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How to watch BT Sport abroad (2018)

If you’re in a foreign country you will experience difficulty watching BT sport via the official app or website. Here we show you how to watch BT Sport abroad.

How to watch BT Sport abroad

  1. Download and Install a VPN
  2. Select a server in the UK
  3. Login to the BT Sport app or Website
  4. Watch BT Sport live

BT Sport error message

If you’re already using a VPN and you see the error message “This content is only available to viewers in the UK” then its bad news. It means your VPN provider’s IP address has been blacklisted. In 2017 broadcasters, including BT Sport, started clamping down customers using VPNs to access content while abroad (due to licensing reasons).

The way a BT Sport identifies and blocks a VPNs IP is simple. VPNs funnel all their users through a handful of servers. This creates (potentially) thousands of customers connecting and streaming content from the BT Sport website all from the same IP address. To combat the use of VPNs. BT Sport now actively looks for abnormal activity from IP addresses. When it spots a large amount of traffic – more than an average UK internet connection – coming from the same IP it blacklists that address and prevents it from streaming content. Which is why you’re seeing the error message above.

Luckily, there’s already a workaround in place. You need to buy a VPN with a dedicated IP address. This way, only you will be streaming BT Sport from the IP address, so you won’t download an abnormal amount of data (as a VPN isn’t sharing it with all of its customers).

The best VPNs, such as PureVPN offers dedicated IP support for £1.49/month.

Best VPN to watch BT Sport

  1. PureVPN – £3.24/Month*
  2. NordVPN – £4.34/Month
  3. ExpressVPN – £4.70/month

*Buy with “Dedicated UK IP” for guaranteed access.

(See our Best VPNs of 2018 guide for more info)

Why do I need a VPN to watch BT Sport?

BT Sport, like any broadcaster, is subject to its licences. This means it cannot broadcast live pictures to countries where it doesn’t own the broadcast rights. This is why you won’t be able to watch live sports, via the BT Sport app or website, when you’re in a foreign country. Unless you have a VPN.

The way BT Sport, or any internet service, detects a users location is via IP addresses. Using a VPN (with a UK server) will spoof your location/IP address and allow you to watch BT sport abroad.

Free vs Paid-for VPN

If you want to watch BT Sport abroad, you can use either a free or paid-for VPN. They both do the same job in terms of spoofing your location. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Data caps are usually the most common issue. Streaming live sports can range from 600MB to 2GB an hour. This will eat up most free trials’ data allowance in a matter of minutes. The next issue you’re likely to face is not being able to select a server location of your choice. Finally, there’s throttling. This is when your data speed is limited, making streaming live video impossible. The best free VPN we’ve found for streaming live video is Windscribe, this service gives you a generous 10GB of data and lets you select your server location. The only issue is that some users have had occasional issues with data speed, meaning you may struggle to stream live video from time to time.

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How to watch BT Sport abroad

The best way to watch an uninterrupted BT Sport stream is to pay for a VPN. This can cost as little as £3/month if you sign up for a 12-month contract or around £9 for a one-off 30-day licence.

Like free VPNs, paid-for services also vary in terms of server locations and data transfer speeds. The best VPNs will offer multiple servers in 25+ countries with enough bandwidth to stream live video in HD on BT Sport. Here’s our pick of the best VPNs.

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