Paramount+ not working with VPN

I’ve been watching Paramount+ outside the US using a VPN, however recently, my VPN (Tunnelbear) has stopped working with the streaming service.

I’m coming across two errors that say “Error: Unfortunately, an error occurred during playback. Please try again” and “Oh No! It looks like you’re using a VPN or proxy, which prevents playing your video.”

“Oh No! It looks like you’re using a VPN or proxy, which prevents playing your video.”

What I think is happening, is Paramount+ is figuring out I’m using a VPN to access its service outside the US. What that means is my VPN (Tunnelbear) isn’t able to keep one step ahead of Paramount’s VPN blocking techniques and the IP address it has given me has been blocked.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to fix this, basically all you need to do is change to an unblocked IP address. Here’s how I did it:

Paramount+ not working with VPN

How I fixed Paramount+ not working with VPN

  1. Change Server

    The way I fixed Paramount+ not working with my VPN is I simply changed server. This gave me a different IP address and fortunately at the time, that one hadn’t been blocked by Paramount+.

    This is usually the best and pretty much only way to get your VPN working with Paramount+ again. Other things you can potentially try are deleting your Cookies, reinstalling or updating your VPN and changing protocol, however they’re not usually as reliable.

    Unfortunately, changing to a different server doesn’t always work. If you do manage to get a different IP address and it’s still not working with Paramount+, then all of your VPNs IP addresses have been blocked. From here there’s not much you can do other than either waiting for your VPN to fix the problem, or using a different VPN (see below)
  2. Use a different VPN

    If changing your server doesn’t fix the problem, all you can really do is use a different VPN. Living in New Zealand, I’m someone who uses a VPN every day, so I subscribe to two VPNs to increase my chances of being able to watch Paramount+.

    Recently I signed up to NordVPN with a deal that you can get here. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a discount and three months of your subscription for free. I now use NordVPN for Paramount+ and I haven’t had any issues since.

    Obviously., signing up to a second VPN isn’t a viable option for everyone, so from here, all I can recommend is switching to a better VPN. I recommend NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Or you could simply wait for your VPN to fix the problem, however there’s no way of knowing how long that will take or even if it will get fixed at all.
Paramount+ not working with VPN
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  1. How can I watch paramount+ with my iPad?
    Paramount+ requires I turn on location services and gets my foreign location from the gps info.

    • Hi MCB,

      I’ve just tested this on an iOS device from New Zealand using ExpressVPN. It works without needing to grant location access

      You can revoke Location sharing by going to your iOS device’s Settings > scroll down to the Paramount+ app > Location > Never.

      Hope this helps. 👍


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