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iPhone 15 Plus review

‘GoldPickaxe’ iOS, Android malware can steal your face

New trojan malware 'GoldPickaxe' tricks victims into scanning their face, and it's likely to be used for deepfakes.
Meta Quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg in ‘Quest 3 better than Vision Pro’ shock

Having reviewed tech for various sites for over a decade, I’ve had a fair share of people accusing me of brand bias in the ever-entertaining and overly serious comments sections (Sony...
Smart Earring Thermal Earring

Smart earrings can ‘outperform’ an Apple Watch in a key area – here’s what...

Smart earrings may be the next big wearable, and the new Thermal Earring can monitor signs of stress, eating, exercise and ovulation.

Next Windows update will make your games better – here’s how

Microsoft is bringing an Auto Super Resolution feature to Windows 11, and it's set to bring higher frame rates and enhanced visuals using AI.
Concept of leaky software, data with a tap sticking out

ExpressVPN bug exposes users to their ISP – thanks to split tunneling

ExpressVPN has removed its split tunneling feature due to a bug leaking DNS requests

Vision Pro years away from its “ideal form”, insiders believe

Over in America, the Apple Vision Pro headset has been out for over a week, giving early adopters plenty of time to get used to a new age of spatial computing...

Google could roll out ‘Blue Ticks’ to certify content authenticity

Google has joined the C2PA as a steering committee member. This coalition is a collaborative effort among leading technology and media companies (including Adobe, BBC, Intel, Microsoft, Publicis Groupe, Sony, and...
Google Gemini logo

Google Gemini takes over Bard – and it already notes some ‘potential risks’

Google Gemini is here, replacing Bard as the company's AI chatbot and boasting a new Gemini app for Android – but it already states some potential risks.
NordVPN Saily eSIM service

Meet Saily: NordVPN’s new worldwide eSIM service

NordVPN is working on a new worldwide eSIM service called Saily, and it will let you choose from hundreds of countries and dozens of eSIM plans.

OnePlus thinks you don’t want seven years of updates

What with the planet burning and sustainability becoming more of a selling point as well as a necessity, both Google and Samsung have begun to pledge seven years of software updates...