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Check Position is a reliable and user-friendly tool for monitoring your website’s ranking in Google search results. Its multi-data centre tracking offers valuable insights, and the interface makes it easy to stay updated on your progress.

Plus, with its free plan option, individual content creators or small businesses have a great way to kick off tracking their site’s progress. It ticks all the right boxes, especially compared to pricier SERP trackers like SE Ranking.

However, the limited features in the free plan and the lack of keyword research tools might leave some users wanting more. If you’re a serious SEO professional or managing multiple websites, consider exploring paid plans or alternative tools with broader functionality. However, there’s plenty to like about Check Position; you can find out more below.


  • Precise tracking for SEO rankings
  • Smooth interface
  • Real-time updates
  • Free basic plan…


  • …with limited features
  • No keyword research or optimization tools

Check Position Price

Check Position comes with plenty of subscription plans that won’t break the bank. In fact, you can monitor up to 10 keywords for your website for free. On this plan, you’ll get a free check daily, a history of positions and SERP details, and a comparison of results between data centres.

While the free plan offers enough for personal websites or small businesses, it’s merely a dip into the Check Position buffet. Advanced features like competitor analysis, scheduled checks, and historical data access are locked behind paywalls. For serious SEO players, the budget limitations of the free plan might feel restrictive.

Prices start from €3/month ($3.30) or €32/year ($35) for 100 keywords, €6/month ($6.50) or €64/year ($70) for 200 keywords, €15/month ($16.50) or €162/year ($177.50) for 500 keywords, and so on. This flexible payment scheme is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to save, as it lets you choose exactly how many keywords you need to cover.

Check Position Price

Compared to other SERP trackers, Check Position is one of the most affordable options you can get. SE Ranking starts at £36/month ($44) for its essential tool, while its popular Pro tool will set you back £71.20/month ($87.20). Ahrefs is even pricier, starting at £79/month for the Lite plan and £319/month for the Advanced subscription.

Of course, these prices reflect the features you’ll get. SE Ranking and Ahrefs offer competitive analysis tools, keyword explorers, site audits, and rank trackers that are regularly updated.

That said, if you’re only after a quick way to see how your site ranks using specific keywords, Check Position is a solid bet for the price.

SERP TrackerStarting Price
Check PositionFree ($3.30/month for paid plan)
SE RankingFrom $44/month
SemrushFrom 129/month
AhrefsFrom $99/month
MozFrom $99/month

Check Position User Interface

Navigating Check Position is a breeze. Thanks to its intuitive interface, finding your keywords and checking their rankings is a streamlined process. While it lacks the more advanced UI of some competitors, like SE Ranking, its focus on functionality is refreshing. However, there’s room for improvement in offering customisable dashboards and more granular data presentation options.

Check Position Keyword Interface

It’s simple to add your website, the keywords you want tracked, and the country (and even language) you’re looking for analytics on. Simply click add, drop in your website and keywords, and Check Position will do the rest. For SEO pros, the interface can look oversimplified, given there are only three functions to choose from: Position Tracking, Position by Datacenter, and URL Indexing Tracking.

The mobile app provides basic functionality for on-the-go rank checks. However, it lacks the analytical depth and data manipulation options available on the web platform. This inconsistency feels like a missed opportunity for seamless SEO monitoring across devices, especially for those on the move.

Overall, Check Position offers a clean, easy-to-use user interface that’s especially good for those starting out.

Check Position Features

One of Check Position’s biggest draws is its multi-data centre tracking. Unlike tools tethered to single locations, it analyzes your ranking across 15 Google data centres, offering a clearer picture of your regional and international performance. This game-changer is for targeting specific audiences and understanding how your site fares across diverse search landscapes.

Check Position doesn’t just tell you where you stand; it unveils the landscape surrounding your keyword. You get insights into competitor placements, featured snippets, and other SERP elements, painting a picture of the competition and potential optimization opportunities.

Check Position Features

You can also say goodbye to agonising waits for rank updates. Check Position delivers real-time results, putting you in the driver’s seat to analyse your progress and make informed decisions on the fly. This immediacy is crucial for campaign adjustments and keeping SEO strategy agile.

However, don’t expect Check Position to be your all-in-one SEO solution. It excels at rank tracking but doesn’t offer keyword research or optimisation suggestions. You’ll need to pair a complete toolset with another platform that addresses these gaps.

Check Position Verdict

Check Position shines as a precise, user-friendly tool for tracking your website’s Google ranking. Its real-time updates, multi-data centre analysis, and SERP details offer valuable insights. However, the limitations of the free plan and lack of built-in keyword research tools make it a supporting actor in a larger SEO symphony. If you’re a solo website owner or a small business, Check Position is a strong choice. But for complex campaigns or data-hungry SEO professionals, consider its limitations and explore tools with broader functionality.

Check Position is a reliable and effective tool for ranking tracking, but its potential is amplified when paired with complementary SEO solutions. Choose it for its precision, user-friendliness, and real-time data, but don’t expect it to give you all the data you need to conquer keywords. 

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check-position-review Check Position is a reliable and user-friendly tool for monitoring your website's ranking in Google search results. Its multi-data centre tracking offers valuable insights, and the interface makes it easy to stay updated on your progress. Plus, with its free plan option, individual content creators...


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