How to Watch Hulu Outside of the US

How to Watch Hulu Outside of the US

Hulu represents a great way to cut the cables in your home and get your fix of TV over the internet. Thanks to VPNs, you can now take Hulu with you when you travel outside of America. In this article, we show you how you can watch Hulu outside of the US.

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How to Watch Hulu Outside of the US: Using a VPN

Below you’ll find a quick numbered guide detailing the best way to connect to Hulu from outside the US. For those interested, we’ve also produced a more detailed explanation of the problem. Use the comments section below if you have any further questions.

How to Watch Hulu Outside of the US:

  1. Sign up to ExpressVPN (Prices start at $6.67/month)
  2. Speak to its 24/7 Live Support team and find out which servers currently work with Hulu
  3. Connect to US Server
  4. Watch Hulu from outside of the US

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VPNs encrypt data going to and from a computer and redirects it via a server (in a country of your choice). This makes it appear, to services such as Hulu, as though your internet connection is from within the US. By doing this, you can successfully spoof your location and watch Hulu outside of the US.

A couple of years ago that used to be enough to watch Hulu from outside the US 100% of the time. You could buy any VPN and use it to spoof your location. And providing your VPN was fast enough, you could stream any content from any service in the US.

Things have changed a bit.

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and even BBC iPlayer have now started actively policing how users access their content. And the reason for this is licencing.

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Blocking VPNs in their current state is relatively easy. VPNs have thousands of customers and only a handful of servers in any given country. This creates a bottleneck in its servers with multiple people using the same server and IP address to access Hulu and Netflix (etc). Which makes the task of identifying and blocking an IP address easy.

The situation we have now is an ongoing game of Cat and Mouse between online streaming services and VPNs. When one IP address is blocked, another is created.

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the VPN providers who are winning at this game of Cat and Mouse.

The 3 BEST VPNs to watch Hulu outside of the US

1. ExpressVPN


$6.67/month (with a 30-day money back guarantee)

ExpressVPN is an established VPN provider with a good reputation in the industry. It gives all its users access to 256-bit AES encryption, DNS/IPv6 leak protection, kill switch, and split tunnelling.

More importantly, for streaming, it is one of the few VPNs that appears to be winning the game of Cat and Mouse with Hulu. Better yet, it offers live support 24/7 to help you connect to the right server. Meaning you won’t waste valuable time cycling through its impressive number of servers, searching for an IP address that’s not been blocked by Hulu.

You can use ExpressVPN to unblock many other online streaming services. Including; Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and loads more.

Get ExpressVPN from $6.67/month

2. PureVPN

Price: $3.24/Month*


PureVPN is a fast and reliable VPN provider with dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s easy-to-use and works well with Hulu.

The reason we’ve ranked PureVPN as the number two way to watch Hulu Outside the US due to its dedicated IP option (see NordVPN below). Buying a dedicated IP, in theory, protects your IP address from getting blacklisted for abnormal streaming patterns. It also only costs $1.99/month more than the standard package from PureVPN, which is still cheaper than a lot of VPNs .

Get PureVPN from $3.24/Month*

*Buy with “Dedicated US IP” for guaranteed access.

3. NordVPN


Price: $4.34/Month

NordVPN represents a great way to watch Hulu the US. It has the most servers in the US of any VPN provider, meaning you’re guaranteed a fast connection.

However, the one downside is that TV providers such as Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer in the UK, have started blocking its servers. NordVPN is almost a victim of its own success. Because so many people use its servers to watch content in different locations, it makes its servers easy to spot and blacklist.

NordVPN combats this with Cat and Mouse tactics. When one of its IPs is blacklisted it opens a new one. The result is effective, but it does mean you sometimes have to cycle through several different servers before you find one that works.

If you’re willing to do this. NordVPN is a great all-round VPN provider. It offers fast speeds and a massive range of servers in other countries.

Get NordVPN from $4.34/Month

4. IPVanish


Price: $3.73/Month

IP Vanish is similar to NordVPN. It used to regularly rank in the Top 3 VPNs for a number of different purposes. Its popularity has meant it’s also been one of the first VPNs to be blacklisted.

Fast forward to today, and IPVanish is on the right track. We’ve been in contact with the press team and they assured us a long-term fix is being worked on. In the meantime, IPVanish is playing the same game of Cat and Mouse with the BBC as NordVPN.

The kicker for IPVanish is that it offers a dedicated Amazon Fire Stick app.

Get IPVanish from $3.73/Month

Why Hulu blocks VPNs

Each online streaming service pays content its providers – Warner Bros, Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, etc a licencing fee into stream content on their platforms. Netflix, for example, is currently paying Warner Bros to stream Friends in the US.

However, the libraries and licences vary from country to country. And then began to discover that American online streaming services have to most comprehensive libraries – because it has the most subscribers to spread the cost amongst – the number of people using VPNs to watch US streaming services rose. And then snowballed!

This obviously annoyed the content producers (Warner Bros et al) who were charging Netflix a fee based on its US customer base, when its global audience had theoretical access to content for the price of a cheap VPN ($1.99/month).

This led to the licence holders putting pressure on the on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer to start actively blocking VPNs.

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