Recently I’ve been trying to watch Philo outside the US with a VPN and it’s not working. I’m running into an error that says “Sorry, Philo is only available in the United States….for now.”

What this tells me is my VPN isn’t hiding my actual IP address and Philo can tell I’m not accessing it from within the US.

The good news is I managed to fix the problem. All I did was change to NordVPN’s Phoenix #8709 server and I could access Philo again. I also have managed to use NordVPN’s Meshnet service to watch Philo flawlessly from New Zealand.

If you don’t have NordVPN, don’t panic, there’s a few other fixes you can try to resolve Philo not working with VPN. This is what I do whenever a streaming service stops working with my VPN.

“Sorry, Philo is only available in the United States….for now.”

Here’s how I fixed Philo not working with my VPN

Most of the time, I use NordVPN to access Philo and it works very well, if you want, you can discount for it here but before I started using NordVPN, I ran into problems with Philo and the VPN I was using at the time, which was VyperVPN. I constantly ran into errors and issues like this:

Philo not working with VPN

To fix these issues I would always do the same three things:

  1. Change to a different server

    I would change to a different US server, that way I would be given a different IP address by my VPN, and I would try to access Philo again.
  2. Update/reinstall my VPN

    If changing to a different server didn’t fix the problem I would make sure I had all the latest updates for my VPN software. If there wasn’t any I would reinstall my VPN to see if that cleared any potential issues.
  3. Check if it works on a different device

    To diagnose whether it was my VPN that was causing the issues or my device, I would try and watch Philo on a different device. If it worked on my phone but not my laptop or vice versa, I knew that it was my device that was causing issues. If it didn’t work on either device, I knew it was the VPN that was having problems with Philo.

If the above fixes don’t work, then I recommend signing up to a different VPN. Having two VPNs gives you double the chance of being able to watch Philo with a VPN. Plus, most VPNs offer different IP addresses meaning if one has been blocked you can switch to the other.

But, if the idea of two VPNs sounds a bit too expensive for you, I recommend using NordVPN’s Meshnet. Meshnet allows me to watch Philo in New Zealand reliably, but I will admit it can be hard to setup. (if you are interested in Meshnet you can get a discount on a NordVPN subscription here)

Why I use NordVPN’s Meshnet for Philo

The reason I use Meshnet for Philo is because it’s like having my own VPN network setup on my own devices. This means its private and only I can use it, I won’t be sharing IP addresses with other VPN customers.

To set it up all you need to do is install NordVPN on a Windows computer in the country you want to connect to. To be honest, this is the tricky part, for Philo you’ll need someone in the United States who can do this for you, and the device will have to be turned on.

Once this is setup you can route all the internet traffic from all of your devices (so long as NordVPN is installed) through this server, making it look like you’re connecting to the internet from the same location.

I have never had any issues watching Philo this way, but I’m lucky enough to have someone who can set up a computer for me. If you don’t have that luxury, I can’t recommend the base NordVPN service enough. I’ve just tested it with Philo and I was able to watch the streaming service in New Zealand, using Nord’s Phoenix #8709 server.

Patch Bowen
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