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Google is making it easier to remove personal information and explicit personal images from Google search results, thanks to the Results about you tool.

The privacy-focused feature allows you to request the removal of search results containing your personal phone number, home address or email and is now updating the tool to alert you when web results with your contact information appear on Google Search.

Announced by Google, the update will include a new dashboard that can be accessed in the Google app by clicking your account photo and selecting “Results about you.” It can also be accessed by heading to

That’s not all, as the tech giant also updated its policies on personal explicit imagery. Now, you can request to remove explicit or intimate personal images or videos you don’t want popping up on Google Search.

“For example, if you created and uploaded explicit content to a website, then deleted it, you can request its removal from Search if it’s being published elsewhere without approval,” says Google VP of Trust Danielle Romain. “More broadly, whether it’s for websites containing personal information, explicit imagery or any other removal requests, we’ve updated and simplified the forms you use to submit requests.”

While this can remove these images or videos from search results, it’s important to note that this content won’t be removed from websites or other search engines.

Removing personal content found on Google Search is easy. Read on for more details on removing personal information from Google search results.

How to remove personal information from Google Search

Follow the steps below to find out how to use Google’s Results about you tool.

1. On Google Search, search for your full name. To narrow it down, type in other personal information, such as your home city.

2. If you find a website with personal information you don’t want popping up (such as your email address, phone number or home address), select the vertical three dots “menu” icon next to the link.

3. Select Remove result.

4. Follow the guide to request to remove your personal information.

To check the status of the removal proccess, you can access the Results about you tool in two ways:

1. On your smartphone, head into the Google app and click on your Google account photo. then select Results about you.

2. Visit

Google results about you

As Google notes, the privacy tool’s dashboard is currently available in the US in English. Soon, the feature will be available in more locations and languages.

If you’re looking to use the tool now, you can use one of the best VPNs to connect to a US IP address and access it.

Use antivirus software to protect your personal information

Some of the best antivirus software will help you protect your personal information with Dark Web Monitoring.

For example, Norton 360 Platinum‘s Dark Web Monitoring scans the dark web for registered personal information. If these details are found, you’ll get a notification and be the first to know. From there, you can change your details if needed to ensure you’re not popping up on any dark web markets.

It scans the usual dark web websites and marketplaces but goes a step further by scoping out private forums, social webs, deep web and dark web to search for registered personal information using advanced monitoring technology.

This feature isn’t unique to Norton 360 Platinum, as other AV software such as Bitdefender and Avast BreachGuard can help track down any information you don’t want around in dark web markets.

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