Instagram not working with VPN

If you’re in a country where Instagram is banned, or if you’re somewhere where access to Instagram isn’t allowed, you’re probably aware that a VPN will help you get around these issues.

But, what if your chosen VPN stops working with Instagram? If Instagram is no longer working with your VPN, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has managed to block your VPN as well.

This can be frustrating especially if it was working and now it isn’t. But don’t panic, there’s a number of fixes you can try to resolve this issue.

This article will explain how to fix Instagram not working with VPN.

Which VPNs work with Instagram?

Download Speed79 Mbps71 Mbps27 Mbps31 Mbps41 Mbps
Stream quality⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Price per month$6.66$3.79$2.03$1.00$2.19

We regularly check which VPNs are working with Instagram. Our last test was on 16th October 2023.

Instagram not working with VPN: Checklist

  1. Check if Instagram works with your VPN on another device
  2. Connect to a server with a low user count (if possible)
  3. Clear Cookies and Cache: Remove old location data from your browser/device
  4. Verify VPN IP Address: Use to check you have an IP address provided by your VPN
  5. Disable GPS and/or location services on mobile devices
  6. VPN Software Update: Make sure your VPN software is the latest version. Try uninstalling and reinstalling
  7. Switch VPN protocols
  8. Reach out to your VPN’s customer service for Instagram-specific recommendations
  9. Upgrade VPN: If all else fails, consider switching to a known Instagram-friendly VPN
  10. I recommend ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) or NordVPN ($3.79/month) for Instagram

Tip: Sometimes, simply restarting your VPN or changing the server can resolve access issues. If consistent problems arise, it may be time to consider a more reliable VPN service.

Remember, this checklist will only work if your internet service provider (ISP) hasn’t blacklisted your VPN’s IP addresses. And if you’re not using ExpressVPN or NordVPN, there’s a good chance that Instagram is not working with your VPN because your IP address has been blacklisted by your ISP.

Instagram not working with VPN: Fixes

Try these fixes in order. If one doesn’t work, move onto the next until you can use Instagram with a VPN again.

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Check if your VPN works on another device

    Instagram not working with VPN

    This is the easiest thing you can do to figure out what you need to do next. If you VPN works with Instagram on your smartphone, but not on a different device, then you know your VPN isn’t the problem. If your VPN does work on one device, jump to Step 3 below.

  2. Contact your VPNs live chat service

    Instagram not working with VPN

    This is another easy one. Cycle through your VPN’s available servers. If you only have a few options available to you, go to your VPN’s website and find the Live Chat feature (if they have one) and ask for a specific server number that works with Instagram. This is the single most effective way to diagnose if your VPN is the problem or not. If they can’t point you towards a server that works with Instagram then you know, without doubt, that the VPN is the problem.

  3. Delete your cookies

    Instagram not working with VPN

    Deleting your cookies can potentially fix VPN issues. Accumulated or corrupted cookies in a browser might interfere with the way websites and online services function, especially when using a VPN. Clearing these cookies removes any old or problematic data, thereby ensuring a cleaner slate for your VPN connection to operate. This can help in establishing a more stable connection and resolving conflicts between the VPN and certain web services like Sky Go

  4. Connect to a different server

    Instagram not working with VPN

    If your VPN has suddenly stopped working with Instagram, it might be because the IP address your VPN has given you has been identified and blocked by your internet service provider. Changing to a different server will give you a different IP address, and if that one hasn’t been blocked, your VPN will work with Instagram again.

  5. Reinstall or update your VPN

    Instagram not working with VPN

    Think of this as the classic “turn it on and off again” tactic. Removing your VPN, and its settings, from your device and starting again is a good way to get the most up-to-date settings configured on your devices without much effort. If you don’t want to reinstall the software, you can always check to see if there’s an update available to download any fixes your service may have introduced.

  6. Switch VPN protocols

    Instagram not working with VPN

    VPN protocols are the beating heart of a VPN. They determine how the VPN works. When you use a VPN the protocol is responsible for hiding your data and rerouting it via VPN servers. If Instagram isn’t working with your VPN, it might be because the protocol you’re using is no longer working with the service. If your VPN allows it, try changing to a different protocol to see if that fixes the issue. Take a look at our VPN protocols article to discover more about which technology might be best for you.

  7. Upgrade your VPN

    Instagram not working with VPN

    If all of the above fails, you should consider upgrading to a high-end VPN. I recommend ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) or NordVPN ($3.79/month) for Instagram. For more information, check out our VPN list below to see which VPN suits your needs and budget.

The best VPNs for Instagram: Quicklist

ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) is the gold standard of VPNs. With servers in 94 countries and top-tier encryption protocols, it provides users the fastest and most reliable way to unblock streaming services from anywhere in the world.

NordVPN ($3.19/month) has an expansive network of 5,800+ high-speed servers in 60 countries – making it a great option for anyone looking to unblock popular streaming services, at a more mid-range prince point. An excellent choice.

