PureVPN discount code

Whenever you buy anything online, it’s a good idea to have a quick search to see if there’s a quick discount code available. If you’re lucky you could save 10%-50% on your purchase. PureVPN Discount Codes work a little differently though.

And what I mean by that is – PureVPN doesn’t offer discount codes. There’s not even a place to buy enter a discount code at checkout.

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How to get the best PureVPN discount?

Feat not. There are still good savings to be made.

The way to get the best deal with a VPN is to sign up to a long period of time. This means paying up front. But by doing that, the savings are huge.

Let’s take a look at PureVPN’s pricing page (it’s pretty typical of the VPN industry.)

  • 1-month is charged at full price
  • Sign up for 3-months and you can save 18%
  • Sign up for a year and you can save a massive 73%

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PureVPN discount code

Good things come to those who wait

Another strategy to get the best deal is to sit on PureVPN for a few minutes.

While researching this post, I visited PureVPN to take a screenshot of the pricing table above. I left the tab open on Google Chrome for approximately five minutes.

PureVPN discount code - method 2

And as I went back to the page to close the tab, a new deal popped up offering me further discount “Get 2 Years of PureVPN For Just $262.8 $69.95” if I signed up for two years.

The deal was still a 73% discount. But the benefit of the pop-in deal was that I would enjoy the 73% discount in year 2, not just year 1 like originally offered.

Note: You can safely ignore the countdown clock. That’s there solely to try and rush you into a purchase. I’ve had the same deal from open on Chrome for over an hour now and the clock keeps resetting.

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