ExpressVPN not working with DAZN

In this article, I will explain how to fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN.

If you’ve been using ExpressVPN to watch DAZN outside of its broadcast zone and suddenly it’s not working, ExpressVPN doesn’t have any IP addresses that currently work with DAZN.

This is happening because DAZN is successfully blocking the IP addresses that ExpressVPN can provide.

To fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN, follow these simple steps. And if you want to make sure this problem doesn’t happen again in the future, read to the end of the article.

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ExpressVPN not working with DAZN: Simple fixes

Below are a list of fixes you can try to fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN.

Try every fix in order, if one doesn’t work, move onto the next one until the problem has been resolved.

Delete Cookies

Cookies 1

Deleting your Cookies is a great place to start when trying to fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN.

Cookies are small files used to make your online experience better and more streamlined. DAZN uses them regularly.

While these Cookies are helpful they sometimes contain information about your location.

DAZN can use these Cookies to identify where you’re based and if you are outside of its broadcast zones, it will block your connection.

It’s a good idea to delete your Cookies when trying to fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN, to ensure that’s not happening.

Change to a different server on ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN servers 1

DAZN may have stopped working because the IP address ExpressVPN has given you has been blocked by the streaming service.

The good news is DAZN cannot block ExpressVPN entirely. The bad news is it can block the IP addresses it provides.

This doesn’t necessarily mean DAZN has managed to block all of ExpressVPN’s IP addresses. Changing to a different server will provide you with a different IP and if that IP hasn’t been blocked, DAZN will work with ExpressVPN again.

Upgrade to a more reliable VPN

PIA Complete scaled

If deleting your Cookies and changing to a different server doesn’t fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN then unfortunately all of ExpressVPN’s current IP addresses have been blocked by DAZN.

You can wait for ExpressVPN to fix this issue on their end but there’s no telling how long this will take and also seeing as you’ve already run into this issue, it’s clear that ExpressVPN doesn’t have measures in place to stay ahead of DAZN’s VPN blocking techniques.

If ExpressVPN releases new IP addresses inevitably these will get blocked by DAZN as well.

The quickest and most effective way to fix this is to use a VPN that is still compatible with DAZN. We recommend Private Internet Access ($2.03/month)Private Internet Access ($2.03/month) has measures in place to get around DAZN’s VPN blocking techniques.

Not only does it have a large amount of IP addresses, meaning you will have less chance of sharing an IP address with other customers, its also capable of staying ahead of DAZN’s blocks. 

Why has ExpressVPN suddenly stopped working with DAZN?

The reason ExpressVPN is no longer working with DAZN is because all of its current IP addresses have been identified and blacklisted by the streaming service.

While DAZN is available in a lot of countries, its not available everywhere. If you’re in a country that requires a VPN to watch DAZN, the streaming service doesn’t have the rights to broadcast its content in that country.

If it made itself available in countries where it didn’t have broadcast rights, it could face severe financial punishments. The use of VPNs could be a reason for these penalties. 

To prevent this DAZN blocks users in countries where it’s not available, from accessing its content. And because ExpressVPN is a well-known way to spoof your IP address and watch DAZN anywhere in the world it blocks ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN not working with DAZN

How does DAZN block ExpressVPN?

The main way DAZN blocks ExpressVPN is by monitoring the IP addresses connecting to its service.

For ExpressVPN to work as a business, it needs to have more customers than IP addresses. DAZN knows this and it uses it to its advantage. This business model means that customers using ExpressVPN have to share IP addresses. Usually only a household of devices will connect to DAZN via the same IP address.

When DAZN notices a large amount of connections coming from the same IP, it knows that that is an IP that has been provided by ExpressVPN and it blocks it.

This isn’t specific to ExpressVPN, this happens to all VPNs however what’s important is that the VPN has measures in place to get around this. Private Internet Access ($2.03/month) has these sorts of measures.

Does DAZN still work with VPNs?

Yes, DAZN will still work with a VPN but you need to use a VPN that has IP addresses that are still compatible with the service. By compatible, that means you need a VPN that hasn’t had all of its IP addresses blocked by DAZN.

To fix the problem you need a VPN that plays a game of cat and mouse with DAZN.

The best VPN for getting around DAZN’s blocks is Private Internet Access ($2.03/month). This VPN plays a game of cat and mouse with DAZN. When an IP address provided by this VPN is blocked, Private Internet Access ($2.03/month) will close that IP and open a new one. 

ExpressVPN not working with DAZN

How to fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN

To fix ExpressVPN not working with DAZN, you need to upgrade to a better VPN. Private Internet Access ($2.03/month) will allow you to reliably watch the service from anywhere in the world and they’ll prevent errors like the ones you’ve run into with ExpressVPN from happening again.

Below is a list of the best VPNs to watch DAZN. All of these VPNs are able to stay one step ahead of DAZN’s VPN blocking techniques and they all have reliable servers around the world.

The best VPNs to watch DAZN