Not content with putting the word “Galaxy” on the boxes of laptops, tablets, watches, earbuds and far too many phones, it looks like Samsung is planning another addition to the collection.

That’s according to a new post from Korean publication The Elec, which reports Samsung is mulling over starting a turf war with smart ring maker Oura. 

While you’d be right in thinking that a smart ring is a lot less useful than a smartwatch, the form factor potentially offers a number of advantages. 

For one thing, a smart ring can look more like a regular ring. With massive digital screens and obscenely chunky shells, nobody’s confusing even the most stylish smartwatch for a Rolex or Blancpain.  

For another, that lack of screen means that battery life can be measured in days rather than hours. The third-generation Oura smart ring (pictured above), for example, lasts for a week on a single 80-minute charge. 

Finally, because a ring is held tighter to the skin than a watch, any health measurements taken from its sensors might be more accurate. Though that’s offset by the fact that blood flow in the fingers is considerably weaker than that going through the wrist.

And despite that lack of screen, price might also be a factor against it taking off. The Oura ring starts at USS$299 (~NZ$478) and Samsung isn’t exactly known for offering the discount option when it decides how much to charge consumers for its products. 

That’s if it even gets that far. The Elec is keen to point out that though development has begun, “it will likely determine if it will mass product the rings after reviewing the prototype” that it’s making with the Japanese manufacturer Meiko.

One thing that apparently definitely is in the works is an extended reality headset, which The Elect says is coming next year. The site claims it was originally planned for late 2023, but apparently the quality of the display was sufficiently far behind Apple Vision Pro to prompt a delay.

Alan Martin
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