Dyson’s Solarcycle Morph Desk light launches in New Zealand

If you’re anything like me and my masterful skills in procrastination, you’ll spend far too long every day adjusting your desk lamp to make it just right.  Now, Dyson has taken away...

Microsoft plots new Xbox Series hardware for next year, FTC leak reveals

Microsoft’s run in with the FTC really is the gift that keeps giving in terms of embarrassing leaks and other tidbits about the company’s thinking.  The latest documental treasure trove outlines plans...

iPhone 15 Pro benchmarks show A17 Pro’s power

Despite being as long as some feature-length films, Apple events are usually somewhat light on detail.  Tuesday’s iPhone 15 launch was no exception, and while we know that the handsets will be...
Motorola Edge 40 Neo

Motorola Edge 40 Neo revealed: Price, release date and everything you need to know

Motorola is back with a new selection of affordable phones, including the new Motorola Edge 40 Neo.

The iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9 are now official

Good news, Apple fans: the iPhone 15 family and Apple Watch Series 9 are no longer the subject of idle speculation! Apple has revealed all at a disgustingly early event for...
iPhone 12 mini review - in-hand

Apple prepares to say goodbye to tiny handsets

Once upon a time, in an era when Samsung was experimenting with ‘giant’ handsets like the 5.5in Galaxy Note 2, Apple made a virtue of keeping its handsets small. The company...
Google Chrome on laptop in office

New Google Chrome update automatically blocks phishing websites – here’s how

Google is upgrading its Chrome Safe Browsing security tool to warn you about phishing websites. Find out how.

Nintendo Switch 2 reportedly demoed at Gamescom

A couple of weeks ago, Gamescom was in full swing in Cologne, Germany. Nintendo was there, showing off cutting-edge titles like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — released back in 2017, three...

Could Apple be plotting cheap MacBooks for schools?

In the world of laptops, Google specialises in cheap and cheerful Chromebooks for schools, while Apple favours expensive computers that you might not trust little Timmy and friends not to break...

That giant iPad isn’t coming any time soon

Two years ago, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman revealed that Apple was experimenting with giant iPads, for those who like their portable devices to be less portable.  At the time, Gurman himself said they...


Motorola Razr 40 Ultra review: A flipping triumph

The Motorola Razr 40 Ultra is a premium foldable worth its muster, even though it falls behind in performance.
Does VPN speed matter

Does VPN speed matter? (2023)