If you’re in the UK you won’t be able to watch the program Parks and Recreation on Netflix. However, in this article, we’ll show you how you can connect to US Netflix from anywhere in the world. Continue reading to find out how to watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix in the UK.

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How to stream Parks and Rec on UK Netflix: Quick guide

  1. Get ExpressVPN (£5.13/month) or Ivacy (£1.76/month)
  2. Download and install the VPN app (works on all mobile devices too)
  3. Connect to a server in the US
  4. Go to Netflix.com or the Netflix app
  5. Stream Parks and Recreation

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Why isn’t Parks and Recreation on UK Netflix?

If you’re using Netflix and you search for “Parks and Recreation” you’re out of luck. The program won’t show up in your library. This is because of a thing called Territorial Licensing and Netflix recognising that you’re connecting from the UK.

This matters because organisations pay for the rights to TV shows or movies by region. Which means if an organisation (in this case Netflix UK) doesn’t own the correct regional content license, then it can’t broadcast it in your region. Which is why Parks and Recreation won’t come up in your UK Netflix library.

How does Netflix know where I’m connecting from?

Every internet connection has its own IP address. IP addresses are a little bit like a phone number with area codes. Websites can use an IP address to discover the town/city a user is trying to connect from. And this is exactly what Netflix does.

If you have a UK IP address, Netflix will serve you the UK Netflix library. This is why, when searching for Parks and Recreation in the UK, it does not come up in your library.

Luckily there is a simple fix to this problem. All you need to do is spoof your IP address to one in the US. And to do this, you need to use a VPN.

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How to watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix in the UK?

VPNs offer a service that enables you to pick an IP address from hundreds of locations around the world. They use a network of IP addresses, servers and military-grade encryption to trick websites (including Netflix) into thinking you’re connecting from the country of your choice.

If you want to stream Parks and Recreation on Netflix in the UK. You simply get yourself a (good) VPN and connect to a US server.

It’s that easy.

I’ve been using ExpressVPN (£5.13/month) to watch US Netflix since May last year.

What VPN should I use?

There are many different VPNs out there. But, not all of them work when trying to watch Netflix.

This is because Netflix blocks connections for abnormal usage. Abnormal usage is when multiple connections connect to Netflix from the same IP address. VPNs are susceptible to being blocked because they have thousands of users but not as many IP addresses.

If multiple users connect to Netflix on the same VPN-provided IP address, that IP address will get blacklisted and blocked.

Which is why you need to use a VPN that plays Cat and Mouse with Netflix. This means that if an IP address does get blacklisted, it is immediately closed by the VPN provider and a new one is opened. This process ensures that there are always IP addresses available for users.

Best VPNs to stream Parks and Recreation on Netflix in the UK

Below you can find what we think are the best VPNs for watching Parks and Recreation in the UK

1. ExpressVPN

How to watch Parks and Recreation on NETFLIX in the UK - Express

Price: £5.13/month 

ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market. It is a slightly more expensive option but it is definitely worth the extra pounds.

This VPN is extremely fast. It has many connections around the world and is perfect for watching Parks and Recreation in the UK because it has hundreds of US servers for you to choose.

99% of the time you will not have any issues with ExpressVPN. This is because this VPN is very good at playing Cat and Mouse with Netflix. There are always servers available for use and users are able to continuously stream US Netflix in the UK.

ExpressVPN also focuses on connecting the user with the server that is best for them.

Instead of selecting an individual server, ExpressVPN gets you to select the region. You will then be connected to the server that is best suited for you. This ensures super fast speeds.

Get ExpressVPN (£5.13/month)

2. Ivacy

  • £1.76/month
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV Stick
BBC iPlayer detecting VPN - Ivacy

If you’re looking for an excellent VPN, with an even better price tag, Ivacy (£1.76/month) is a great option.

This VPN has all the features you need to stream US Netflix, in HD, from any country in the world. I’ve been testing the app recently on Mac, PC, Android, iOS and FireStick and the results have been impressive – unlocking US Netflix with ease.

For an extra $1.99/month you can add-on a dedicated IP. This will buy you sole access to an IP address in a country of your choice, meaning you won’t have to share your IP (and speeds) with any other use.

Get Ivacy for £1.76/month

3. NordVPN

How to watch Parks and Recreation on NETFLIX in the UK - Nord

Price: £3.02/month 

NordVPN is very good for streaming Parks and Recreation on Netflix in the UK.

Let’s face it sometimes things don’t work as they should. That’s why NordVPN employs a 24/7 technical support team that you can communicate with via their websites Live Chat service. This way if you are having any problems connecting to US Netflix, you can message them and they will assist you.

They also have a team that monitor their connections with TV streaming services like Netflix.

If a server or connection is blacklisted they take it down and put up a new one. NordVPN is available on almost any device you can think of.

Get NordVPN (£3.02/month)

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