How to watch the Young and the Restless OUTSIDE the US

If you’re outside of the US, you aren’t going to be able to stream the Young and the Restless. This is because of geo-blocking. Don’t worry there is a simple fix. Read below to find out how to watch The Young and the Restless, outside the US.

How to watch the Young and The Restless outside of the US

If you’re using CBS All Access outside of the US, you’ll most likely run into an error message like this one.

How to watch The Young and the Restless OUTSIDE the US

This occurs because CBS has geo-blocked its content. This means that it’s only available in the USA.

The reason this happens is because of licensing issues. CBS does not have the licensing rights to broadcast their shows outside of the US. So when you stream The Young and the Restless anywhere in the world other than the States, you’ll run into problems.

Luckily, many people have these problems and there is a quick and simple fix. You need to use a VPN.

A VPN is a program that allows you to make your device think it’s based in the US.

Every internet connection is identifiable by their IP address and every connection has an IP address. Think of a landline phone with an area code. The area code lets you know where the call is coming from. It’s the same idea with IP addresses. If you use CBS All Access outside of the US, CBS will recognise the IP Address as foreign and it will block you from watching the content.

A VPN can change all of that. All you need to do is purchase a good VPN, connect to a US server and The Young and the Restless will be available to stream.

How to stream The Young and the Restless abroad: Quick Guide

1. Get Ivacy $1.33/month
2. Download and Install ExpressVPN
3. Connect to a US server
4. Go to
5. Stream The Young and the Restless

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How do I choose a VPN that will work?

There are many VPNs out there. Not all of them will work. This is because CBS blacklists IP addresses that are known VPN addresses.

Streaming services like Netflix, NBC, HBO and CBS have been blacklisting IP addresses for a few years now. They do this by monitoring IP addresses and blocking the ones that they deem as abnormal usage.

Abnormal usage is when multiple connections are made from the same IP address. This is quite common when using a VPN. Some VPNs do not have enough IP addresses available for its large number of customers. This results in multiple connections being made on the same IP. This is easily recognised by CBS and then blocked.

To get around this you need to use a VPN that firstly has enough IP addresses available for all of its customers. Secondly, you need a VPN that plays Cat and Mouse with CBS. This means that if an IP address is blocked, it’s closed and a new one is opened which hasn’t been blacklisted. This means you’ll be able to stream The Young and the Restless abroad, without worrying about running into problems.

The Best VPNs for streaming The Young and The Restless Outside the US

1. Ivacy

How to watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix in the UK - Ivacy

Price: $1.33/month

If you’re looking for the cheapest VPN that works with a wide range of streaming services. Ivacy a great choice. At $1.33/month it represents fantastic value.

That’s not all. Its speeds are lightning quick. Comparable (or better) than any VPN on this list. It’s not just a fast VPN. Ivacy’s servers consistently provide working connections with US Netflix, BBC iPlay, CBS, ABC, Amazon Prime and a ton of other online streaming services.

Ivacy has an easy-to-use app that makes turning your VPN on super easy. The app is available to download on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Plus scores of other devices such as Ubuntu and Roku.

Click here to get Ivacy for $1.33/month

2. ExpressVPN

Price: $6.66/month

How to watch the Young and the Restless OUTSIDE the US - Express

ExpressVPN is the best VPN on the market. It’s slightly more expensive than it’s competitors but it’s worth the extra bit of money if you can afford it.

This is because this VPN is fast, very fast. Our independent connection speeds have shown that ExpressVPN has really good connection speeds when connecting to servers all over the world.

This VPN is also very good at playing Cat and Mouse with streaming services like CBS All Access.

There are many servers to choose from and new ones are constantly being opened, ensuring there are always connections available.

ExpressVPN is available on almost any device you can think of. They also have a very good 24/7 customer support team that you can contact if you’re running into any problems.

Click here to save 35% with ExpressVPN

3. NordVPN

Price: $2.75/month

How to watch the Young and the Restless OUTSIDE the US - Nord

NordVPN is a fantastic VPN. It falls into second place because our tests show that it’s slightly slower than ExpressVPN.

This VPN has many servers in the US that are always available. The app is simple and easy to use on all devices.

Nord is available on nearly all devices such as Xbox, PS4, Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, Firestick, and much more.

A technical team monitors the connections that NordVPN provides. They make sure that if a server is blacklisted then it’s closed and a new one is opened.

This helps to ensure that servers are continuously available and you can stream The Young and the Restless at all times.

Click here to save 75% with NordVPN

4. PureVPN

Price: $2.49/month

How to watch the Young and the Restless OUTSIDE the US - Pure

PureVPN is a great VPN with a great price to go along with it. This VPN makes it extremely easy to stream geo-blocked content when overseas. In this case The Young and the Restless on CBS All Access.

Instead of selecting a specific server, PureVPN gets you to select your purpose for using the app. you’re then matched with the server that is the best for that purpose. For example in this instance, you would select streaming CBS All Access and PureVPN will do the rest.

You also have the option of buying a dedicated IP for an extra $1.99/month.

This means that you’re not sharing your connection with anyone else. That makes it very hard for CBS to blacklist you from streaming their content for abnormal usage.

Click here to save 74% with PureVPN

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