Twitter to rollout subscription tier

Twitter has announced that it will be rolling out two big new features, Super Follows and Communities. When these features land, we still don’t know. But Twitter did give us an idea of how they will function.

Super Follows

Super Follows is the more exciting of the two. This a new tier of Twitter that charges followers US$4.99 per month for extra content and will likely provide access to additional tweets, access to a newsletter or a special group. Basically, you’re paying for more content.

The new feature as part of a growing trend in the industry, where big tech is trying to find a way to pay content producers directly. Think along the lines of Substack (the premium subscription newsletter service), Patreon, OnlyFans, and you get the idea of what’s going on here.

It makes sense too. Twitter is a service that relies on its users to produce content and keep it a thing. Super Follows is a way to reward its most high-profile users and keep them using Twitter rather than switching to a service that pays them for their efforts.


Communities appears to be more of a routine feature rollout. It looks like it will be similar to Facebook Groups, or Reddit’s subreddits. Essentially, it will provide a way for Twitter users to find content around a specific topic easier. Politics, sports teams, local news are all obvious groups that come to mind.

When will Twitter add Super Follows and Communities?

Twitter hasn’t given specific details regarding a timeline. The features where outlined as part of a “what’s next” presentation for analysts and investors.

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