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You’d be forgiven for thinking there aren’t many things to consider when buying a tap for your kitchen. However, the best kitchen taps in 2023 are design-rich and filled with technology. We’ve picked out the gems fit for your home.

In our expert guide, we rank the best kitchen taps of 2023. All of the kitchen taps we’ve highlighted are on sale via Amazon and land at a range of price points. Whatever your budget, we’ve got you covered.

Where’s the best place to buy kitchen taps?

You might think that you’ll find the best kitchen tap deal at a local high-street retailer, but that’s not always the case. We’ve got proof that shopping online can help you save some money, which means more spare cash to improve other parts of your home.

If you’re looking for a bargain, we recommend searching websites such as eBay and Amazon for the best value and widest range. Both of these sites will let you filter down to the features that matter the most to you. You’ll have the added bonus of viewable Amazon customer reviews, too. However, note that you’ll have to wait at least a day for delivery if you buy from eBay or Amazon.

Alternatively, if you want to get your kitchen tap on the same day you order, try the click-and-collect services offered by retailers including B&Q, John Lewis, Wickes or Ryman. These are likely to be more expensive than online-only shops.

The 10 BEST Kitchen Taps 2023

GROHE Get Kitchen Sink Tap

RRP: £239.99

  • Dual Spray
  • 360° Swivel
  • Smooth Operation
  • Easy Installation
  • Luminous Sheen

Expertly blending functionality and design, the GROHE Get kitchen tap offers a professional spray feature, enabling easy switch between a strong jet and a fine spray. Its high spout and 360° swivel range provide exceptional versatility for all kitchen tasks.

Specifications: Dimensions: 69 x 34 x 8 cm; Weight: 3 kg. Material: Stainless Steel. Finish: Polished Chrome.

Verdict: This sleek and practical kitchen tap, with its refined finish and advanced features, is ideal for modern kitchens demanding efficiency and style.

Hansgrohe Focus M41 Kitchen Tap

RRP: £459.96

  • 150° Swivel
  • Pull-out Spray
  • High Pressure
  • Ceramic Cartridge
  • Stainless Steel

The Hansgrohe Focus M41 elevates kitchen functionality with its 150° swivel range, ideal for single sinks with drainers. It features a 76 cm pull-out spray for versatile water direction, and is suitable for high-pressure systems only. The high-quality stainless steel design with durable ceramic cartridge ensures long-term reliability.

With its sleek stainless steel finish and practical features, this tap is a top pick for those looking for both style and functionality in their kitchen.

ENKI Langley Kitchen Tap

RRP: £124.99

  • Classic Design
  • High-grade Brass
  • Easy Install
  • Minimum 0.1 bar
  • 1 Year Guarantee

The ENKI Langley KT115 offers a blend of traditional design and modern functionality, priced at £124.99. Made from high-grade brass with a brushed nickel finish, it is easy to install and requires a minimum pressure of 0.1 bar. A 1-year guarantee provides added assurance.

Specifications: Dimensions: 43 x 34 x 8 cm; Weight: 2.35 kg. Finish: Brushed Nickel. Material: Brass.

This kitchen tap combines timeless elegance with durable construction, making it a perfect choice for traditional and farmhouse-style kitchens.

iSpring US31 Water Filtration System

RRP: £123.99

  • Triple Filtration
  • Healthy Water
  • Easy Install
  • Tankless Design
  • European Design

The iSpring US31 offers a classic drinking water filter system with a tankless design. It effectively removes heavy metals, chemicals, and sediments, ensuring clean, healthy water. The system is easy to install, maintain, and is designed with a stylish European aesthetic.

Specifications: Dimensions: 43 x 40 x 15 cm; Weight: 5.45 kg. Power Source: AC. Material: Various.

Verdict: This filtration system is a valuable addition to any kitchen, providing both functionality and a sleek design, ensuring water safety and convenience.

GROHE Minta Kitchen Tap

RRP: £276.28

  • Flexible Shower
  • EasyDock System
  • Full-Height Tap
  • 360° Swivel
  • SilkMove Cartridge

The GROHE Minta kitchen tap combines practicality and elegance with its brushed brass finish and chrome colour. It features a flexible shower head with a push-button setting for switching between spray types, and an EasyDock system for smooth hose retraction. Ideal for both rinsing and heavy-duty cleaning.

Specifications: Dimensions: 57 x 36.5 x 11.5 cm; Weight: 3.36 kg. Material: Brass. Mounting: Stand mounting.

Verdict: With its sleek design and superior functionality, the GROHE Minta is an excellent addition to any modern kitchen, ensuring both efficiency and style.

Bristan Monza Easyfit Kitchen Tap

RRP: £125.90

  • Easyfit Technology
  • Ceramic Disc
  • Chrome Finish
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Deck Mount

Experience the blend of functionality and style with the Bristan Monza Easyfit Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap. Designed for hassle-free above-sink installation, this tap features dual lever control and long-lasting ceramic disc valves, suitable for both low and high-pressure systems. The high-shine chrome finish adds a sleek touch to your kitchen.

Specifications: Dimensions: 38 x 29.01 x 5.99 cm; Weight: 1.6 kg. Handle/lever placement: Left, Right. Number of handles: 2.

This mixer tap not only ensures durability but also adds a modern touch to your kitchen decor, making it a top choice for homeowners seeking both quality and design.

