How to watch Netflix in China

Netflix doesn’t operate in China. So you’re going to need to buy a VPN to spoof your location to a country that does have Netflix. The problem is that Netflix bans VPNs from using its service. But fear not, some VPNs are fighting back. In this article show you how to watch Netflix in China.

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Why can’t I watch Netflix in China?

There are two major obstacles that prevent you from watching Netflix in China.

The first is the Great Firewall of China, which sensors access to certain websites such as Google, Facebook, Netflix et al. To get past thing you’ll need a VPN to perform ‘location spoofing’ to make your internet connection appear to be coming from another country.

The next problem: Netflix blocks VPNs from steaming its content.

How to watch Netflix in China - Best VPNs to Bypass Great Firewall

How to watch Netflix in China: The workaround


The solution is to use a VPN that bypasses the Netflix VPN ban and the Great Firewall of China. We recommend ExpressVPN (£4.70/month). It’s one of the few VPNs that is winning the game of Cat and Mouse with Netflix (when one of its servers is blocked, it opens a new one) and more importantly, it works in China too.

ExpressVPN provides excellent customer support too. If you’re ever having any trouble using the VPN to connect a website, users are encouraged to get in touch with a support agent via the website’s 24/7 Live Chat service. From here all you need to do is explain your problem and ExpressVPN will help you solve it. For simple tasks like finding a server that works with Netflix, you can expect the Live Chat option to only take a couple of minutes to resolve.

If you’re looking to spend a little less, then we suggest PureVPN or NordVPN as good alternatives. NordVPN (£2.32/month) operates in a similar fashion to ExpressVPN, the only difference is that its servers get blacklisted faster than Express VPN. This is an economics/popularity problem; it’s one of the cheapest (and best) VPNs so a lot of people use it, which makes it easier for Netflix to detect and block.

PureVPN (£3.15/month) is also a good option. It’s another established VPN that is winning the fight with Netflix and the Great Firewall. It’s a little different too. PureVPN gives you the option to buy your own dedicated IP for $1.99/month. This won’t be shared with other users, so your VPN won’t, in theory, be blacklisted by Netflix.

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How does Netflix detect VPNs?

Head over to our article How to Bypass the Netflix VPN ban to find out how the online streaming service detects VPNs.

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