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Who wouldn’t want to build a high-profit business from the comfort of their home? Thanks to the ease of selling on Amazon, you can. But with AMZScout, its aim is to make that risky possibility a reality. 

AMZScout is a powerful research tool with accurate sales data on more than 500 million products sold across Amazon’s global network. Not sure what product to sell? Need the low-down on what items are in high demand with low competition? Want to know what your competitors are up to? AMZScout has the answers. Amazon FBA sellers, both new and experienced, will gain valuable insights to effectively grow their business. Newcomers will see the most benefits thanks to its extensive list of training tools and tutorials, along with its affordable pricing compared to other product research tools.

However, it also lacks certain advanced features and automation that other seller software, like Jungle Scout or Helium 10, offer – albeit at a higher price.

Regardless, if you’ve come here to find out if AMZScout is worth it and whether it will help your Amazon business soar, we’ve got you covered below.

What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a collection of data analytics and learning tools for Amazon sellers. Fittingly, it scouts through all manner of products on Amazon to find the most profitable items to sell and build your business. 

It comes with a selection of tools, and each is useful for finding Amazon Sales Data but is designed to be used differently.

Its Product Database boasts 550 million products in Amazon’s catalogue, giving users a complete rundown of sales data so they can make accurate decisions when selling items and growing their business.

With the AMZScout PRO Extension for Chrome, users can get a wealth of sales statistics and data on Amazon products with a simple click. Not only does it narrow down niche products that provide bigger profit potential, but it also spots affordable local and international suppliers along with tracking competitors’ sales, rank, pricing, keywords and stock levels.

There are also Keyword tools, including Reverse ASIN Lookup to see which keywords competitors use (or don’t use) and gauge their potential; Amazon Keyword Search to discover related keywords that are most relevant to your listing; and the Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension, which lets you see where products rank for any search term. 

AMZScout is a well-regarded product, and you’ll find that it’s even used by big brands such as Disney, HP, Dell and more. Whether it’s right for you? We’ll get into that below. 

AMZScout pricing and subscriptions

The real question everyone asks is, “is AMZScout worth it?” The bottom line is: yes, and it’s mostly due to its affordability. 

The Amazon seller software comes in a few packages, but the main two on offer include the PRO Extension subscription and the Seller’s Bundle for Amazon subscription.

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout

The PRO Extension package is its basic plan, offering the Chrome extension tool along with AMZScout’s Seller Courses and “Get Started Your Amazon Business” guide. It’s originally priced at $651.88 per year, but it often sees big discounts. As of writing, the annual subscription is down to $259.99 per year (or $21.60 per month). However, it’s also been seen at $179 per year ($14.90 per month), meaning that prices constantly fluctuate. 

The Amazon Seller’s Bundle is the most attractive option, as it comes with all the tools you’ll need – like Product and Keyword research tools – to get accurate data. Its regular price is (apparently) $172 per month or a whopping $1,084 per year. Thanks to discounts, however, this package is currently down to $49.99 per month or $379.99 annually. Looking to make even more savings? Get AMZScout with a 50% discount here!

On that note, AMZScout also has special offers that come with one-on-one mentorship with a successful Amazon seller (claimed to be a six-figure seller). As of writing, the complete package will set you back $679 annually – down from a bewildering $9,526.99. (Something tells me AMZScout is never really set at its original prices).

AMZScout Pricing

Annual memberships offer a cheaper solution for your business. They also come with the extra perk of receiving weekly reports that include 19 of the fastest-growing products throughout the year, plus 12 monthly reports with Amazon news and tips. 

Compared to its competitors, AMZScout delivers the most cost-effective package. For example, Jungle Scout’s Basic subscription costs $349 annually or $49 per month, while its most popular Suite plan is $589 annually or $69 per month. As for Helium 10, its starter pack is $29 per month ($348 annually), while its standard Platinum plan is $84 per month ($1,008).

What’s more, AMZScout also has a 10-day money-back guarantee, along with a one-time free trial that will let you perform a select amount of searches using its PRO Extension, Keyword Explorer and Product Database. 

For those after an affordable way to gain quick access to valuable Amazon product data on over 500 million items, AMZScout is a top choice. 

How does AMZScout get its data?

The exact methodology of how AMZScout collects its data is a secret – for obvious reasons.

However, all of the information AMZScout collects about its products is freely available to anyone via the Amazon website. The value that AMZScout offers is that its database has valuable information on more than 500 million Amazon products.

AMZScout is essentially a bot that crawls Amazon’s product pages and collects specific data points daily. This allows AMZ Scout to gather key information about individual products such as price, item weight, shipping size and (most important of all) stock level.

By measuring the Amazon product page’s stock level on a daily basis, AMZScout is able to work out how many units are being sold on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

This data – combined with a product’s price, supply, size and weight – allows AMZScout to accurately calculate Amazon product sales data, including the estimated revenue for individual products. This goes a long way for users to find out niche product categories (via a Niche Score), low-competition items with high demand and more. 

AMZScout review - Niche History

AMZScout also uses its Web App to discover the most valuable keywords and terms related to products. This is done by searching for the most-used words associated with these products, allowing users to increase a listing’s search volume by incorporating them into a listing or description. 