GROHE Zedra Touch Kitchen Mixer Tap

RRP: £327.39

  • Pull-out Head
  • Magnetic Docking
  • Healthy Water
  • QuickFix Plus
  • 360 Swivel

The GROHE Zedra Touch Kitchen Mixer Tap, priced at £327.39, revolutionizes kitchen convenience with its pull-out comfort shower head offering three spray options. Its innovative features include magnetic docking for seamless spray head retraction and 360° swivel for ultimate flexibility.

Specifications: Dimensions: 0.3 x 25.5 x 7.5 cm; Weight: 3.7 kg. Material: Brass. Finish: Polished Chrome.

This tap is an excellent choice for any kitchen, blending functionality with a sleek, modern design, ensuring both practicality and style.

ZHZIRO Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

RRP: £51.99

  • Dual Function Stream & Spray
  • High-Arch 360° Swivel Spout
  • Easy to Install
  • Superior & Safety Quality
  • Excellent Customer Service

The ZHZIRO Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap offers a perfect blend of style and functionality for modern kitchens. Its sleek silver finish and high-arch design add a touch of elegance, while the 360° swivel capability provides unmatched flexibility. This tap, made from durable brass and silicone, ensures a long-lasting performance.

Designed with convenience in mind, it features a dual-function stream and spray, allowing for easy switching between modes. The Speed Clean anti-lime system ensures maintenance is hassle-free, keeping the tap looking and functioning like new.

At a reasonable price of £51.99, this kitchen tap stands out with its combination of design, quality, and practicality. It’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen with a tap that is both stylish and versatile.

GROHE BauEdge Kitchen Tap

RRP: £76.95

  • Full-Height Tap
  • 360 Swivel
  • LongLife Cartridge
  • Health-Safe Water
  • Easy Cleaning

The GROHE BauEdge Kitchen Tap, priced at £76.95, is a versatile and efficient addition to any kitchen. It features a full-height design, 360-degree swivel for ease of use, LongLife cartridge technology for durability, and health-safe water technology, all while maintaining an easy-to-clean surface.

Specifications: Dimensions: 47.5 x 26 x 5 cm; Weight: 1 kg. Material: Other. Finish: Polished Chrome.

This tap combines functionality with a sleek, modern design, offering both practicality and style for the kitchen.

Bristan Renaissance Kitchen Tap

RRP: £151.14

  • Easy Installation
  • Ceramic Cartridges
  • Long-lasting Finish
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Health-Safe

The Bristan Renaissance Easyfit Sink Mixer Kitchen Tap, priced at £151.14, is a blend of elegance and practicality. It features easy installation, durable ceramic cartridges, a long-lasting and scratch-resistant finish, ensuring health safety and a timeless sheen for your kitchen.

Specifications: Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 36.5 cm; Weight: 2.09 kg. Material: Brass. Finish: Chrome.

With its stylish design and robust build, this tap is an ideal choice for any modern kitchen, assuring both aesthetics and functionality.

Kitchen Tap FAQs

Q: What should I consider when choosing a kitchen tap?

Answer: Key factors include mounting type (deck or wall), material and finish (like brass or chrome), spout height and reach, and number of handles. Ensure the tap’s specifications align with your sink’s size and layout, as well as your kitchen’s water pressure requirements.

Q: Can kitchen taps affect water pressure?

Answer: Yes, taps can impact flow rate. Taps designed for high water pressure systems may not perform well in low-pressure environments, and vice versa. It’s recommended to check the tap’s required pressure level, usually measured in bars, to match your home’s water pressure.

Q: Are there eco-friendly kitchen taps available?

Answer: Absolutely. Many modern taps come with eco-friendly features like aerators that mix air with water, reducing water usage while maintaining pressure. Some taps also have specific eco settings for further water conservation.

Q: How do I maintain and clean my kitchen tap?

Answer: Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent is key. Avoid abrasive cleaners or cloths that can scratch the surface. For taps with aerators, it’s advisable to periodically remove and clean them to prevent limescale build-up.

Q: What is the average lifespan of a kitchen tap?

Answer: The lifespan varies based on material, usage, and maintenance, but a quality kitchen tap can last between 15 to 20 years. Regular maintenance and timely repairs of leaks or drips can extend a tap’s life.

Q: Can I install a new kitchen tap myself?

Answer: DIY installation is possible, especially with modern easy-fit systems. However, if you’re not confident in your plumbing skills, it’s best to hire a professional to ensure proper installation and avoid any potential issues.

Tools needed to replace and install a new kitchen tap

You don’t need a lot of tools to replace a kitchen tap. If you have the following, you’ll be able to install the vast majority of kitchen taps yourself. Just watch the video below for a demonstration.

  • Adjustable spanner
  • Box spanner
  • Screwdriver
  • PTFE tape

How to install a new kitchen tap

If you have the time to spare, and a reasonable toolkit, there’s nothing stopping you from installing your new kitchen tap. Watch the video below to see the steps involved in removing your old tap, and installing your new one.

Hire a plumber to install your kitchen tap via Amazon

Amazon is now going one step further. You can now buy services from Amazon. This means you can buy your new kitchen tap and hire a plumber to install it for you too. All through Amazon. There isn’t a fixed rate for this service as it will depend on what plumbers charge in your area. However, we recently tested the service out with a South West London postcode and got quoted £85.

Best Kitchen Tap 2018 - Installation

What’s included:

  • Removing old Tap and drain stopper
  • Typical installation time of 1 hour
  • Installing customer-supplied Tap, handles, and drain stopper
  • Reattaching supply lines
  • Service is intended for indoor Taps only

Click here to get a Kitchen Tap Replacement quote from Amazon.

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