How to fix PC Game Pass error 0x800704c6

If you’ve been having trouble downloading new games via the Windows Store and/or through the Xbox (Beta) app – with PC Game Pass – and you still see the error 0x800704C6 “can’t connect to service”.

How to fix PC Game Pass error 0x800704c6?

Connect via a VPN.

It’s as simple as that. Connecting via a VPN server fixes the problem. Which makes very little sense – I still don’t fully understand why connecting via a VPN server solves the issue. But it does.

I spent the best part of two days trying to fix the problem. Following all of Microsoft’s recommendations – Turn off Windows Firewall; Troubleshoot Windows Update and Windows Store; Perform a Clean Boot; Clear Cache of the Windows 10 Store app; wsreset.exe 

uninstalling; and re-installing the Xbox Beta app – to the letter. Several times.

It didn’t work.

Then I found (on Reddit) that tons of other people had shared the same experience I had with the PC Game Pass error 0x800704C6. 

Their fix? Try a VPN.

Fortunately, I already subscribe to two VPNsExpressVPN and Ivacy – to watch BBC iPlayer from NZ and US Netflix on my Apple TVso testing the theory was quick and easy.

And it worked. I connected to a server in Sydney, Australia. And Boom. I was able to download full games and updates via my PC Game Pass again. 

Best VPN to fix PC Game Pass error 0x800704C6?

Right now, it seems like using any VPN will fix the PC Game Pass error 0x800704C6. 

With that in mind, I can recommend using Ivacy ($1.99/month). It’s as cheap as any high-end VPN on the market and gives you unlimited bandwidth. Better still, you can use Ivacy to watch US Netflix, BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world.

Click here to get Ivacy ($1.99/month) – with 30-day moneyback guarantee.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more money, ExpressVPN ($6.99/month) is the absolute best VPN on the market. Its speeds always top the Best VPN charts, and more importantly, its servers always provide working connections with the services that you need to use a VPN for (Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Microsoft Store, etc.)

Click here to get ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) – with 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Best free VPN for to fix PC Game Pass error 0x800704C6?

If you want to fix the Xbox PC Game Pass error 0x800704C6, then I suggest avoiding free VPNs. Why? Data caps.

Free VPNs limit the amount of data you can download via them 500MB-5GB. Which is nowhere near enough to download a new game or update via your PC Game Pass. Free VPNs also limit your transfer speeds, meaning a download that should only take a few minutes with a fast Fibre connection, will take hours.

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