Private Internet Access ($2.03/month) is the “best of the rest” VPN. It stands out as a solid streaming VPN with a budget price tag. It’s not as reliable, or fast, as ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Making it a more suitable choice for a casual VPN user.

Ivacy ($1.00/month) the price is the selling point here. If you want a VPN that works with major streaming services “most of the time” and don’t mind a bit of buffering during peak periods, Ivacy is fine. But it’s a nowhere near as good as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

CyberGhost ($2.19/month) is a decent VPN option that offers user-friendly apps and a range of servers worldwide. While it may not lead the pack in all features, it provides a satisfactory balance of privacy, speed, and ease of use.

Does Instagram block VPNs?

No, Instagram doesn’t block VPNs.

The reason your VPN is no longer working is because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has figured out you’re using a VPN and has blocked the IP address it has given you.

If you’re using a VPN to access Instagram, you’re probably in a location where Instagram is banned. You might be in an authoritarian nation like Russia or China where the government controls the internet, or it might simply be your workplace.

If you’re in a country where Instagram is banned, the internet is probably controlled by the government. If we use Russia as an example, the Russian communications authority, Roskomnadzor, controls the internet and it actively blocks anyone from accessing Instragram.

It also actively blocks VPNs so you can’t access Instagram using a VPN. This is what has probably happened to you. Your VPN has been identified by your ISP and blocked.

Instagram not working with VPN

How do ISPs block VPNs?

ISPs block VPNs using three main techniques:

  1. The most common technique is to do with the IP addresses that your VPN can provide. VPN providers have more customers than the number of IP addresses they can provide; this means that customers can use the same IP addresses. Usually, only a household with a few devices uses the same IP address. When ISP sees hundreds or even thousands of connections coming through on the same IP address, it knows that it is a VPN and it blocks it. 
  2. ISPs monitors for IP, DNS and WebRTC leaks that can tip the service off you are using a VPN.
  3. ISPs teams up with GeoIP databases like Maxmind to identify IP addresses. If the IP address your VPN provides is on one of these databases, ISP will be able to find out where in the world you are connecting to the internet from and it will block you.

Lesser VPNs struggle to get around these techniques and subsequently all of their IP addresses get blocked. This is what has most likely happened to your VPN and it’s why you cannot access Instagram with a VPN anymore. 

Instagram not working with VPN

Does Instagram still work with VPNs?

Instagram still works with VPNs, however, you need to use a VPN that can stay ahead of your ISP’s VPN blocks. 

VPNs like ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) and NordVPN ($3.19/month) are very good at this.

These VPNs work reliably with Instagram because they play a game and cat and mouse with Internet Service Providers. 

If an IP address provided by ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) and NordVPN ($3.19/month) is blocked by your ISP,  ExpressVPN ($6.67/month) and NordVPN ($3.19/month) will close that IP and open a new one. 

This means there will always be an IP address for you to connect to, allowing you to use Instagram from anywhere in the world reliably. 

Instagram not working with VPN: FAQs

Q: Why isn’t Instagram working with my VPN?

Answer: Instagram may not work with your VPN because the platform often restricts access from VPN servers to prevent misuse and ensure security. If the VPN server’s IP address has been flagged by Instagram, it could lead to access issues.

Q: Can I get around Instagram’s VPN block?

Answer: You might bypass Instagram’s VPN block by switching to a different VPN server or using a VPN service known for evading such blocks. However, it’s important to note that attempting to circumvent Instagram’s restrictions may violate their terms of service.

Q: What should I do if Instagram stops working when I connect to a VPN?

Answer: If Instagram stops working upon connecting to a VPN, try disconnecting and reconnecting to a different VPN server, as this can often resolve the issue. If problems persist, check with your VPN provider for any specific settings that could help.

Q: Will using a VPN with Instagram affect my account?

Answer: Using a VPN with Instagram shouldn’t affect your account as long as you’re not engaging in activities that violate Instagram’s terms of service. However, if Instagram detects suspicious activity from your VPN’s IP address, it may temporarily limit or block access to certain features.

Q: How can I choose the best VPN for Instagram?

Answer: To choose the best VPN for Instagram, look for one with a large selection of servers, strong encryption, and a reputation for reliability. It’s also beneficial to select a VPN that offers dedicated IP addresses and has received positive feedback from users for social media access.

The VPN services we recommend for Instagram (2023)

1. ExpressVPN 🥇 $6.66/month

The fastest and most reliable streaming VPN of 2023

  • 160+ IP addresses in 94+ countries
  • 5 simultaneous devices
  • Live chat support
  • Over 3,000 servers
  • >80% connection speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN is highly regarded for its lightning-fast speeds and impressive server coverage, with servers in 94 countries that facilitate reliable and swift access to Instagram, even in regions with strict digital censorship.

