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iPhone 15 Plus review

iPhone dominates top-selling phones of 2023 – and iPhone 15 isn’t the best seller

Apple dominates the highest-selling smartphones of 2023, taking the top seven spots – but iPhone 15 models are far from the most sold.
Malware alert on Android smartphone concept

Anatsa banking malware on Android infects 150,000 – targets Europe

A recent Anatsa banking Trojan campaign is targeting European countries with fake apps available on Google Play.
Lenovo transparent laptop

MWC 2024: Lenovo’s transparent laptop could make an appearance

Lenovo is expected to reveal its transparent laptop concept at MWC 2024, and leaked press images show no keyboard in sight.

Apple’s next affordable iPhone may be closer than you think

iPhone SE 4 may be here after all, and it could come with an OLED display, according to sources.

HomePod smart screen could be edging closer

Nearly a year ago, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple had a HomePod with a 7in screen up its figurative sleeve. Then, something considerably less exciting fell out of said surprisingly...
iPhone 15 Plus review

‘GoldPickaxe’ iOS, Android malware can steal your face

New trojan malware 'GoldPickaxe' tricks victims into scanning their face, and it's likely to be used for deepfakes.
Meta Quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg in ‘Quest 3 better than Vision Pro’ shock

Having reviewed tech for various sites for over a decade, I’ve had a fair share of people accusing me of brand bias in the ever-entertaining and overly serious comments sections (Sony...
Smart Earring Thermal Earring

Smart earrings can ‘outperform’ an Apple Watch in a key area – here’s what...

Smart earrings may be the next big wearable, and the new Thermal Earring can monitor signs of stress, eating, exercise and ovulation.

Next Windows update will make your games better – here’s how

Microsoft is bringing an Auto Super Resolution feature to Windows 11, and it's set to bring higher frame rates and enhanced visuals using AI.
Concept of leaky software, data with a tap sticking out

ExpressVPN bug exposes users to their ISP – thanks to split tunneling

ExpressVPN has removed its split tunneling feature due to a bug leaking DNS requests