Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra review

This year, Apple is set to justify the high price of its iPhone 15 Pro by introducing a titanium shell in place of the current stainless steel frame. It’s a lighter but stronger metal that Apple has already introduced to its watches.

Now it looks like Samsung will be doing the same with its Galaxy S24 Ultra. That’s according to the pretty reliable tipster Ice Universe who, in that tedious faux-cryptic style that some leakers enjoy, posted a picture of the periodic table with the number 22 as the caption. Titanium is 22 on the periodic table to really spell out the puzzle: well done, Sherlock, you cracked the case.

When someone asked if this meant the S24 Ultra would use the metal, Ice Universe simply responded with the ‘Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes’ emoji. Great, but you could have just posted that from the start.

Anyway, assuming this proves to be correct, it’s an interesting move, because the introduction of titanium to Samsung smartphones makes less sense than with the iPhone. 

Samsung already uses ‘Armor Alumnium’ on its premium smartphones, and given aluminium is lighter than titanium, the result could actually be a slightly heavier handset — and one that’s more expensive to boot.

In a later tweet, Ice Universe said that the S24 Ultra would maintain the same 5,000mAh battery as its predecessor, but that the S24 Plus would be getting a 200mAh boost from to 4,900mAh. That’s about two-thirds of your average smartwatch, which could make all the difference if you frequently find yourself anxiously hunting for a charger throughout the day.

That might be possible thanks to a small increase in screen size. According to the leaker, the S24 Plus will grow from a puny 6.6 inches to a massive 6.65 inches. Okay, that doesn’t sound like much, but remember it’s a measurement across the diameter and that the bezels are also apparently getting slimmed down, so it could feel like quite a difference.

To be clear, we’re not expecting a new Samsung Galaxy S flagship until early next year — probably February if recent form is anything to go by. Plenty of time for more leaks to emerge in the months ahead.

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