Norton Driver Updater on Laptop

Norton announced its new Norton Driver Updater for Windows PCs, and it can automatically detect outdated, corrupt, vulnerable or missing drivers, so you don’t have to.

Now available around the globe, Norton’s Driver Updater is an updating tool for Windows that makes it easy for users to update drivers to fix bugs and vulnerabilities. Instead of finding drivers yourself and not knowing if an update is needed, the scanner finds drivers your PC needs from a database of more than 50 million malware-free drivers.

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How does the Norton Driver Updater work?

The Norton Driver Updater recommends the best drivers based on your PC’s operating system and configuration. It aims to deliver fewer crashes, bugs, Wi-Fi connection problems, audio, graphics for gaming and even printer issues. Furthermore, it can detect more stable drivers linked to 300,000 pieces of hardware, such as keyboards, audio devices, cards and more. That’s good news for gamers and anyone needing a PC performance boost.

Norton Driver Updater
Norton Driver Updater

These updated drivers also deliver security updates, which stops cybercriminals from finding loopholes in outdated drivers to exploit vulnerabilities in your device. With the Driver Updater, it aims to decrease the risk of malware sneaking onto your PC.

Driver updates can also come with annoying issues, but the scanner also creates backups of existing drivers before updates are made in case there’s a need to revert to a previous driver version. Problem with a driver? The troubleshooting assistant will identify and reverse any issues.

If there is a Windows driver to update, the driver notifies you via a pop-up. All you have to do is click to confirm the update, and it will do the rest of the leg work for you.

“Faulty drivers are the most common cause of Windows PC crashes, freezes, and poor systems performance,” said Martin Stellar, Product Lead for Windows Utilities at Gen. “When this happens, it’s usually sudden and highly disruptive, and knowing what to do next or how to solve the problem isn’t obvious to everyone and is often inconvenient.” That’s where the Driver Updater tool comes in handy.

The Norton Driver Updater is available now for NZ$79.99 per year and boosts up to 10 PCs per subscription.

Norton is known for delivering one of the best antivirus services around, along with PC performance boost software. Looking for essential PC protection from cybersecurity threats? Check out our thoughts on the company’s antivirus software.

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