not working with VPN on Firestick

Usually, I watch on my Firestick, however I’m not based in the United States, so I use a VPN to gain access to the streaming service.

In my home country, New Zealand, it was working fine, however I have started running into some issues, and I can’t get to work reliably anymore.

The good news is I managed to fix the issue by going through some troubleshooting steps. I tried my older Firestick and still didn’t work with my VPN.

I subsequently found out that it was the VPN I was using that was causing issues. I managed to fix it temporarily, however I ran into similar issues a week later. When that happened, I changed to NordVPN and haven’t had any issues since.

But if you’re not keen on changing VPN I’ll let you know what I did to get my original VPN working with on my Firestick.

How I fixed not working on Firestick with VPN

  1. Try a different device

    The first thing I did is diagnose if it was my Firestick that was causing issues. To do this I tried to watch on a different device. For me it was my phone, but you could use anything else like a tablet or laptop.

    If works with your VPN on a different device, you’ll know it’s the Firestick that’s causing issues. However, it’s probably not your Firestick. For me, didn’t work on my phone either. Thats when I moved on to the next step.
  2. Changed to a different US server

    When I figured out that it wasn’t my Firestick that was causing issues I changed to a different server on my VPN (VyprVPN) and that fixed the problem. I intentionally chose a city that was close to my country, or at least as close as possible. I chose a West Coast city Salt Lake City and was able to watch for a while, however I ran into the same issue only a day later.

    To combat this I continuously changed servers, until I found one that would work. But this was a bit annoying.
  3. Reinstall my VPN

Unfortunately, this didn’t solve any issues, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bug or an error inadvertently causing issues.

After reinstalling my VPN I knew I had a fresh install with all the latest updates but I still ran into problems.

This allowed me to determine that it was my VPN that was having issues remaining compatible with on my Firestick.

From here I got a bit tired of constantly changing server every time I wanted to watch on my Firestick, so I downloaded and tried a different VPN.

From my experience, and the opinions of a lot of other VPN experts I selected NordVPN, and I haven’t had a problem watching on my Firestick ever since. It works flawlessly, and has more servers than my original VPN.

I managed to get NordVPN quite cheap with this deal. You can grab it too. Also, if you are worried about purchasing another VPN, NordVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee. So you can feel comfortable trying it out.

Patch Bowen
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