There are only four mobile networks in New Zealand: Vodafone, Spark, Skinny and 2degrees. Each of these providers offer multiple mobile phone contracts with unlimited data, but it can be hard figuring out which one is the best for you as they all differ slightly.

Below we will go through what we think are the best, unlimited data phone contracts in NZ to assist you with your decision.

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  • Endless With Netflix/Endless Mobile Plan
  • $79.99/month
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Sparks Endless with Netflix plan is a great deal. For $79.99/month not only do you get an unlimited data phone contract, but you also get a Netflix subscription worth $16.99/month. 

If you already have a Netflix subscription, the process is easy to switch your account over to Spark, and they will cover the cost. 

If you don’t want Netflix and would instead stream music, you can swap the Netflix subscription to a Spotify Premium subscription worth $14.99/month. It’s important to remember that its one or the other, not both.

With this contract, you also get a 40GB maximum data speed cap, unlimited calls and texts to NZ and Australian numbers and 5G connectivity. 

To hotspot with this package, you will need to purchase Spark’s Hotspot Extra add-on which costs $10/month, which is more expensive than the other contracts on this list.


  • $70/month plan
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The Skinny $70/month unlimited data contract is a great value. This package is cheaper than its competitors and offers many of the same features. With a 40GB maximum data speed cap, 5G connectivity, unlimited calls and texts to NZ and Australia and hotspotting included, this package is an attractive option.

There aren’t any significant add-ons or bonuses with the Skinny $70/month package; it’s a no-frills contract that is perfect for those who aren’t looking for anything else.


  • $46/month plan

This package is ideal for someone who isn’t going to burn through their maximum speed cap every month. It has the same features as the $70/month Skinny package, 5G connectivity, unlimited calls and texts to NZ and Aus and hotspotting. However, it has a maximum speed cap of 12GB instead of 40GB. 

It’s significantly cheaper than its counterparts and is excellent value for someone who doesn’t need 40GB of data every month.


  • $80/month plan
2 5

Vodafone’s $80/month package is an open term plan that comes with a 40GB maximum data speed cap, 5G connectivity, unlimited calls and text to NZ and Australia and hotspotting included.

You also gain access to the Vodafone Rewards program, giving you early access tickets to select concerts and events, discounts at the movies and access to exclusive offers and competitions.


  • $100/month plan

This is the best-unlimited data contract for someone who uses a lot of data in a month. 

This contract offers a 100GB maximum data speed cap which is significantly more than any other contracts on this list. 

This contract also comes with unlimited calls and texts to NZ and Australia, hotspotting, 5G connectivity, and Vodafone rewards access.


  • $85/month plan
4 2

2degrees $85/month unlimited data contract is slightly more expensive than similar contracts. It offers a 40GB maximum data speed cap, unlimited calls and texts to NZ and Aus and hotspotting. 

2degrees also offers access to WiFi calling, which allows you to make standard phone calls over a WiFi network. This is very useful for those who live in areas with bad reception.

At this time 2degrees have not rolled out a 5G network and therefore do not provide 5G connectivity anywhere in NZ.

What to look for when choosing a phone contract in NZ

How much should you spend?

Unlimited data packages in NZ vary in price. The price variation is based on several factors. The add-ons you get (like Spark’s added Netflix subscription) and how long you can use your data at max speeds are just some of these factors. 

The more expensive packages will have more bonuses and add-ons and allow you to use your data at max speed for longer.

Add-ons and bonuses are important to consider

Some unlimited data packages in NZ come with add-ons and bonuses. These can end up saving you money and can significantly increase the value of the contract. 

It might be an added subscription to another service like Spotify or Netflix and is worth considering when choosing an unlimited data contract.

What is a max speed data cap?

All of the unlimited data packages in this list have maximum speed data-caps. These caps determine a specific amount of data you can use in a month before your service gets slowed down. 

If you use more data than your max allowance, the service will become a lot slower dropping to as low as 1Mbps speeds. It does recycle every month, but it is essential to consider if you think you will frequently be going over your data cap.

Calls and texts?

More and more people are using data-based programs to make their calls and texts like Whatsapp and Messenger; however, there are still circumstances where you may need to make an ordinary phone call or text.

It’s beneficial to consider how these packages affect your phone calls and texts if you are using these features often.


With unlimited data, you may be inclined to hotspot your devices to your phone as a way to get around having a broadband connection. 

This should be considered when assessing the value of the package because some contracts charge extra for hotspotting capabilities.

5G connectivity

With 5G rolling out in New Zealand, it might be worthwhile to future proof your data plan and find an unlimited package that supports 5G connectivity.

Not all of these packages offer 5G connectivity, though. 2degrees, for example, still doesn’t offer its customers 5G.

Note: 5G isn’t available everywhere in NZ right now, and you will require a 5G capable phone to use 5G networks. To check if 5G is available in your area, each mobile provider has tools showing you where their 5G connectivity is currently available.

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