Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 11

It’s difficult trying to figure out which unlimited fibre broadband deal is the best in NZ. That’s because they are all similarly priced. Some contracts are slightly more affordable than others, but generally, there isn’t much price variation between them.

In order to work out the best-unlimited fibre deals in NZ, it’s important to consider the entire bundle you get with your contract.

Many broadband providers include discounts and add-ons with their fibre packages, and to understand the value of your contract, you need to take the whole package into consideration.

In this list we will go through what we think are the best unlimited fibre deals in NZ.

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Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021)

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Vodafone – (Recommended)

Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 2
  • Unlimited broadband with SuperWifi
  • $79.99/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps
  • TP-Link DecoX20 mesh Wi-Fi devices (worth $210 each)

Vodafone’s unlimited broadband with SuperWifi package is a great deal. It does have a slightly higher monthly cost than other providers on this list however you get two TP-Link DecoX20 mesh Wi-Fi devices (worth $210 each) for free. These devices allow for seamless WiFi covering the entire house and they add a lot of value to this package. 

You do have to pay an extra $4/month for a Vodafone modem and a one-off $15 shipping fee with this deal. It adds to the price but it’s still great value. 

You can get $10 off the monthly fibre subscription if you have a Vodafone pay monthly mobile plan. 

This deal allows you to use your own modem and will cost an extra $10/month if you want a landline phone number.

Skinny Broadband

Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 1
  • Uncapped Fixed Line Fibre Connection
  • $78/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

The Skinny Uncapped Fixed Line Fibre Connection deal is a great deal for those who are only looking for a fibre connection. It’s a no-thrills fibre package that doesn’t offer any add-ons or extra charges.

With a 12 month contract, you get a free modem with free installation. Skinny doesn’t provide options to install a landline, and you must use a Skinny router. You cannot use your own.

It has a low monthly cost, and if all you want is fibre, then the Skinny package is a great deal.


Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 4
  • Fibre 100 Bundle
  • $79.99/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

2degrees’ Fibre 100 Bundle has more expensive monthly costs than the providers higher up on this list, but when you sign up, you get $100 credit and a free subscription to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Gaming worth an extra $8/month.

2degrees allows you to use your own router, or if you need one, they charge a $14.99 one-off delivery fee. They also allow for landline installation at $15/month and a static IP at $10/month.

If you have a monthly mobile plan with 2degrees, you can also get $10 off your fibre every month, bringing the price to $79.99/month.

This is an attractive deal for those who already use 2degrees as their mobile provider and want Amazon Prime Video.


Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 9
  • MyRepublic Fibre
  • $79.99/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

The MyRepublic Fibre package is an affordable option for fibre with 100Mbps download speeds and 20Mbps upload speeds. While it doesn’t come with any significant add-ons or bonuses, this package doesn’t have any substantial extra charges.

There is a one-off payment of $14.95 for postage and shipping of a MyRepublic router, and that’s all you require to set up your fibre.

You can use your own router with the MyRepublic package, and extras like a landline and a static IP address are of great value at $5/month and $8/month.

Stuff Fibre

Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 6
  • Base Plan
  • $84.95/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

The Stuff Fibre Base Plan at the time of writing comes with the first four months half price. This is an excellent deal meaning you will save a lot of money in your first year.

The package doesn’t have any significant add-ons, but you can opt-in for a more premium router that Stuff will supply for an extra one-off payment of $299. This is great for those who have a lot of devices in their household.

You can use your own router with Stuff Fibre, and you can pay an extra $10/month for Stuff’s voice app. This allows you to take landline calls on your mobile phone which can be handy if you are away from home a lot.


Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 8
  • Unlimited Fibre Broadband
  • $84.99/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

Megatel’s Unlimited Fibre Broadband is an attractive deal because it comes with two mesh WiFi extenders free of charge. It also comes with a fibre ready router at no additional costs.

This is a great value fibre package and is ideal for those who have a large house. The WiFi extenders will increase the range of your signal significantly and due to their mesh technology, changing between them is seamless.

This package allows you to use your own router, and you can get a landline setup for an extra $10/month.


Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 5
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • $84.95/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

The Slingshot Unlimited Broadband package is a basic fibre deal. It doesn’t offer anything special and is simply a fibre broadband package.

There is a $15 postage and handling fee for a Slingshot provided modem however, if you use your own modem, Slingshot will give you a $25 credit.

You also have the option to save 10% on your base broadband plan, if you are signed up or decide to sign up to Slingshot power.

