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Selling on Amazon is a challenging task. From finding a game-changing product idea to creating a successful product listing to drive customers to your store page, selling a profitable product to generate a modest source of income is no small feat.

That’s where AMZScout’s Amazon Kickstarter Pack comes in handy.

For first-time Amazon sellers scratching their heads about launching a successful product and maximising sales, the AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack offers access to a team of Amazon experts that provide an individual product research report and create a ready-to-use listing for that product.

It takes the legwork out of some of the most critical aspects of selling on Amazon: product research and listing creation. For many, that’s a huge win.

So, is the Amazon Kickstarter Pack worth it? While its price is nothing to sneeze at, AMZScout’s expertise gives beginner sellers and anyone struggling with an idea a fast track to launching a successful product.

AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack Pricing

The AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack is priced at $299 (originally $436) and has three key features.

The pack includes individual product research with one profitable idea to start selling on Amazon, which is a customised report from AMZScout’s team of Amazon experts with full details on product niche history, sales and price stats, keyword search trends and even supplier suggestions.

Buyers will also get a listing creation for one product, which includes SEO-optimized content, a list of keywords and a title, description and bullet points for the listing.

There’s also a one-on-one consultation with a doola expert to learn the ins and outs of launching a US-based company, accessing US Banking and US Payments, and more.

Right now, the Amazon Kickstarter Pack also includes a “How to Make Over $10k/Month Selling on Amazon from Scratch” ebook as a bonus. It offers tips on every step of the process, including creating an account, product research and more.

Of course, you can do this product research and listing creation yourself using AMZScout’s Amazon seller software and PRO extension tools (check out our AMZScout review). These are separate from the pack, but these aren’t needed because AMZScout does the work for you.

The Amazon Kickstarter Pack is worth it for those with the budget, especially beginners learning the ropes and after a profitable product idea with expert listing creation. Plus, if the product makes more than $300, then you make your money back.

AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack Individual Product Research

When getting the Kickstarter Pack, you’ll be given a form to fill out their criteria for what they want to sell. Criteria include categories, price range, demand, competition and other specific criteria. After 8 to 10 business days, AMZScout will send over a product research report and listing creation. For those who want to make changes or have second thoughts, there’s a 48-hour period to make changes or get a refund.

As for the individual product research report, expect a comprehensive look at one product chosen by AMZScout’s Amazon experts according to the criteria provided. This includes a unique product, a description of why people buy it and why it’s great to sell. For example, it could offer a diaper caddy due to having an outstanding net margin, a high number of monthly sales and a reasonable price point.

The report will offer stats on how it performs on Amazon and in other retail stores like Walmart, Shopify and AliExpress, along with why the price range and average monthly revenues are appealing. For the diaper caddy product, the price ranges from $15-$40 with average revenues of $30,870 per month with an average 56% margin.

Going into detail about why this product is worth investing in is hugely beneficial, as it lets you know why it’s worth doing and gives you an idea of what to look for – if you’re planning on selling another product.

AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack Product Research

That’s not all. You’ll also get research stats from AMZScout’s suite of tools. The niche indicator show if there’s room for new sellers on that product, looking at average monthly sales and niche history in graph form. Moreover, you can see the product’s sales and price history, informing you how products sales look over the last year.

AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack Product Research Niche Indicators

Keywords play an important role in content, and the report gives you Google Trends data and Amazon Keyword Search volume for different words associated with the product. For example, I was given the Google search trend for “Diaper Caddy,” along with the keyword search volume for “Caddy Bag” and “Diaper Stackers & Caddies.”

From this data, the report shows the best-suited keywords that should be used when creating a product listing or setting up a paid advertising campaign for Google, Facebook and Amazon. Getting a list of keywords that will boost your product’s reachability is a hugely valuable part of the Kickstarter Pack.

Lastly, the research report also offers suggestions for a couple of suppliers (usually suppliers from Alibaba). It breaks down the seller’s price, MOQ (minimum order quantity), the cost of buying in bulk and the net margin (including Amazon FBA fees). These are only suggestions, so if you don’t fancy these picks, you can venture out and find a supplier that suits your needs instead.

