Channel 5 (My5) not working with VPN? 1
  • I’m currently able to connect to My5 via NordVPN’s UK Server #2471.
  • Just type “2471” in the search box of your NordVPN app and select the corresponding UK server.

If Channel 5 (My5) isn’t working with your VPN, there are two main reasons why this is happening.

  1. The first is an easy fix; it just involves deleting your cookies or restarting your device (I’ll cover that in more detail below).
  2. The second is a bit more drastic – your VPN could be blocked by Channel 5 (My5) altogether
    • If this is the case, then your options are limited. You can either wait for your VPN to create a new UK server and IP address and hope that doesn’t get blacklisted too, or you can upgrade to a more reliable VPN. Note that no VPN can guarantee you that it 100% won’t get blocked by Channel 5 – unless they offer you access to a Residential IP address in the UK. But again, I’ll cover the hows and the whys of that below.

It looks like you are trying to access My5 from outside the UK.
My5 is currently only accessible from within the UK.
Error code: MY5-WEB-1111

First, let me take you through some steps to try to diagnose whether it’s your device that’s the problem, or if your VPN has been blacklisted by Channel 5.

The first thing you should do is try accessing Channel 5 (My5) using a different device. If you have been using your laptop, try watching My5 on your phone and vice versa. Make sure you connect to your VPN’s UK server before you do anything else on your device, though.

If it works on your new device, then it means there is some sort of tracking leak on your primary device. Which means you’ll need to reset some settings and permissions to get it working again.

Follow these steps to figure that out:

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How to fix Channel 5 (My5) not working with VPN

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Check if your VPN works on another device

  2. Contact your VPN’s live chat service

  3. Delete your cookies

  4. Connect to a different UK server

  5. Reinstall or update your VPN

  6. Switch VPN protocols

If these steps don’t work, it means your VPN is the problem.

Then, as I said above, you have two options. You can either wait and hope your VPN provider creates a new UK server and IP address for you to access Channel 5 with, again. Or you can upgrade to a more reliable VPN.

Personally, I use ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) and NordVPN ($3.19/month) to get my fix of UK TV from here in New Zealand. Occasionally, one of these VPNs will struggle to connect with My5 – when that happens, I just switch to the other VPN.

Tip: I also share my logins with my family, which spreads the cost. This lets them watch New Zealand streaming services from the UK – which is great for Live Sport as we get ALL of the Premier League’s 3PM Kick Offs shown here, as there is no blackout.

If you’re looking for a 100% reliable way to watch My5 from outside the UK, take a look at NordVPN’s Meshnet. This is essentially a private VPN network that you run on your own devices.

All you need to do is install NordVPN on a Windows laptop in the country that you want to connect to and you can route all your internet traffic through this laptop (and your home’s Wifi/internet connection) from any device that you can install NordVPN on. Oh, and you need to have the host device turned on whenever you want to connect to it, obviously.

Note that I’m currently able to connect to My5 via NordVPN’s UK Server #2471. To connect to the same server, just type “2471” in the search box of your NordVPN app and select the corresponding UK server.

Channel 5 (My5) not working with VPN? 2
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