Mahibis Classic 2 review

You’re probably reading this review because of two things have happened. 1. You searched online for a pair of slippers or something similar. 2. You’ve seen the same Mahabis advert on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter countless times. That’s what happened to me. Until I finally gave in and bought a pair. Here’s my Mahabis Classic 2 review.

Price: £69 (USD $95)

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Update – after wearing my Mahabis for 18-months:

I’ve been wearing my Mahabis Classic 2 slippers for a year and a half now. I’m happy to report that the quality of the slipper hasn’t deteriorated….much.

The Classic 2 has now slightly moulded to my feet, giving me the much-desired feeling of an “old slipper”.  There is the faintest sign of wear and tear on the rubber sole and the wool upper has started to bobble a tiny bit. But that’s to be expected. I wear these slippers every day (apart from summer) after all.

Mahabis Classic 2 review

Ordering your Mahabis

The buying journey of Mahabis is beautifully simple. I ordered mine via Facebook’s built-in browser on my phone, in bed, in less than two minutes. All you need to know if your shoe size and what colour you want. The rest is simple. The only bit that requires brain power is using the (dropdown) shoe-size converter, to work out your accurate European shoe size.

Tip: Make sure you take advantage of the regular Mahabis discount codes that are regularly offered. I managed to get a further 20% off by entering the code SLIPPERS20 at check out. Make sure you do the same!


The wait…

This is the most disappointing part of the Mahabis process. £69 (or $95 USD) is a lot of money for a pair of slippers. Which makes it a little disappointing when you see that the free standard delivery takes 2-3 days for orders within the UK and 5-7 days for international orders.

Customers can pay an extra £4 for Next Day Delivery in the UK, or $9+ USD for an express service via DHL in 3-4 days.

I now live in New Zealand and decided I could wait 5-7 days for my Mahibis. I ended up waiting over a week and a half for them. Which, at the time, led to me being irrationally annoyed with the company and the process. Then they arrived. And all was forgotten and forgiven.

The Mahabis Classic 2’s packaging…

Mahibis Classic 2 review - Delivery

One more small observation. The packaging of the slippers is gorgeous. If Apple were to release the iSlipper or the Slipper Air, the box your Mahibis arrives in is exactly how they’d present them.

It is a bulky shoe box though… But I think we can forgive that as there isn’t a trace of wasteful plastic in the packaging.

Wearing the Mahabis Classic 2 Slipper

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a pair of slippers before. They’ve always been stocking fillers at Christmas. Which probably doesn’t make me the most qualified person to review a pair of slippers. However, I work from home every day. Reviewing things. And I recently decided I need to invest in my WFH uniform with a new pair of slippers. I adopted the “buy nice or buy twice” approach and spent £55 (after the 20% discount) on some good slippers.

And I love them.

The Mahabis Classic 2 Slippers are a little different to the mk1 model. The detachable sole is gone. Replaced with a sneaker-style flexible rubber sole that’s physically attached to the slipper. Confirming suspicions that the original detachable soles were gimmicky and not that popular/practical after all. A feature that actually put me off buying a pair when Facebook first served me the Mahibis advert about 40 months ago.

My favourite part of the Mahabis Classic 2 is the “neoprene” heel. It’s made from a durable and grippy sort of wetsuit material. Making it flexible and comfortable to walk around in. With no chaffing to mention. This little flap makes slipping the slipper on, or crushing it down to just “slip” them on, a doddle.

Inside the slipper is a foam insock, that’s lined with merino wool and a wool-blend upper. This layered combination of wool and foam give creates a warm and cosy slipper that swaddles your feet from the second you put them on.

They look beautiful too. Which is odd. Slippers aren’t supposed to be sexy. But the Mahibis Classic 2 is different. It’s more like a pair of trainers (sneakers) with a foam-insulated inner. Perfect.

Mahibis Classic 2 review - Yellow sole studio

About Mahibis

Mahibis formed was founded in London in 2014. The slippers and designed in London, with Scandinavian values and are made in Portugal and Italy. A Brexiteers’ worst nightmare.

Today, Mahibis has sold nearly a million pairs of slippers (so far). And at £69 ($95 USD) a pair, that’s a pretty convincing success story.

Mahibis Classic 2 Slipper Review: Verdict

I’m convinced. I wasn’t when I ordered (free returns helped here). However, from the second the Mahabis Classic 2 slippers arrived and I slipped them on, I knew I had made a good purchase. One that I was going to be happy with for years. If you’re serious about keeping your feet warm and comfortable. In style. You really won’t be disappointed with your Mahabis.

Click here and use the code SLIPPERS20 to get 20% off your Mahibis.

Mahibis Classic 2 review - wide

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