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All 4 not working with VPN? Follow this EASY workaround

Are you having trouble watching 4oD abroad with your VPN? Don’t worry. The problem isn’t unique to you. In this article, I’ll show you an easy workaround for when All 4 is not working with VPN.

All 4 not working with VPN: Quick guide

  1. Sign up to ExpressVPN (£5.23) or Ivacy (£1.76/month)
  2. Download and install the app on your device
  3. Connect to a server in the UK
  4. Watch All 4 (with a VPN) again

Below, I go into a bit more detail about why All 4 would have stopped working with your VPN and why this is happening. However, if you’re not interested in the whys and just want a quick fix, you only need to read this section.

The workaround is simple. All you need to do is use the right VPN. This is because not all VPNs continue to work with All 4 (see below for more info).

We recommend using either ExpressVPN (£5.23/month) or Ivacy (£1.76/month). Both of these provide fast and secure servers/IPs that continuously evade the All 4 Blacklists.

I’ve been using ExpressVPN (£5.23/month) or Ivacy (£1.76/month) to watch All 4, BBC iPlayer and US Netflix since March 2018.

Why does All 4 block VPNs?

All 4 not working with VPN

Licensing. That’s the one-word answer. Channel 4 doesn’t own global licenses for all of the content it broadcasts via its online All 4 platform. It only holds UK licenses. So it needs to protect its borders to avoid paying for global content licenses.

What about content Channel 4 makes? This is a problem too. Amazingly, broadcasters from other countries buy the rights to air Channel 4’s homegrown in their region. Which complicates things further.

Charging broadcasters a premium for the rights to air The Inbetweens (for example) in their territory would be undermind if All 4 allowed any internet user with a cheap VPN access to its content.

Fighting back against VPNs is therefor a necessary business exercise for All 4. And every other medium-sized broadcaster.

Which is why it’s so important your using the right VPN.

How does All 4 block VPNs?

All 4 isn’t doing anything particularly clever. It’s following the lead taken by Netflix and BBC iPlayer with regards to its VPN-blocking methodology.

Detecting a VPN just by looking at its IP address is near-impossible. However, when broadcasters start to monitor the average usage from the IP addresses that accessing its servers, the IPs that belong VPNs become a lot easier to detect.

Normal IP address: This would be an average domestic internet connection in the UK. Which means there would be anywhere between 1-8 internet users online at any given time. And it’s unlikely all internet users would be connected to All 4 at the same time. 1-2 simultaneous connections to All 4 is much more likely.

VPN IP address: VPNs share a relatively small number of IPs with a much larger number of users. Having 10+ users connected to the same server isn’t unusual with cheaper VPN services. The problem here is that lots of users connect to VPNs solely to stream geoblocked content. So the risk of more than 1-2 simultaneous connections to All 4 is a lot higher.

When the number of connections from the same IP address becomes abnormal, All 4 responds by blacklisted the offending IP address.

This is why you can’t watch All 4 with your VPN anymore.

All 4 not working with VPN: The EASY workaround

The good news is that the workaround is really easy. All you need to do is use a good VPN and they will do all the hard work for you.

Good VPNs – ExpressVPN, Ivacy and NordVPN – all play a Game of Cat and mouse with All 4 (and other mainstream broadcasters). This means if/when one of their server’s IP addresses is blocked by All 4, they react by closing that VPN down and creating a fresh (unblacklisted) IP.

This simple technique, along with keeping the number of users below a broadcaster’s “abnormal threshold”, is all that’s needed to keep VPNs working with All 4.

The bad news is that not all VPNs do this. And if you’ve already paid for access to a cheaper VPN that doesn’t use these methods, there’s nothing you can do.

Which VPNs still work with All 4 (4oD)?


1. ExpressVPN

All 4 not working with VPN - ExpressVPN

  • £5.23/month
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV Stick

ExpressVPN (£5.23/month) regularly tops VPN comparison charts. The reason? It’s a quality platform that believes in providing its customers with the best service. It’s noticeably more expensive than its rivals, but what you’re getting for your money is less-crowded servers in locations that matter. ExpressVPN rivals NordVPN in terms of reliability and providing a fast connection to a location of­­­­­­ your choice.

Click here to get 3 months FREE with ExpressVPN!

2. Ivacy

  • £1.76/month
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV Stick

BBC iPlayer detecting VPN - Ivacy

If you’re looking for an excellent VPN, with an even better price tag, Ivacy (£1.76/month) is a great option.

This VPN has all the features you need to stream US Netflix, in HD, from any country in the world. I’ve been testing the app recently on Mac, PC, Android, iOS and FireStick and the results have been impressive – unlocking US Netflix with ease.

For an extra $1.99/month you can add-on a dedicated IP. This will buy you sole access to an IP address in a country of your choice, meaning you won’t have to share your IP (and speeds) with any other use.

Get Ivacy for £1.76/month

3. CyberGhost

How to watch ITV Hub in NZ - CyberGhost


CyberGhost is another slick VPN that will unlock ITVHub. The app is beautifully designed and, more importantly, it has thousands of high-quality servers around the world.

This means you’ll be able to use CyberGhost to connect to US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Channel, HBO Go (and heaps of other streaming websites) too.

Again, from my tests, CyberGhost is as fast as ExpressVPN. But if you don’t want to pay top dollar for a VPN to watch ITVHub, it’s still a solid option.

Click here to get CyberGhost for £2.50/month


4. NordVPN

Which VPNs work with Netflix - NordVPN

  • £2.35/month
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV Stick

NordVPN is a great VPN for streaming video from other regions. It’s fast, secure, and has a really high % of uptime. It also has a dedicated technical team that monitors its connections to popular streaming services 24/7 – Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer etc.

Nord also offers excellent Live Chat support via its website. If you’re having difficulty connecting to US Netflix, just hop on a live chat and you’ll be assisted by a helpful technician in seconds. NordVPN consistently provides the most reliable connection to US Netflix. It’s also one of the cheapest VPNs too. And has a huge amount of US servers. 1,827 at the last count.

Click here to get 77% off NordVPN! (£2.35/month)

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