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Netflix Detecting VPN? Try this EASY fix!

If you’re seeing the error message “Oops, something went wrong… You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy”. It’s bad news. Your VPN server’s IP address has been blacklisted by Netflix. Don’t worry though – there’s an easy workaround. In this article, we help you understand how the Netflix VPN ban works and what you can do to beat it! We also list four excellent VPNs that still work with US Netflix (see below).

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Netflix error code m7111-5059?

The “Netflix error code m7111-5059” simply means that the VPN you’re using has been detected by Netflix (more on this later).

Follow the steps below to find out how to stop seeing the m7111-5059 error code when connecting to Netflix via a VPN.

Netflix not working with VPN: Quick guide

Netflix only blocks the IP addresses of some VPNs. Good VPN still work with Netflix. Follow the steps below to and you’ll be able to watch Netflix (again) from anywhere in the world.

  1. Sign up to ExpressVPN ($6.99/month) or Ivacy ($1.99/month)
  2. Download and install the app
  3. Connect to a server in the US (or whatever Netflix region you want)
  4. Clear your browser’s cookie and cache (optional)
  5. Open Netflix and watch from anywhere in the world

It’s as easy as that.

Can Netflix detect a VPN?

However, Netflix does collect its users’ IP addresses. It then uses this data to monitor the number of accounts connecting from the same IP address, and it actively blacklists any IP address that it suspects belongs to a VPN. More about this below.

However, Netflix does collect its users’ IP addresses. It then uses this data to monitor the number of accounts connecting from the same IP address, and it actively blacklists any IP address that it suspects belongs to a VPN. More about this below.

How Netflix detects VPNs?

Netflix detecting VPN - body

A cheap, oversubscribed VPN is easy to detect.

Too many people connecting from the same (VPN) IP address is basically how all VPN IP addresses get detected and blacklisted.

An IP address is like a telephone number, complete with a dialling code. Every internet connection in the world has its own unique IP address. Your IP address reveals (to a website) which country/city your internet connection is coming from.

VPNs make money by sharing a small number of servers/IPs with a larger number of customers. When you use a low-end VPN, you’re sharing your IP address with a lot of other customers. So naturally, this IP will be detected and blacklisted by Netflix first.

The best VPNs, such as ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) or Ivacy (£1.74/month) provide users with access to a lot more servers and IPs. This is important as it allows them to spread their customers across their IPs. Keeping them undetected as the number of customers connected to Netflix via each IP remains under Netflix’s “abnormal” threshold. NordVPN and ExpressVPN also play a game of Cat and Mouse with Netflix. When one of their IP addresses is detected and blacklisted, they react by shutting it down and opening a fresh (undetected) IP.

What to do when Netflix detects VPN?

The best workaround for the Netflix VPN block is to simply use a VPN with servers/IPs that aren’t blacklisted by Netflix. It’s as easy as that.

These can be tricky to find and verify. So we recommend you use one of the VPNs featured below. These VPNs play a game of Cat and Mouse with Netflix. When Netflix blacklists one of its IP addresses, the VPNs open a new one and direct their customers to it.

If you want to start watching US Netflix (again) all you need to do is sign up with one of the VPNs listed below and connect to a US server.

Netflix detecting VPN

Netflix not working with VPN on Firestick?

If you’re having trouble watching Netflix through a VPN on a Firestick, then try downloading the free Firefox browser. You can play Netflix on your Firestick via a browser just like you do on your laptop.

For more information check out this Netflix not working with VPN on Firestick? Try this EASY fix! article.

Which VPNs still work with Netflix (US)?

If you’re looking for a VPN that works with Netflix 100% of the time, we suggest choosing for one of the three listed below. NordVPN, ExpressVPN and PureVPN all open new servers and IP as soon as its older ones are blacklisted. This ensures that they offer their customers a way to watch American Netflix all of the time.

From our tests, we’ve found ExpressVPN to be the fastest provider. Is also has the most servers open to US Netflix. NordVPN comes a close second regarding the number of US servers it makes available to its customer base. However, because NordVPN is a lot cheaper than ExpressVPN, its servers are often more crowded. Which makes them slower. The final VPN we recommend is PureVPN. PureVPN is slightly more guarded about how many open servers it has with US Netflix, due to how its app is set up to manage connections. PureVPN still performed well in all of our tests and provided a solid connection to Netflix with zero downtime.

