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I used VirusDie to restore an infected WordPress site within minutes (not this one). That’s the biggest compliment I can give the website antivirus platform. If you’re looking for a website antivirus tool too, and want to learn more, here’s my VirusDie review.

VirusDie Review: “My Website has malware!”

Let me start by telling you how I found VirusDie. (Skip this section if you want to know what it’s like.)

“David, my website is down. Can you help?” That’s the call I received from my mother-in-law, who I’ve helped with a website for her business.

Cue me logging in to her hosting provider’s site and speaking to technical assistance. Here I learned that SiteGround suspended her website because it contained “malicious files”.

Before that call, I didn’t even know websites could get infected with malware. Looking back, it was naive of me to think sites couldn’t get infected. They are, after all, a collection of files stored on a disk somewhere just like every other computer system that gets infected.

Then I did wall all good techos do. I Google’d “What to do when your website is hacked”. Which led me to VirusDie.

In fact, that’s how I found Sucuri – an excellent option (also recommended by my hosting provider SiteGround) but it was a little too expensive for my mother-in-law’s site. She just needed something simple to get the job done so we could fix the problem and move on. So Googled “Sucuri alternatives” and found the much more reasonably-priced VirusDie option.

VirusDie review - Scan results

VirusDie review: How it works

The good news is that within half an hour of discovering the hacked website, VirusDie was able to scan and remove all malicious files.

How to install VirusDie on your website:

After signing up to a Pay As You Go version of VirusDie, I entered my website’s URL and was prompted to download a PHP file for my site.

After uploading said PHP file to my hosting platform’s cPanel File Manager I was able to go back to and remotely scan my website for Malicious files — the first time I had done this in 18 months.

It’s as simple as that.

The result of the scan was shocking. VirusDie had detected multiple threats on my mother-in-law’s site. This, I should add, is a site that gets <500 page views a month.

Hmm. My first thought was that someone had hacked her hosting, or WordPress, account and uploaded some malicious files. So the first thing I did (and you should do too) was change all the passwords that have access to the hosting and WordPress sites.

Why had someone chosen this start to spread their malicious files? I have no idea.

I later found out that it probably wasn’t a brute-force attack on my in-law’s website. WordPress Plugins are a more common cause of deploying malicious code onto websites. These Plugins hold the keys to your site’s backend and provide the perfect backdoor to any baddies who want to infect websites.

Note: Even if your Plugins are all legit and made by well-meaning developers, they still can provide hackers an easy way into your website. Updating Plugins is a necessity for keeping security patches up-to-date, as well as bringing you new features.

VirusDie review - Schedule

VirusDie Review: Fixing a hacked websites

Here’s the best bit. After scanning and “Cleaning” the website, which took roughly five minutes, I contacted my hosting provider and they put the site back online almost instantly.

It was as easy as that.

I now have VirusDie scheduled to scan several different websites every six hours. Every day. And I’ve switched on the Auto-clean option too — which keeps my site safe from any future malicious files that lurk in the background.

I’ve also installed the WordFence Plugin too. This adds a firewall to my WordPress website and a secondary level of protection against threats (at the source) too.

VirusDie Review: Verdict

If you’re looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use and elegant way to fix a hacked website. VirusDie a great option that’ll get your site back online in minutes.

Click here to protect your site with VirusDie for just $0.50c per day.

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