The advanced encryption and privacy features ensure that your online presence and activities remain secure and anonymous, making it an excellent choice for those who take their digital privacy seriously while scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Read our full ExpressVPN review.

Special Offer for you!

(30-day money-back guarantee)

2. NordVPN $3.19/month

An incredibly fast and trustworthy VPN

  • Over 5,000 servers worldwide
  • 6 simultaneous devices
  • Reliable customer service
  • Fast NordLynx protocol
  • Cybersec ad and tracker blocker
  • Easy to use interface
NordVPN Best VPN image

NordVPN stands out with its unique Double VPN technology, which routes your connection through two separate VPN servers, doubling the encryption and security of your data.

This, along with its CyberSec feature that blocks ads and malicious websites, makes NordVPN a robust option for Instagram users who want extra layers of security without sacrificing performance.

Read our full NordVPN review.

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(30-day money-back guarantee)

3. Private Internet Access $2.03/month

An affordable, reliable VPN

  • 35,000 servers worldwide
  • Unlimited simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Servers in over 80 countries
  • MACE ad blocker included
  • Supports multiple protocols
Best VPN list - PIA

Private Internet Access (PIA) offers a comprehensive VPN service with an extensive network of servers and a strong commitment to privacy, underscored by a strict no-logs policy.

Its easy-to-use interface allows for detailed settings adjustments, and the automatic kill switch ensures your Instagram activity is always protected, even if your VPN connection unexpectedly drops.

Read our full Private Internet Access review.

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4. Ivacy $1.00/month

A trustworthy and affordable VPN

  • 5700+ servers worldwide
  • 10 simultaneous devices
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated IP address option
  • Available on all major platforms
  • Great price
Ivacy Best VPN image

Ivacy VPN is an affordable service that doesn’t skimp on necessary features, providing users with high-end security protocols and consistent speeds that are ideal for uploading and sharing content on Instagram.

With Ivacy, users benefit from malware protection and no browsing logs, ensuring a secure and private Instagram experience at a wallet-friendly price.

Read our full Ivacy review.

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5. CyberGhost $2.19/month

A solid VPN package

  • Deloitte verified no logs policy
  • Servers in 91 countries
  • 7 simulatenous devices
  • Proprietary NoSpy servers
  • Multiple protocol options
  • Split tunneling support
CyberGhost Best VPN image

CyberGhost’s user-friendly approach extends to its optimized servers for social media platforms, which are specifically tailored to enhance the Instagram experience.

It offers one-click connection to these servers, robust encryption standards, and an expansive network across numerous countries, making it a strong contender for Instagram users who prioritize ease of use and accessibility.

Read our full CyberGhost review.

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Will a free VPN work with Instagram?

Yes, a free VPN can work with Instagram. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Free VPNs are often slower than paid VPNs. This is because they have to share their servers with more users, which can slow down your connection.
  • Free VPNs may not have all the features that you want. For example, some free VPNs do not offer encryption, which means that your data could be intercepted by third parties.
  • Free VPNs may not be as reliable as paid VPNs. This means that they may disconnect more often, or they may not work with all websites and services.

If you are looking for a VPN that is specifically designed for Instagram, then you may want to consider a paid VPN. Paid VPNs are typically faster, more reliable, and have more features than free VPNs. However, if you are just looking to use a VPN to unblock Instagram, then a free VPN for Instagram may be a good option.

Here are some things to look for in a VPN for Instagram:

  • Speed: The VPN should be fast enough so that you do not experience any lag or buffering when using Instagram.
  • Reliability: The VPN should be reliable so that it does not disconnect unexpectedly.
  • Encryption: The VPN should use encryption to protect your data from being intercepted by third parties.
  • Features: The VPN should have the features that you need, such as the ability to unblock Instagram.

The best free VPNs meet some of these criteria. Once you have found a VPN that meets your needs, you can install it on your device and start using it to unblock Instagram.

Is using Instagram with a VPN legal?

Yes, using a VPN with Instagram is legal.

When you create an Instagram account, you automatically accept the terms of use proposed by the social media app. These terms of use are essentially a contract which determines how you can use the app and what you’re allowed and are not allowed to do on the app.

Nowhere on these terms of use does it state you’re not allowed to use Instagram with a VPN.

With that said, if you use a VPN to access in a country where VPN’s are illegal using one to access Instagram is illegal. The country’s that have heavy restrictions on VPNs are China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Iraq, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Egypt, Eritrea, Seychelles, Suriname, Namibia, Slovenia, Nicaragua and Tajikistan.

If you’re outside these countries, you’re legally allowed to access Instagram with a VPN.

Patch Bowen is a VPN expert who has trialed, tested and used different VPNs all over the world. He loves the latest technology especially when it comes to gaming. Patch Bowen is also an experienced Tech Reviewer. Whether it's laptops, smartphones, earbuds or keyboards he's seen it all.