The Samsung Galaxy FE series is a strange beast. ‘FE’ stands for ‘Fan Edition’, and if that term were describing a DVD, you’d expect a package overloaded with extras that only oddball obsessives would ever look at. 

But on Samsung’s smartphones, ‘Fan Edition’ seems to mean “slightly worse than the original at a marginally lower price”. In other words, not something that true fans would ever consider, but that’s branding for you.

Regardless, the FE phones aren’t bad, though they tend to be released so long after the originals, that the price difference isn’t that great in the end. All the same, anything that could bring down the extortionate price of foldables is exciting, and according to the leaker @Tech_Reve, that might be exactly what we’ll be getting at some point in the future.

“There are rumours of ongoing testing for the launch of the Galaxy Z FE (lite model) after the Fold/Flip 6”, the leaker wrote.

The account has been right in the past, but even so, there are reasons to be sceptical. The phrase “there are rumours” doesn’t inspire enormous confidence, after all.

And even if it is correct, a possible cheaper foldable coming after the Fold 6 likely means winter 2024 at the earliest. So if you’re desperate for a cheaper foldable today, you’re better off just buying one from the third or fourth generation. 

But it’s a promising development all the same, given that the high price of entry is by far the biggest hurdle in the way of foldables being as ubiquitous. 

The second biggest is the expense of buying new trousers with clown-like pockets to carry the things which are, currently, on the larger and heavier side. But one step at a time…