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One of the most important parts of selling a product on Amazon is actually a surprising one: finding the best keywords to use.

By tracking down the go-to words customers use to find a product you’re selling, you’ll see your product gain popularity, reach the first page on Amazon and watch your profits soar. These words really are the key to success.

To discover the right keywords to use to boost your sales on Amazon, you’re going to need to know about search volume. And to do that, you’re going to need Amazon seller software such as AMZScout or Jungle Scout.

For a better look at how to find the best keywords to use to boost Amazon sales, we’ve got just the guide. But if you’re on the hunt to get search volume for keywords in Amazon, read on.

How to get search volume for keywords in Amazon

First of all, you’re going to need software to track down keyword data. AMZScout and Jungle Scout are both great options, and we use the former to get a list of keywords from competing products and see what fits best. Both give you the tools to find the search volume for keywords, and using them is easy-breezy.

The search volume of a keyword is the number of times it is entered in the Amazon search field, whether it be over the course of a month or year. The more times a keyword is entered in a search field, the higher the search volume. Ideally, you’ll want to use the keywords with the highest search volume for your product to gain traction. But keep an eye out for niche keywords without as big of a search volume too, as that means your product may be first to tap into a keywords potential.

There are a few ways to get search volume for keywords (here’s our keywords for Amazon guide), but I’ve found the methods below to be the most efficient.

Once you’ve got an AMZScout account, you can start tracking down those keywords.

AMZScout Reverse ASIN Lookup

1. Open AMZScout ( in your browser and sign in.

2. Select Keyword Research on the top taskbar, then Reverse ASIN Lookup.

3. Enter the ASIN number of a competing product in the search bar (to find the ASIN number, head to the product’s listing page on Amazon and search under Product details).

How to get search volume for keywords in Amazon: ASIN Number

4. Then Press Find Keywords.

How to find search volume for Amazon: AMZScout Keywords ASIN Number

5. A list of all the Amazon Search Keywords associated with that product will appear. Here, you can find the Est. Month Search Volume. This is the average monthly searches using these exact words.

Keywords with low search volume (around 300 per month) are likely to have low competition, making it easier for your product to appear high on page 1. However, a high search volume (1,000 per month and above) means more attention and clicks, but these words are also highly competitive.

AMZScout PRO Extension

Once you install the AMZScout PRO extension via Google Chrome, you’re ready to work some magic.

1. Open Amazon ( on your browser (preferably Google Chrome).

2. Search for a product you’d like to find keywords for. This should be the product you’re looking to sell.

3. Click on the AMZScout Pro Extension icon located on the bottom left corner.

AMZScout Pro Extension button

4. The PRO Extension tool window will open up, showcasing a list of data on each product shown. On the top bar, select Niche Keywords.

AMZScout Pro Extension Niche Keywords

5. A window will pop up with a web of niche keywords associated with the search term you typed in. The number in brackets are the average search volume, and since they’re niche, they will have a low search volume.

AMZScout Pro Extension Amazon Niche Keywords

As mentioned, using keywords with low search volume makes it easier for your product to appear when customers type it into the Amazon search field. Not many people may type it in, but the more niche keywords you tag, the more widespread your engagement will be.

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