You might think that all of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24’s secrets have been revealed ahead of time by the various leakers sharing every morsel of info they can get their hands on

But now Walmart — yes, that Walmart — has accidentally got in on the act with something new. The retail giant briefly posted a listing for the Galaxy S24 Ultra on its website which expanded on some of the mysterious AI functions that Samsung has been hyping up ahead of the launch. 

The page has been taken down, but the good old Google cache has saved a copy for posterity.

First up there’s ‘Live Translate’. “Speak foreign languages on the spot, right from inside the Samsung Phone app, with Live Translate,” the listing explains. If that one sounds familiar, it’s because Samsung has already mentioned it in a blog post about how AI is going to be at the centre of all its phones. Still, nice to have it confirmed.

‘Nightography’, meanwhile, sounds like a way of better processing low-light images. “Capture every detail of your candlelight meal with impressive Nightography and zoom in to see the live violinist playing across the room,” the listing suggests grandly. 

Most of us will probably be using it to document the various stupid expressions that our pets pull in a 24-hour period, but it’s nice to know the phone can step up to the job of a romantic dinner, should an opportunity arise.

Finally, there’s ‘Generative Edit’, which sounds an awful lot like the Google Pixel 8’s selection of AI photo editing tools. “Move or remove objects,” the text says. “Fill in empty space with Generative Edit.” In other words, it’s a way of making your disappointing pictures more Instagram worthy. Fake, but Instagram worthy.

Interestingly, that last one is marked as requiring a Samsung account and an internet connection to function. Reading between the lines, that means that the heavy AI lifting required here is likely too much for the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, and will instead be done in the clouds on Samsung’s servers.

How good will all of these be? We’ll have to wait and see, even if the Bixby virtual assistant has somewhat dampened our expectations of Samsung when it comes to AI. 

We’ll find out on January 17 when Samsung is reportedly set to unveil its three new handsets to the world.

Alan Martin
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