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There’s a lot to think about when starting a business and selling a product on Amazon, but what might be the most exciting step is designing a logo for your Amazon FBA product. That’s right, your inner artist finally has a chance to shine.

Your logo is the mark of your brand, and it can make or break your business depending on how it looks. It should be unique enough to be recognisable to potential customers, bold enough to stand out from competitors and stylish enough so people want to flaunt your product around. Think of it as your company’s emblem – one that everyone else wants to be a part of.

Putting the legwork in and getting creative goes a long way when designing a logo for your Amazon product. But where do you start? With a piece of paper and some crayons? Perhaps, but you might get a little further with the right design software or help from a professional designer.

From Nike’s simple “swoosh” to Coca-Cola’s fancy font, there are plenty of different directions you can take – and this guide is here to help you get started. Here’s how to design a logo for your Amazon FBA business.

Find a designer

Look, not all of us are artists at heart. Some jobs are better left to the pros, and the good news is there are plenty of them around ready to design the perfect logo for your Amazon product.

Freelance artists and graphic designers can be found on multiple platforms, and many of them have competitive price rates. Depending on your budget, you can find highly rated designers for as little as $10 or well over $200 for their work.

If your own doodles aren’t working out, your best bet is to find a designer to create your logo. No need to feel bad; Nike hired graphic design student Carolyn Davidson to design the world-famous swoosh for just $35 at the time, and look at them now.

Here’s the best spots to have a professional designer create your logo.


The go-to place for any kind of freelance job, Fiverr is a great place to start looking for a logo designer. In fact, there’s a whole category dedicated to logo design.

Fiver gives you a bunch of options to get your creative cogs turning on what kind of logo you want even before you look to hire someone. For example, you can select a logo style, whether it be minimalist, hand-drawn or in a signature style, and use logo templates with your Amazon brand name and slogan to see how they look.

How to design a logo for Amazon: Fiverr website

Depending on the package you choose, you can get a selection of designs, unlimited revisions, source files, 3D mockups and social media kits (more on that below). Designers can get pricey, but you can expect to pay around $50 for a highly rated designer with all the resources you need.


Another leading platform for all manner of freelance work is Upwork. And yes, logo design for businesses is one of site’s top-requested projects, and it has its own service page.

Similar to Fiverr, you can find a different selection of logo styles ranging from vintage to freestyle designs. There are also a few other sections worth looking into, such as designers for specific industries (like sports or gaming), designers for different budgets (from under $15 to over $40) and more.

How to design a logo for Amazon: Upwork

Artists also have a range of packages to choose from, from Starter to Advanced. You’re want to get the most out of your design, including different file formats and unlimited revisions, so we recommend checking the differences between each tier and see what you need.


This is an interesting one. 99Designs is a platform that lets you describe your Amazon product logo and have multiple designers from around the world pitch their take on your logo. From there, you pick your favourite design and you’ll get full ownership of it.

Handy, right? It’s definitely one of the pricier ways to go about getting a logo design for your Amazon FBA product (from £249), but you’ll get a look at different variations of your dream logo from several pro designers. You’ll also be able to offer feedback to artists so they can revise the design and bring back something better.

How to design a logo for Amazon: 99Designs

If you have the budget, 99Designs is a fantastic way to find the right logo for you. You’re not limited to just one designer who specializes in a certain styles; you can choose from a selection of snazzy looking logos and pick one the suits your brand.


This one’s a bit of a long shot, but Pixellogo (or other stock logo sites like it) is worth giving a go to give you an idea of how you want your Amazon product logo to look, and it may save a lot of time in the long run

These pre-made exclusive logos give you full ownership once your buy them, and are fully customisable, too. These logos will set you back around $300, which is nothing to sneeze at. However, if you find a design you like that matches your brand perfectly, then it’s an easy way to find a design for your brand.

How to design a logo for Amazon: Pixellogo

If nothing suits your fancy, it’s also a way to narrow down the type of design you want. Take that idea to a freelance designer and make the edits you need.

Design your own logo

You got the creative chops to design your own logo for your Amazon FBA product? Good for you! It’s a skill that will save you time and money, and it will give you the opportunity to put your own creative spin on the brand you started.

You’re going to need more than colourful pens and paper to design your logo, though. Your logo needs to be digitized, and it also needs to come in the right file formats so it can be placed on your Amazon listing page and on your product. After all, you’re building up your brand here.

Designing a custom logo doesn’t have to be difficult. There are free online tools specifically made for making professional logos, and if you’re looking for more creative freedom, you can try free graphic design software. Of course, if you’re looking for the best, you should opt for paid design software.

Here are a few tools to help you design your own logo.


The free logo maker from Shopify that lets you create your own design in various formats, Hatchful is an easy-to-use platform that requires absolutely no design experience. If I were to create a logo for my brand, this is site I’d use.

How to design a logo for Amazon: Hatchful


Vectr is a “free forever” graphics editor that comes with a bunch of handy tools that anyone can jump into. You don’t have to create certain shapes or elements from scratch; Vectr has a selection of designs ready for you to start messing around with. It may not have many advanced tools, but it does have a collaboration feature to team up with others and lets you export your Amazon logo in a various formats.

Oh, and you can use it right in your browser.

How to design a logo for Amazon: Vectr

Adobe Illustrator

Could it be anything else? Ask any professional graphic designer what software they use and you’re likely to hear Adobe Illustrator. There’s a seven-day free trial for anyone looking to give it a go, or you’ll be stuck with the $20.99 per month subscription. If you know what you’re doing, this price isn’t too bad if you can create a logo you know you want within a month.

How to design a logo on Amazon: Adobe Illustrator

Getting the right logo for your supplier

Once you’ve designed your logo for your Amazon FBA product, you’re going to want to put the logo on your product – especially if you’re a private label.

If you have a supplier (here’s our guide on how to find the best supplier on Alibaba), this is when you’ll contact them about customisations to the product. The supplier can apply your logo onto the product, but they may ask for a specific file format for your logo to be in. If you don’t have it, it may cause some issues.

Whether you’re creating a logo for yourself or hiring a freelancer, make sure you have copies of your logo in different formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG, 3D mock up). Many designers and design software will have these formats available for you to save.

It’s also a good idea to simply ask your supplier what they require. Once you know, you can send over your logo in the right format.

Speaking of suppliers, the best spot to look is on Alibaba. Here’s how to get the best prices on Alibaba when looking for a supplier and how to stay safe when buying on Alibaba.

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