NordVPN Unveils New Cybersecurity Feature for Enhanced User Protection

NordVPN has added a new feature to its Threat Protection cybersecurity solution to protect users from cyber threats raised by vulnerable software. 

The vulnerability detection feature checks Windows computers (only) for vulnerable applications and notifies users about their security flaws so preventive measures can be taken. 

“The vulnerability detection feature automatically checks the applications for known security flaws that hackers may exploit to gain unauthorised access to devices and sensitive information. If vulnerability detection identifies an open-to-attack app on a computer, it immediately sends the user a notification so he can take action to protect data and device,” says Vykintas Maknickas, Head of Product Strategy at NordVPN.

How NordVPN’s Vulnerability Detection feature works:

  1. Database Checking: The feature compares applications on a device with a database containing app versions and known vulnerabilities.
  2. Alert System: When the tool detects vulnerable apps on the device, it automatically sends an alert to the user.
  3. Scope of Detection: Checks around 150 million applications daily, identifying vulnerabilities in about 100,000 applications used by Windows users.
  4. User Response to Alerts: Users should immediately update any app flagged by the vulnerability detection alert.
  5. No Update Available: If no update is available, users are advised to visit the app developer’s website for the latest version.
  6. Caution with Unpatched Software: Users should be cautious if the app developer does not provide security patches for vulnerabilities.
  7. Feature Accessibility: Included in every NordVPN subscription at no extra cost.
  8. Activation Guide: Users can activate the feature by following the provided guide.
  9. Version and OS Requirements: Available from NordVPN version 7.15 and requires Windows 10 or newer operating systems.
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