”

Will we start seeing LiFi instead of Wi-Fi at home? Only time will tell. For more on MWC 2024, check out our thoughts on the Honor Magic6 Pro.

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