NordVPN no logs policy

NordVPN has successfully undergone its fourth independent assurance engagement by Deloitte, reaffirming its no-logs policy. The audit, part of a regular review by the Big Four accounting firm, confirmed NordVPN’s practice of not tracking or logging user internet activity.

Deloitte’s examination involved interviews with NordVPN staff, assessments of server infrastructure and configurations, and evaluations of various server types. Conducted from November 30 to December 7, 2023, the audit found no evidence of data logging, including IP addresses, browsing history, or visited websites.

This latest audit follows previous evaluations in 2018, 2020, and 2022, consistently supporting NordVPN’s commitment to user privacy. The full report of the no-logs assurance engagement is available on NordVPN’s website.

Why No-Logs Policies are Crucial for VPN Services

High-end VPN services prove their “no-logs policies” with public audits from well-known auditing companies. It’s a good thing, and this recent audit from Deloitte is no different.

These “no log” policies assure users that their online activities, including browsing history, IP addresses, and traffic destinations, are not recorded or monitored by the VPN provider.

This commitment is essential for maintaining user trust and ensuring the privacy and security that VPN services promise.

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