The best VPNs for watching Russian TV in the UK

By treating yourself to a VPN, you can watch Russian TV from anywhere in the world. Without a VPN, you’ll constantly run into frustrating “not available in your region” error messages if you try streaming in the UK. Our quick walkthrough explains how to pick the right VPN for watching Russian TV in the UK.

Once you’ve picked a VPN from our list of trusted services, you’ll have access to Russian TV channels in the UK. The list includes Channel One Russia, Rossiya 1, RTR-Planeta and Carousel. Without a VPN, you won’t have full access to Russian TV in the UK.

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How to watch Russian TV in the UK: Quick guide

  1. Get ExpressVPN (£5.13/month)
  2. With your VPN, connect to a server based in Russia
  3. Load up a Russian streaming service
  4. Watch Russian TV from anywhere in the world

Whether you’re travelling abroad or living in the UK and missing Russian TV, you can stream any time of the day with a VPN.

In our expert guide, we uncover some of the best VPNs compatible with Russian TV. We also dive into the details of why certain Russian TV channels block content from being streaming outside of the country.

Watching Russian TV in the UK

With a paid-for VPN, you can watch Russian entertainment shows, news channels and sporting events.

You can watch as much Russian TV as you need to if you’re signed up with one of our recommended VPNs. A VPN will spoof your location so that a Russian streaming service thinks you’re watching from within the country. In reality, you could be based anywhere else in the world, including the UK.

All of the VPNs we’re spotlighting in our guide boasts hundreds of super-secure servers. They run on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, games consoles and streaming sticks.

Below is a list of four of the best VPNs for streaming Russian shows from the UK:

  1. ExpressVPN (£5.13/month)
  2. Ivacy (£1.02/month)
  3. PureVPN (£2.49/month)
  4. NordVPN (£3.04/month)

Joining forces with any of the VPNs we’ve listed above will give you instant access to Russian TV while you’re in the UK. All of our top picks are a breeze to set up, even if you’ve never used a VPN before.

Once you’ve signed up with one of our recommended VPNs, you’re almost ready to sit back and relax. To watch Russian TV from anywhere in the world, just run through these steps:

  1. Download and install the VPN you’ve signed up for
  2. With your VPN, connect to a server based in Russia
  3. Load up a Russian streaming service
  4. Watch Russian TV from anywhere in the world

Why do Russian channels block UK viewers?

International rights agreements mean that certain Russian TV channels aren’t available to view outside of the country. By using a VPN, you’ll have a Russia-based VPN assigned to your device, leaving you free to access Russian websites.

Why does my VPN not work with Russian TV?

If you already own a VPN but it’s not working with Russian TV, you’ve probably signed up for a VPN that’s not on our list. Assuming your current VPN can’t effectively spoof your location, you’ll keep getting error messages when trying to access websites designed for Russian users.

Flawed VPNs are let down by unreliable servers that get blacklisted by TV networks far too often. If a Russian TV channel blacklists a VPN server, you won’t be able to watch from inside the UK. All of our recommended VPNs are quick to react in the event of a blacklisted server, so you’ll never be without coverage for long.

The best VPNs for watching Russian TV in the UK

1. ExpressVPN

Price: £5.13/month

Best VPNs for watching Russian TV in the UK - ExpressVPN

You can always rely on ExpressVPN to unblock websites and streaming services that would normally be blocked in certain countries. This popular, trustworthy VPN will have you streaming Russian TV in the UK in minutes after you’ve signed up.

With ExpressVPN, you’ll be assigned a Russian IP address that will unlock the most popular Russian TV channels.

At the time of writing, ExpressVPN has servers in over 150 locations in more than 90 countries. If you’re looking to watch Russian TV in the UK, all you need to do is connect to a Russia-based ExpressVPN server. Once you’ve connected, reload any Russian streaming site and enjoy all that it has to offer while you’re in the UK.

Like all good VPNs, ExpressVPN refuses to log traffic data. In other words, nobody will be able to track how you’re using ExpressVPN or which Russian TV channels you’re unlocking using the service. Meanwhile, a network kill switch will keep your identity a mystery even if your connection drops unexpectedly.

If this is your first time using a VPN, you’ll be glad to hear you can call on ExpressVPN’s team of experts at any time. All paying members get access to an around-the-clock live chat service.

ExpressVPN works on desktops, laptops and smartphones, so even if you’re on the way from A to B you’ll be able to stream Russian TV from the palm of your hand.

Click here to get ExpressVPN for £5.13/month

2. Ivacy

Price: £1.02/month

Best VPNs for watching Russian TV in the UK - Ivacy

Here’s the proof that you don’t need to spend big on a VPN that lets you watch Russian TV. Ivacy is just over £1/month and offers instant access to popular Russian streaming services. It may be the cheapest VPN in our guide, but it runs like a dream.

By downloading and installing Ivacy on your computer, you can access Russian websites wherever you are. Sign up for an account, connect to a Russian server and away you go.

Ivacy servers are dotted across the globe, so even if you’re not watching Russian TV you’ll still be able to unlock other websites. You might want to unlock a region-specific Netflix library, for example.

With just a single Ivacy membership, you’ll be covered across up to five different devices. If you’re shopping for a whole family that enjoy Russian TV, that makes Ivacy a great fit. Your browsing habits will be hidden from both the websites you’re visiting and your ISP.

Ivacy uses a network kill switch as an added layer of protection. On top of that, real-time threat detection will give you a heads up if you’re on a website known to infect PCs with malware.

Select our buying link below and get started with Ivacy today.

Click here to get Ivacy for £1.02/month

3. NordVPN

Price: £3.04/month

Best VPNs for watching Russian TV in the UK - NordVPN

If you’ve travelled over to the UK from Russia and miss TV from back home, load up NordVPN and you’ll be able to watch whatever you want.

This trusted VPN is a great go-to for buyers on a budget, helping you stream geo-restricted content from outside countries it’s officially supported in.

There are literally thousands of NordVPN servers to connect to with a membership. Obviously you’ll want to use the Russian servers if you want to stream live Russian TV, but there are no rules in place stopping you from hopping over to a server in another country.

Each of NordVPNs servers is protected by military-grade encryption. Your anonymity is guaranteed, even if you’re using the service while connected to a public Wi-fi hotspot. NordVPN employs its CyberSec technology to block websites that could infect your computer with a virus.

If you run into a problem while setting up NordVPN, you can try contacting NordVPN’s team of live chat experts. The service is included with every membership to the VPN.

Click here to get NordVPN for £3.04/month

4. PureVPN

Price: £2.49/month

Best VPNs for watching Russian TV in the UK - PureVPN

PureVPN is one of the best services around for streaming Russian TV in the UK. It effortlessly opens up websites that would usually be blocked in the UK, costing just under £2.50/month.

A single account with PureVPN gives you instant access to speedy servers all over the world. You have plenty of Russian servers to choose from, so tuning in to Channel One Russia, Rossiya 1 and Carousel is a simple task.

To date, over 3 million people have signed up with PureVPN. Every paying member has the ability to swap between servers as many times as they need to. If you’ve got a dodgy connection on one Russain server, you can get a better experience by swapping over to another. The process is quick and easy to get your head around even if you’re new to VPNs.

Up to 5 different gadgets can use PureVPN simultaneously under one membership. It’s compatible with PCs, smartphones and streaming sticks including the Google Chromecast.

Click here to get PureVPN for £2.49/month

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