FanDuel not working with VPN

I’ve been using a VPN to use FanDuel in US States where it isn’t officially available but recently, I’ve been running into an error that says “403 ERROR: The request could not be satisfied.” This prevented me from accessing the app on my phone.

At the time I was using StrongVPN, and I managed to resolve the issue by going through some steps to diagnose and fix the problem.

Here’s how I did it.

How I fixed FanDuel not working with VPN

  1. Change Server

    The first thing I do when my VPN stops working with FanDuel is switch to a different server. I always make sure to connect to a server in a state where FanDuel is legal, and 90% of the time, this solves the issue.

    If switching servers doesn’t resolve the issue, I then determine whether the problem lies with my VPN or my device.
  2. Figure out what’s causing the issue

    To figure out the root of the problem, I try accessing FanDuel using my VPN on a different device, be it a phone, tablet, or laptop.

    If my VPN successfully works with FanDuel on another device, it indicates that the initial device is the problem. However, if I’m unable to access FanDuel with my VPN on any device, it’s clear the VPN is at fault. More often than not, the VPN is the issue.
  3. Reinstall my VPN

    If I determine that the VPN is causing problems, I’ll reinstall it on my device. This ensures I’m working with a clean installation, free from any errors or bugs I might have picked up along the way.

    Reinstalling also guarantees that I have the latest updates the VPN might have released to address this specific issue.
FanDuel not working with VPN

403 ERROR: The request could not be satisfied.

What if the above fixes don’t work?

I was having issues with FanDuel when I was using StrongVPN. Although changing to another did fix the problem, I kept running into the same issues after a couple of days.

I quickly found that StrongVPN wasn’t keeping its IP addresses up to date and FanDuel was identifying and blocking them constantly. This means I was no longer winning the battle of staying ahead of FanDuel’s VPN blocks and I kept running into errors.

This got annoying pretty quickly and I decided to change VPN and started using NordVPN. I managed to get it with a discount here. And ever since I haven’t had an issue with FanDuel not working with my VPN.

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