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Selling on Amazon can be hugely rewarding, but it can also be tricky to get started. Knowing what products to sell to beat the competition and the right Amazon sales data for specific products can give you a head start, and that’s where the AMZScout vs Jungle Scout debate comes in.

Amazon seller software gives you a selection of practical tools to analyze Amazon product data so you can find the right niche, sell the most profitable items and build your business.

AMZScout and Jungle Scout are two of the most notable tools to start selling on Amazon, featuring product databases giving you data on Amazon’s entire product catalogue, useful browser extensions and helpful keyword tools.

The question is: which Amazon seller software is best for you? Both offer similar research tools, but there are a couple of differences that may lead you to choose one over the other. If you’re scratching your head and wondering which is best for your business, check out the differences below.

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout: Price

The key difference between AMZScout and Jungle Scout is pricing. The former is more affordable than the latter, but that doesn’t make it any less feature-rich.

AMZScout comes in a few packages, but the main two on offer include the PRO Extension subscription and the Seller’s Bundle for Amazon subscription. Jungle Scout is similar but comes in three packages: Basic, Suite and Professional.

For AMZScout, the PRO Extension package is its basic plan, offering the Chrome extension tool along with AMZScout’s Seller Courses and “Get Started Your Amazon Business” guide. It’s originally priced at $651.88 per year, but it often sees big discounts. As of writing, the annual subscription is down to $259.99 per year (or $21.60 per month). However, it’s also been seen at $179 per year ($14.90 per month), meaning that prices constantly fluctuate. Looking to make even more savings? Get AMZScout with a 50% discount here!

The Amazon Seller’s Bundle is the most attractive option, as it comes with all the tools you’ll need – like Product and Keyword research tools – to get accurate data. Its regular price is (apparently) $172 per month or a whopping $1,084 per year. Thanks to discounts, however, this package is currently down to $49.99 per month or $379.99 annually.

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout
AMZScout pricing options

On that note, AMZScout also has special offers that come with one-on-one mentorship with a successful Amazon seller (claimed to be a six-figure seller). As of writing, the complete package will set you back $679 annually – down from a bewildering $9,526.99. (Something tells me AMZScout is never really set at its original prices.)

Annual memberships offer a cheaper solution for your business. They also come with the extra perk of receiving weekly reports that include 19 of the fastest-growing products throughout the year, plus 12 monthly reports with Amazon news and tips. 

Compared to its Jungle Scout, AMZScout delivers the most cost-effective package. For example, Jungle Scout’s Basic subscription costs $349 annually or $49 per month, while its most popular Suite plan is $589 annually or $69 per month. Its Professional plan will set you back $999 annually or $84 per month. There is the option to payu monthly instead, but this increases the prices nearly two-fold (Basic is $49 per month, Suite is $69 per month and Professional is $129 per month).

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout pricing options

That said, Jungle Scout offers more features with each subscription. It also has the benefit of including more users in its Suite and Professional plans, which is especially worthwhile if you have multiple users in your business.

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout: Features

The good news is AMZScout and Jungle Scout come with free tools for anyone to use. This includes an FBA Calculator, Sales Estimator and Super URL Tool with AMZScout, and a similar FBA Profit Calculator and Sales Estimator with Jungle Scout.

These tools are similar to what’s on offer in both of the seller software’s paid packages. For example, you’ll get a browser extension that offer key product insights, a product database featuring Amazon’s catalouge of products (AMZScout has 550 million items, Jungle Scout has 475 million), keyword search and tracking tools to see what competitors use, product trackers, colour-coded scores to find the right niche product to sell and more.

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout

The thing is, Jungle Scout is known for providing trusted, qualified suppliers for your chosen product. That’s not to say AMZScout doesn’t but Jungle Scout makes it easier to connect with someone reliable. That, and Jungle Scout has a selection of advanced tools like review and email automation, along with easy-to-read detailed information to find the right product to sell and to cut costs where you can.

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AMZScout vs Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout

Plus, its Launch tool lets users connect with potential customers through email campagins and promotions. It offers a streamlined way of discovering the right product, finding a reliable supplier and making your product known to customers. The Inventory Manager is also a handy tool, as it lets users know how much stock they will need and the best times to restock.

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout: Which is best for you?

When it comes down to it, AMZScout and Jungle Scout deliver a similar range or research tools to sell products on Amazon effectively. However, while AMZScout offers a more cost-effective plan, Jungle Scout brings a few more advanced tools to the table in each of its subscriptions.

AMZScout is a reputable Amazon data research tool that’s great for beginners, even if its PRO extension can be a tad overwhelming with the amount of data it presents to newcomers. Still, there are numerous tutorial and courses (some are for free) to get anyone looking to sell on Amazon started.

Jungle Scout may be a little more expensive, but its access to trusted suppliers, automation tools, wealth of data and ease of finding high-demand, low-competition products is worth the extra cash you spend. Plus, the ability to add more users is great for businesses with multiple people.

Regardless of what you choose, both will give you ther means to figure out the best way to sell on Amazon. If you have a little more cash to spend, however, Jungle Scout won’t disappoint.

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