Overall, the AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack’s individual product research offers a comprehensive, detailed report on a product worth investing in.

AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack Listing Creation

The listing creation service is the most valuable feature of the Amazon Kickstarter Pack. A well-presented listing with impactful SEO content not only increases your chances of ranking highly on Amazon’s search pages but it also makes it more appealing to customers to purchase your product. Think of it like your storefront; if it looks good, who wouldn’t want to come in?

With the pack, you’re getting a team of experienced Amazon sellers crafting a well-researched listing edited by professional proofreaders. Selling in the UK rather than the US? You can expect UK spelling that’s more suited to that audience.

The provided listing comes with a title, bullet points and a description of a product. That means you can simply copy and paste what you’re given when creating a new listing. Developing this SEO-packed content can take a long time, making this service hugely beneficial.

If you prefer to add your own personal spin in some places, you don’t have to copy the description verbatim. In fact, like the keywords offered in the product research report, the listing creation service also provides a list of keywords to be used for the title, bullet points and description. That means you can mix and match words you want to put into the listing. It also suggests what parts they should be used for and the estimated monthly search volume for each keyword.

For example, here’s a look at what keywords to use when writing about an electric pencil sharpener.

AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack Listing Creation

The Kickstarter Pack’s listing creation is an extremely helpful service that can whip up an expertly done listing for the chosen product you’re looking to sell. Even if you don’t copy the text entirely, it gives you an idea of what should be in a listing and the best keywords to go along with it.

AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack Bonus Features

The Amazon Kickstarter Pack also provides a one-on-one consultation with a doola expert, a financial technology company that helps people set up a company. Depending on what you’re selling, the expert offers personalised guidance on launching a US-based company, the best way to grow your business and accessing US banking and payments.

You’ll also get a “How to Make Over $10,000/Month Selling on Amazon From Scratch” ebook and the package. As it says on the tin, the book covers different aspects of starting a business on Amazon, from setting up your account to conducting product research, navigating ungated categories, avoiding account suspension and more.

These bonuses are helpful if you’re serious about kicking off your business empire. Still, the two main services – individual product research report and listing creation – are the key selling points for this package.

What is AMZScout?

Prefer to do some of the legwork yourself? If you’re not keen on the Amazon Kickstarter Pack, AMZScout provides the tools to research products to sell on Amazon, too. But what exactly is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a collection of data analytics and learning tools for Amazon sellers. Fittingly, it scouts through all manner of products on Amazon to find the most profitable items to sell and build your business. 

It comes with a selection of tools, and each is useful for finding Amazon Sales Data but is designed to be used differently.

Its Product Database boasts 550 million products in Amazon’s catalogue, giving users a complete rundown of sales data so they can make accurate decisions when selling items and growing their business.

With the AMZScout PRO Extension for Chrome, users can get a wealth of sales statistics and data on products with a simple click. Not only does it narrow down niche products that provide bigger profit potential, but it also spots affordable local and international suppliers along with tracking competitors’ sales, rank, pricing, keywords and stock levels.

There are also Keyword tools, including Reverse ASIN Lookup to see which keywords competitors use (or don’t use) and gauge their potential; Amazon Keyword Search to discover related keywords that are most relevant to your listing; and the Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension, which lets you see where products rank for any search term. 

AMZScout is a well-regarded product, and you’ll find that it’s even used by big brands such as Disney, HP, Dell and more. Whether it’s right for you? We’ll get into that below. 


The AMZScout Amazon Kickstarter Pack is an excellent opportunity for first-time sellers and anyone searching for a profitable product idea to jumpstart their Amazon-selling journey. The product research report gives you a viable product to sell, and the listing creation service can help lead to more clicks and higher sales.

Like selling anything sold on Amazon, success isn’t guaranteed. That can be disheartening when you spend $299 for this information. However, AMZScout’s pack gives aspiring sellers a better chance to sell a successful product and has the research to back it up.

Even if you don’t get the sales you expect, the Amazon Kickstarter Pack provides essential knowledge of what the online marketplace and its customers are looking for. If you have the budget, it’s worth giving it a shot.

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