1. ExpressVPN

Netflix detecting VPN - ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is another great option for unblocking US Netflix. It’s also one of the more expensive. But you’re paying for a quality service. Using ExpressVPN guarantees you’ll always have a working connection with American Netflix (and BBC iPlayer in the UK).

Finding a server that is open to US Netflix is easy. Most of the time, all you need to do is navigate your way to the Recommended servers list in the ExpressVPN app and you’ll be able to watch Netflix without any issues. If this doesn’t work, for whatever reason, users are encouraged to speak to a support agent via the ExpressVPN website’s 24/7 Live Chat. Here users can speak to an ExpressVPN representative and literally ask which servers are currently working with Netflix.

ExpressVPN has a dedicated app for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, PS4 and Xbox. There are also browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Get ExpressVPN ($6.66/month)

2. Ivacy


BBC iPlayer detecting VPN - Ivacy

If you’re looking for an excellent VPN, with an even better price tag, Ivacy ($2.25/month) is a great option.

This VPN has all the features you need to stream US Netflix, in HD, from any country in the world. I’ve been testing the app recently on Mac, PC, Android, iOS and FireStick and the results have been impressive – unlocking US Netflix with ease.

For an extra $1.99/month you can add-on a dedicated IP. This will buy you sole access to an IP address in a country of your choice, meaning you won’t have to share your IP (and speeds) with any other use.

Get Ivacy for $2.25/month

3. NordVPN

Netflix detecting VPN - NordVPN


NordVPN is the best VPN for unblocking US Netflix. It has 1883+ servers and a dedicated technical team that monitors each connection (with US Netflix).

In the unlikely scenario where you’re unable to find a server that works with US Netflix, don’t panic. Just head to the Netflix Support page to find a list of servers that are “open” and verified by Nord’s dedicated tech team.

The NordVPN app is available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux (plus a Chrome extension).

Get NordVPN ($2.99/month)

4. CyberGhost


BBC iPlayer not working with VPN - CyberGhost

Another of our favourite services is CyberGhost ($2.99/month).

CyberGhost’s app (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) works slightly differently from its rivals. It’s unique because it lets you filter server by ‘Purpose’ and then connects you to the best server for the job. Here, for example, you would select your purpose as Netflix Streaming, and then let CyberGhost do the rest.

On the rare occasion when this method doesn’t work – this has happened for me yet – you’re encouraged to get in touch with a CyberGhost agent via the website’s Live Chat service. Where they’ll fix the problem and get you watching Netflix again asap.

Get CyberGhost for $2.99/month.

Why does Netflix block VPNs?

It’s common knowledge that Netflix has different size libraries for different countries. This is due to the third-party content Netflix includes in its library.

Let’s use the TV show Frasier for example. You can watch it on US Netflix, but not on UK Netflix. This is because Netflix US has bought distribution rights from Paramount (the show’s producers and rights holders). However, Netflix doesn’t have the same distribution rights for the UK. Channel 4 and 4OD does.

But, if a UK Netflix subscriber uses a VPN to spoof their internet connection to somewhere in the US, they can use their same Netflix account to watch Frasier on US Netflix.

This is a global problem for Netflix. Part of the reason US Netflix has a much bigger library than any other region is that there are more subscribers in the US than any other country.

Data released by Statistica highlights the mismatch. In Q4 2017, Netflix had 54.8m subscribers in the US and 62.8m international subscribers. Netflix has customers in 160 different territories. With 159 of these only just overtaking the number it has in America. Which means more buying power for the US. Hence the bigger and better library.

TV & Film distributors recognise this and sell their content to Netflix accordingly. Netflix’s recent crackdown on VPNs is likely to be due to pressure put on them by the third-party rights holders it licences content from.

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List of VPNs blocked by Netflix

  • TunnelBear
  • IPVanish
  • Hotspot Shield
  • VyprVPN
  • Windsscribe
  • CyberGhost
  • HideMyAss!
  • PureVPN

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