Channel 4 not working with VPN

Living in New Zealand, I often want to watch UK TV shows like Peep Show, the Inbetweeners and loads more. However, I can’t access Channel 4 in my country and unfortunately, we don’t have a streaming service here that broadcasts these shows.

To get around this, I’ve been using a VPN (StrongVPN) to gain access to Channel 4, however recently its stopped working. And I imagine there are a lot of others having similar issues.

It’s almost as if my VPN is no longer able to hide my location information and Channel 4 is figuring out I’m not based in the UK. I say this because I keep coming across this error:

“Not Available: Channel 4 is only available in the UK”

The good news is, I managed to fix it. While it’s not the most glamourous solution, I researched the best VPNs for Channel 4 and ended up using NordVPN. Since using it I haven’t run into any issues accessing Channel 4 from New Zealand. I also managed to get a good deal on the price and an extra three months of my subscription for free from here.

Understandably, this isn’t a viable option for everyone. If you’re not interested in changing to a different VPN, here are some other fixes you can try to get your VPN working with Channel 4 again.

Channel 4 not working with VPN

How to fix Channel 4 not working with VPN

  1. Change server

    I use VPNs a lot, in fact I use them every day. If I am having trouble watching a streaming service, the first thing I do is change to a different server. I do this because when I change server, so long as it’s good enough, the VPN will give me a different IP address which might not be as common or it might be brand new and therefore undetected by streaming services.

    As a rule of thumb I try to connect to a server that I think will be less popular. To do that, try and pick one in a location with less people, so avoid big cities like London.
  2. Restart/Update the VPN

    If changing server doesn’t work, the second thing I try is looking to see if the VPN has an update. Updating your VPN will ensure you have the latest version of the software. Your VPN provider may be aware of the issues with Channel 4 and may release some fixes to the problem. The only way you’ll get these fixes is if you update your VPN.
  3. Use a different VPN

    If the above fixes don’t work, there isn’t a whole lot more you can do to fix Channel 4 not working with VPN. Some other things you can try are deleting your Cookies, changing to a different protocol or reinstalling your VPN, however these aren’t highly beneficial.

    As a regular VPN user, I maintain subscriptions to two different VPNs. This doubles my chances of finding a server that will work reliably with Channel 4. After struggling to watch Channel 4 reliably with StrongVPN, I now use NordVPN and ExpressVPN and I haven’t had any issues. They both have 30day money back guarantees as well so you can try them without worrying if they’ll work or not.

    If you don’t want to subscribe to a different VPN, you can always wait for your VPN to fix the problem. If you’re using a reputable premium service I’m sure it won’t be long before they fix the issues with Channel 4. From my experience though, if you’re using a free VPN, the problem might never get fixed.

    If you are interested in using a different VPN, click on this link for ExpressVPN, and this one for NordVPN. You’ll get a discount and a few months of your subscription for free. And from my experience, from using these VPNs daily, I can guarantee that they’ll work reliably with Channel 4.
Channel 4 not working with VPN

Because of copyright issues, this picture doesn’t show that I’m able to watch The Inbetweeners using NordVPN

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