Honor Magic V Purse held by model

Honor reveals its next-gen foldable, the Honor Magic V2, claiming to be the thinnest and lightest book-style foldable smartphone to date. But it also revealed a surprising concept all about phone fashion: the Honor V Purse.

During its Unfold Tomorrow event at IFA 2023, the global brand showed off two new foldables. The Honor Magic V2 aims to improve the first foldable’s form factor, battery, display and user experience, while the Honor V Purse seeks to be the “new ‘it’ bag of the future.”

Honor’s foldable smartphones have come a long way, with each iteration showcasing remarkable advancements in design, functionality and durability,” said CEO of Honor, George Zhao. “Not only that, but with our phone-to-purse concept brought to life through the Honor V Purse, we are exploring sustainable solutions that leverage emerging foldable technology to empower creativity and shape tomorrow’s lifestyle.”

While the Honor Magic V2 should offer an interesting upgrade over the well-received Magic Vs, it’s the Honor V Purse that piques our interest. Is foldable fashion now in? Let’s have a look.

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Honor V Purse: A ‘phy-gital’ foldable purse

Turning your smartphone into a fashion statement isn’t unheard of, but the Honor V Purse takes that to a new level. That’s right; Honor’s phone-to-purse concept lets you turn the foldable phone into a stylish purse – or, at least, look like one.

Using a series of customisable always-on displays, the Honor V Purse mimics a selection of handbag designs. It’s not just a static picture; Honor states it boasts design elements such as chains, feathers and tassels that react and sway with the smartphone as it moves.

Honor V Purse

It’s not a handbag without a strap. The V Purse also comes with a choice of interchangeable straps and chains. These clip onto the hinge to allow the smartphone to be worn over the shoulder. You know, just like an ordinary purse or handbag.

Honor showed off various designs, including a golden chain with charms swaying as it moves, a goldfish that scurries away when touched, purple fur that reacts on touch and more.

Being a foldable smartphone, don’t expect to carry anything in this digital purse. However, Honor aims to help environmentally conscious consumers reduce their consumption of fast fashion, as the Honor V Purse can change to match a user’s outfit.

The company has yet to reveal the Honor V Purse’s specs or if it will be available in the wild. Honor states: “In the next phase of the program, by opening up the API interface that allows designers to call sensors like gyroscope, touch or ambient light sensor, HONOR will invite emerging talent from around the world to come up with their own designs.” Stay tuned.

Honor Magic V2: What’s new?

The new Honor Magic V2 foldable phone follows the success of the previous model’s design, this time being thinner and lighter while still keeping up with features and battery life. What’s more, it’s set to be available in global markets.

The new flagship foldable measures 9.9mm in thickness and weighs a light 231g, which Honor claims to be its lightest and slimmest inward foldable smartphone. This certainly beats the recent Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, coming in at 13.4mm and weighing 253g.

Honor Magic V2

Despite its size, it’s still equipped with a 5,000mAh battery like the previous model, thanks to its new-gen dual-cell silicon-carbon battery. It also comes equipped with a smaller, lightweight titanium hinge to reduce internal space and the overall thickness of the hinge. Like the previous Magic Vs, the display crease is less notable than other foldables.

Camera-wise, Honor Magic V2 features a triple rear camera setup that includes a 50MP main camera (f/1.9), a 50MP ultra-wide camera (f/2.0) and a 20MP telephoto lens (f/2.4). The front-facing dual camera setup features two 16MP Cameras (f/2.2). This is a slight step up from the first Magic V, especially compared to the previous 8MP telephoto lens.

Expect a 6.43-inch external and 7.92-inch internal display, 20:9 aspect ratio and 120Hz refresh rate. This is similar to the previous model, but the Magic V2 features 3840Hz PWM Dimming technology to minimize eye strain.

There’s still more to learn about the Honor Magic V2, including its price and release date. If the first Magic Vs is anything to go by, expect a promising flagship foldable phone.

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