Is AMZScout free?

As mentioned above, AMZScout comes with a limited free trial and a 10-day money-back guarantee. For the most part, it’s essentially a paid service, but it does offer a selection of handy, free tools:

The FBA Calculator works as a free Chrome extension that will automatically calculate the Amazon fees, profit per unit, net margin, ROI, and estimated monthly financial earnings of the product you’re looking to sell. With this, you can find out if the product is worth selling. 

The Sales Estimator calculates the monthly sales average of products users want to sell. By selecting the country, category and best seller rank (BSR) of an item, users can find out the estimated sales of products to determine if they’re worth investing in. It’s more of a “big picture” look at how certain items will perform in different regions around the globe. 

As for the Super URL Tool, this helps your listing’s visibility by making it easier to discover organically. It helps you choose the right keywords to use in a URL – all to promote your products and attract potential buyers. 

AMZScout Sales Estimator

These tools can be used by anyone and are great for gathering more insight into your business, but they are better utilised in conjunction with AMZScout’s paid services. 

That’s not all that’s free. AMZScout also offers a list of free courses and tutorials on how to sell on Amazon. Courses range from step-by-step videos on launching an Amazon brand with a $3,000 budget to learning how to sell on Amazon on a $500 budget. There are even hour-long masterclass videos. This is great for beginners, and despite many courses being locked behind the paid subscription, there’s plenty there to get inexperienced sellers up to scratch.

How to use AMZScout

As previously stated, there are three separate parts to AMZScout: the Product Database, the PRO Extension and the Keyword tools. From my experience, it’s best to start your research on the database.

Click here to get AMZScout: $49.87/month; or $299/year (50% saving!)

AMZScout Product Database

This is a standalone website that gives you access to all of the platform’s data. However, when you first look at the blank screen, it is a little intimidating – especially if you’re unfamiliar with how the database is meant to be used.

Fear not. It’s actually pretty straightforward once you know one thing: your search always starts with the “More Filters” button.

From here, you can filter out literally every product on Amazon based on your, er, filters. You can filter by a category, keywords (included and excluded), price, number of reviews, estimated sales, seller type, weight, sales rank, estimated revenue, review rating, number of sellers, date first available and listing quality.

This makes AMZScout a very powerful tool for researching which products are profitable on Amazon.

Once you’ve set your parameters, click “Find Products”, and the AMZScout Product Database will return thousands of products that meet your data points. From here, you can sort by any metric you like (price, fees, weight, estimated sales, etc.) and start building your list of potential products to sell on Amazon.

When you find a product you’d like to learn more about, it’s time to head over to the Amazon website and start using the AMZScout PRO Extension.

AMZScout review - Product Database

AMZScout PRO Extension

OK, you’ve found a product that you think looks promising using the AMZScout Product Database. Now is the time to do some further research using the PRO Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

The best way to use the PRO Extension is to search for the product you’ve just found on Amazon using a broad search term – do not use a brand name, as this will return very specific search results.

From here, you can click on the PRO Extension tool and be treated to the product’s sales volume, rank, price history, competition, trends and more. You’ll see a colour-coded system (green, yellow and red) that tells you the overall Niche Score rated out of 10. This breaks down into Profit, Demand and Competition. You’ll get a detailed look into whether a product is likely to succeed. The extension also gives you insight into product sales history, estimated monthly revenue, review ratings and number of reviews, product keywords and more helpful data so users can determine the growth potential of specific products.

It’s a bunch of information thrown at you, which may be intimidating for newcomers. But once you come to terms with what you’re after, you’ll start to piece the numbers together. Plus, the Niche Score makes it much easier for users to make a decision. 

AMZScout review - Chome Extension

AMZScout Keyword tools

AMZScout’s Keyword tools are an essential part of its services, and it’s fortunately simple to use. Just put in a product’s name, related keyword or ASIN, and you’ll receive data on how to put these words to good use.

With Reverse ASIN Lookup, put in a product ASIN on a successful seller, and you’ll see the best Amazon Search keywords associated with it, along with their estimated monthly search volume. You’ll get a relevancy score to know which broad and specific terms are best to add to your PPC campaigns.

The Amazon Keyword Search will help you find related search terms that get the highest number of searches. This will help you choose the right keywords to use with your product. 

The Keyword Tracker is a Chrome extension. It keeps tabs on a product’s keyword rankings by telling users what place it currently ranks for any search term, what page and positions its on, and its competitors. This lets you know if a keyword is hitting or not, so you can adjust what keywords to add or drop.

AMZScout review: Verdict

If you’re serious about using sales data to help influence what sells on Amazon, then AMZScout is an undeniably powerful tool. As I’ve said above, the key thing that AMZScout offers its users is the vast amount of data it has collected over the past several years on more than 20 million products. This gives the platform the ability to offer in-depth Amazon sales data at an affordable monthly or yearly price.

There’s more advanced Amazon seller software out there, with Jungle Scout and Helium 10 being AMZScout’s main competitors. However, for beginners and sellers after a more affordable service to gain a wealth of data to sell the right products, AMZScout is a good option.

Click here to get AMZScout: $49.87/month; or $299/year (50% saving!)

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