How to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK

This Is Us season 4 is only available on NBC right now. If you want to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK, you’re going to need to spoof your internet connection to make it appear as if it’s in the US. Continue reading to learn how to do this, and subsequently, watch This is Us season 4 in the UK (for free).

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How to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK: Quick guide

  1. Sign up to ExpressVPN ($6.99/month) or Ivacy ($2.25/month)
  2. Download VPN app on your device
  3. Connect to a server in the US*
  4. Go to NBC (free) or Hulu ($5.99/month)
  5. Watch This Is US Season 4 

*If you’re using Ivacy, you should connect to the dedicated NBC or Hulu servers

Why can’t I watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK?

Annoyingly, NBC (the show’s creators) isn’t distributing season 4 of This Is Us this is global partners (Amazon Prime, Channel 4 etc.) for another several months.

The logic here is understandable. NBC wants users to watch this show on its network rather than using a VPN – like this tutorial suggests – to watch the show for free elsewhere.

This means you either have to wait a few months until the show lands on Amazon Prime, or – if you can’t wait that long – use a VPN (see below) to spoof your location to the US and watch the show on NBC or Hulu.

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When is season 4 of This is Us coming to Amazon Prime in the UK?

There still isn’t an official release date for This Is Us season 4 in the UK yet. If you want to watch the new season, you have to use a VPN to watch the new season on NBC or Hulu.

How to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK

If you want to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK right now, you have two options: NBC or Hulu. Both involve using a VPN make it seem as if you’re accessing the internet from inside the US.

ExpressVPN ($6.99/month) are Ivacy ($2.25/month) are the two best VPNs at unblocking NBC and Hulu.

How to watch This Is Us season 4 via NBC in the UK

NBC is the free option here. You need to use a good VPN (see below) to connect via a US IP address. But once you’ve done this, you can watch content on NBC for free.

NBC has an odd system where it limits users to 3 free tokens, and each time you watch a show on, it costs a token. This means you can only watch three episodes of This Is Us for free per account. 

The workaround is pretty straightforward. Once you’ve watched the first three episodes and used your three free credits, you simply create a new account, and you’ll receive three new credits. 

How to watch This is Us season 4 via Hulu in the UK

If you want to access This Is Us season 4 and a ton of other premium American shows, then Hulu is a good option. It costs $5.99 (about £4.99) for the cheapest tier and gives you access to thousands of other shows and movies.

Visit How to watch Hulu outside of the US to find out more.

Can I use a free VPN to watch This Is Us season 4?

The short answer is: No. Not really.

A free VPN lets you connect to the internet via an encrypted network and resurfaces via a genuine US IP address, in the same way a paid-for VPN does. However, the IP addresses free VPNs share their users are all over congested and are therefore easily detected/blocked by broadcasters and their VDS (video distribution services).

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Which VPN’s work with NBC and Hulu?

We recommend using one of the three VPN providers below to consistently connect to NBC and Hulu. Other VPNs may work but the four below have been verified and speed tested. They also have very good customer support if you have any issues.

1. ExpressVPN

How to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK - ExpressVPN


If you want the best VPN on the market, look no further than ExpressVPN ($6.66/month). It has the fastest servers, the best app, and it always works with NBC and Hulu.

It also always works with US Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer (in the UK) and loads of other online servers.

ExpressVPN is at the top of this list because it is the best VPN on the market. If you can afford to pay a little more, you will not regret it.

This VPN is extremely fast. When we performed our independent VPN speed tests, it was consistently at the top with great download/upload speeds. There are ALWAYS open servers for major streaming sites such as Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu and CBS All Access.

ExpressVPN is the best at playing Cat and Mouse with streaming sites. If an IP address is blacklisted, a new one is created. This is why there are a constant number of servers available that work with NBC and Hulu.

This VPN is easy to use and simple. You can get it on nearly all devices. Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Firestick, Android TV, Roku, PS4, Xbox, Linux and much more.

ExpressVPN is different from its competitors. Its software prioritises user management by having the customer choose their location rather than an individual server. Once you choose your location the app does the rest. A fast server that isn’t overused is assigned to you and this server will perform at lightning-fast speeds. This software is great because it prevents IP addresses being blacklisted in the first place.

ExpressVPN is slightly more expensive than the other VPNs on this list. But if you can spare the extra money, you won’t be let down.

Get ExpressVPN (Sign up for 12 months and get 3-month free)

2. Ivacy

How to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK - Ivacy

Price: $2.25/month

Ivacy is a great low-cost VPN. It has everything you need to stream NBC and Hulu while outside of the US.

It’s not as reliable, or as fast as ExpressVPN. But if all you need is a quick and cheap way to watch NBC and Hulu outside of the States, Ivacy is a great choice.

Ivacy also provides an option to buy a dedicated IP address ($1.99/month.) This means you will be the only customer that is able to use the IP address located in the country of your choice. This means that the IP address will never get blacklisted by NBC and Hulu.

Get Ivacy ($2.25/month)

3. NordVPN

How to watch This Is Us season 4 in the UK - NordVPN

Price: $2.99/month

NordVPN is very good for streaming NBC and Hulu outside of the US.

NordVPN have a technical team that monitor their server connections with popular streaming services.

NBC and Hulu are included in their watchlist. NordVPN prioritises staying ahead of NBC and Hulu, making sure that their servers and IP addresses do not get blacklisted and stay open.

NordVPN has a large number of servers in the USA at 1900+.  They provide even more around the world.

Get NordVPN ($2.99/month)

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