If you are already with Slingshot for your power, this is a very good option for unlimited fibre.


Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 10
  • Fast Fibre
  • $89.99/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

The Contact Fast Fibre Plan will provide 100Mbps download speeds and 20Mbps upload speeds, just like all the other plans on this list.

It is slightly more expensive than most of the plans above it, however, if you are with Contact for your energy, then there are significant savings to be made. 

If you opt-in for Contact’s Broadband Bundle plan, which combines fibre with Contact power and gas, your monthly price for broadband will drop to $59.99/month. If you bundle it with Contact power alone, it will drop to $64.99/month.

There is a $14.99 delivery fee for the Contact supplied modem.

This is an affordable fibre option if you are already using Contact for your power and or gas.

Nova Energy

Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 7
  • Freedom Fibre
  • $89/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

Nova Energy’s Freedom Fibre package is one of the more expensive packages. It has a massive $119 charge for a modem, significantly more than any other provider on this list.

You can use your own modem, and there is an option for a $10/month VoIP home phone with this package. But if you need a new modem, Nova Energy is the most expensive on the list.

You can get a discount on your fibre if you use Nova Energy for your power and gas and the price will drop to $69/month.


Cheapest unlimited fibre broadband deals NZ (2021) 3
  • Unplan Netflix Fibre Broadband Plan
  • $99/month
  • 100Mbps/20Mbps

While the Spark Unplan Netflix Fibre Broadband Plan has one of the highest monthly costs on this list, it also has some of the best add-ons. If you sign up for this broadband plan, you get a Netflix standard HD subscription worth $16.99/month.

This is also one of the only plans that charge you based on your internet usage. Spark has monthly pricing tiers. If you use less than 60GB of internet in a month, then your monthly fee drops to $79. Between 60GB and 120GB, the price drops to $89, and anything over 120GB is full price.

This is a great option for someone who uses their internet irregularly. The discounts for less usage and the included Netflix subscription are attractive add-ons with this package.

If you’re looking for a landline with your fibre, Spark will charge an extra $10/month, and there is a $15 delivery fee to receive a Spark modem.

How to choose the best contract for unlimited fibre in NZ

It’s important to know that your fibre provider isn’t responsible for the physical properties of your internet connection. All of these providers use New Zealand’s national broadband network which is managed by Chorus. Basically fibre providers bill you for using Chorus’ network.

This means (in theory) the speed and reliability of your broadband connection is the same for any ISP. However, ISPs manage their customers in different ways. The router your ISP gives you will have a large impact on your broadband connection and ISPs have the power to throttle your connection if they deem it breaches “fair use” terms and conditions. 

Add-ons and deals are important to consider

Most fibre broadband deals in NZ come with add-ons and bonuses. These can save you some money and can significantly increase the value of your contract.

These add-ons and bonuses come in many forms, they may make the first few months of your contract cheaper, you could get a free router with your contract, and there are also additional costs to consider, such as if you want a landline number or a static IP address.

It’s important to consider what bonuses you get with your broadband contract when deciding what fibre broadband deal is best for you.

Bundle deals

It’s important to consider who your gas and power provider is when signing up for a fibre broadband deal as well as who you use as your mobile provider. Many fibre providers offer discounts on their fibre contracts if you combine them with their power, gas or mobile contracts.

This is important to consider because you may be able to get significantly cheaper monthly fibre costs based on who you have a contract with for your power, gas or mobile.

Download & upload speeds

Fibre broadband download and upload speeds can vary greatly in NZ. 

Some fibre plans only allow up to 30Mbps download speeds, the most common speed is 100Mbps and almost all providers offer super fast speeds (at a higher cost) that can reach 950Mbps.

The upload speeds don’t change much, starting at 20Mbps, but some deals can bring that speed up to 50Mbps.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to fibre broadband, 30Mbps download speeds is a bit pointless as it probably isn’t much faster than what you’re getting already. For this article, we will focus on packages that offer at least 100Mbps download speeds.

Router included / price of the router

If you are upgrading to fibre broadband, your old router might not be fibre ready, meaning you won’t be able to get the most out of your faster internet speeds.

All of the broadband providers will give you a fibre ready router when you purchase a deal. However, the prices for these routers do vary. 

If you have purchased a top-quality fibre ready router, it’s important to consider whether the broadband package you sign up for will allow you to use it. Some broadband providers will enable you to use your router, and some won’t. 

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