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QR code on phone concept

Quishing explained: What is QR Phishing and how to stay safe

QR Phishing takes advantage of QR codes to trick you and steal your banking details. Here's what to look out for.
Concept of leaky software, data with a tap sticking out

ExpressVPN bug exposes users to their ISP – thanks to split tunneling

ExpressVPN has removed its split tunneling feature due to a bug leaking DNS requests
NordVPN logo on tech concept

Exclusive: NordVPN knows which sites contain the ‘most significant amount of malware’

We chat with CTO at NordVPN Marijus Briedis about the VPN service's latest Threat Protection feature, the unfortunate success of AI-driven phishing attacks, and taking care of 300,000 malware infections per month.
Data breach with security chip unlock concept

Nearly 300 million user accounts leaked globally in 2023

New research details that 10 account were leaked every second last year, but there's a positive trend in data breaches.
Suspicious and malicious hyperlinks concept

New NordVPN Link Checker lets you check for malicious websites for free

NordVPN's free Link Checker tool scans websites for different types of malware and phishing scams.
Norton Genie AI Scam App on iPhone

Norton Genie arrives: Free AI scam detector app teams up with Dan Levy

Free real-time scam detection app Norton Genie is now available on iPhone, Android, and more, and it's partnering up with award-winning creator Dan Levy to spread awareness.
1Password Logo on tech abstract background

Exclusive: 1Password is giving passkeys a grand ‘first impression’

1Password CPO Steve Won believes passkeys is "our best bet to abolishing passwords in our lifetime."
Cryptomining Bitcoin using cryptojacking

Cryptojacking: What is it and how to stay safe (2024)

Cryptojacking turns your computer into a cryptomining machine for cybercriminals. Find out what you need to know about it and how to protect yourself.
X Twitter logo on black background

Crypto scam ads plague Twitter (X) – users take a stand

Twitter, now known as X, is seeing a rapid growth of malicious cryptocurrency ads being promoted to users.
Windows 11 system tray icons

Random System Tray Icons on Windows? Try these fixes! (2024)

Are unwanted system tray icons showing up on your Windows PC? Follow this guide to fix the problem!