How to watch Fubo with a VPN

Fubo, is a streaming service that initially started as a soccer-focused platform, but has since expanded to offer a wide range of live sports, news, and entertainment channels.

Its extensive lineup makes it a favorite among sports enthusiasts, especially those keen on following international events. And over the years, Fubo has grown in popularity due to its diverse content offerings, high-quality streaming, and compatibility with various devices, all without the need for cable.

But, the streaming service is only available in three countries, the US, Canada and Spain. If you’re outside these locations, you won’t be able to watch Fubo.

This can be frustrating, because even if you’re a paying customer you won’t be able to access any Fubo content if you’re away on holiday or vacation. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to watch Fubo anywhere in the world. All you need is a reliable VPN.

This article will explain how to watch Fubo with a VPN so you can access its content no matter where you are.

How to watch Fubo with a VPN: Quick Guide

  1. Sign up with ExpressVPN ($6.67/month).

  2. Download and launch the VPN application.

  3. Choose a server located in the US

  4. Watch Fubo anywhere in the world

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It’s a service that allows you to connect to the internet in a secure way. When you use a VPN, your online actions are kept private and safe from prying eyes.

Here’s how it works: Normally, when you connect to the internet, your computer or device sends information back and forth directly through your internet service provider, or ISP. Anyone who has access to this pathway, like hackers or even the ISP itself, can potentially see what you’re doing online.

A VPN acts like a middleman between your computer and the internet. Instead of your device connecting directly to a website or online service, it first connects to the VPN’s server. The VPN then sends the information on your behalf, receives the response, and sends it back to you. This process makes it hard for others to see what you’re doing because the information is encrypted, or turned into a secret code, between your device and the VPN server.

In addition to security, a VPN can also make it appear as though you’re accessing the internet from a different location than you really are. This can be useful for accessing content that might be blocked or restricted in certain countries or regions.

So, in short, a VPN provides a secure and private way to connect to the internet. It encrypts your data to keep it safe and can also mask your actual location.

Why do I need a VPN for Fubo?

A VPN allows you to access more content on Fubo by changing your apparent location. It’s a useful tool if you want to watch shows or sports that are not available in your area.

Depending on where you live, you might not have access to all the content on Fubo due to regional restrictions, or you might not have access to Fubo at all. This is because content rights can differ from one country to another.

A VPN can help you bypass these restrictions. When you use a VPN, you connect to the internet through a server in another location. This can make it look like you’re in a different country.

So, if you’re in a country where certain Fubo content is not available, you can use a VPN to connect to a server in a country where the content is available. This way, Fubo thinks you’re in the allowed country and lets you watch the content. For example, if you’re outside the US, all you need to do is download a reliable VPN for Fubo, connect to a US server and Fubo will think you’re in the US. That way you’ll be able to access all the content available to US-based customers.

How to watch Fubo with a VPN

What makes a good VPN for Fubo?

Unfortunately not just any VPN will work with Fubo. A good VPN for Fubo must have the following characteristics:

  1. Fast Speeds: Fubo streams live sports and other content, so the VPN needs to provide fast and consistent connection speeds. This ensures smooth streaming without buffering.
  2. Server Locations: The VPN should have servers in locations where Fubo is available. As of time of writing, Fubo is only available in the US, Spain and Canada. A good VPN for Fubo needs to have multiple servers in these locations. This allows users to access Fubo from places where it might be restricted or not available.
  3. Reliability: The VPN should have a stable connection to ensure continuous streaming without interruptions.
  4. Strong Encryption: To keep your online activities private and secure, the VPN should use strong encryption methods.
  5. No Bandwidth Limits: Some VPNs limit the amount of data you can use. A good VPN for Fubo should not have these limits to allow uninterrupted streaming.
  6. Privacy Policy: The VPN provider should have a strict no-logs policy. This means they don’t keep records of your online activities.
  7. Easy to Use: For users who aren’t tech-savvy, the VPN should be straightforward to install, set up, and connect.
  8. Good Customer Support: In case of any issues, the VPN provider should offer timely and effective customer support.
  9. Compatibility: The VPN should be compatible with a variety of devices, including those on which you wish to watch Fubo.
  10. Multiple Simultaneous Connections: It’s useful if the VPN allows several devices to connect at the same time, so you can use Fubo on one device and do other tasks on another.

What are the best VPNs for Fubo?

1. ExpressVPN πŸ₯‡ $6.66/month

The fastest and most reliable streaming VPN of 2023

  • βœ”160+ IP addresses in 94+ countries
  • βœ”5 simultaneous devices
  • βœ”Live chat support
  • βœ”Over 3,000 servers
  • βœ”>80% connection speed
  • βœ”Unlimited bandwidth
ExpressVPN review

ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) is still the best VPN. And importantly, it ALWAYS has servers that are open with major streaming sites such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Read our full ExpressVPN review.

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(30-day money-back guarantee)

2. NordVPN $3.19/month

An incredibly fast and trustworthy VPN

  • βœ”Over 5,000 servers worldwide
  • βœ”6 simultaneous devices
  • βœ”Reliable customer service
  • βœ”Fast NordLynx protocol
  • βœ”Cybersec ad and tracker blocker
  • βœ”Easy to use interface
NordVPN Best VPN image

NordVPN is the most widely-used VPN in the world. And it’s easy to see why. It’s a polished app that delivers fast connections (more on this later) to a massive network of VPN servers.

It’s the most reliable at unblocking popular streaming services too – US Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, etc. This is because NordVPN hired a full-time technical team (that’s responsible for monitoring its servers’ connections with popular TV streaming services) and has been aggressively investing in its network of IP addresses in key locations.

Read our full NordVPN review.

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3. Private Internet Access $2.03/month

An affordable, reliable VPN

  • βœ”35,000 servers worldwide
  • βœ”Unlimited simultaneous devices
  • βœ”24/7 chat support
  • βœ”Servers in over 80 countries
  • βœ”MACE ad blocker included
  • βœ”Supports multiple protocols
Best VPN list - PIA

Private Internet Access is one of the leading no-log VPN services with over 1-million paying customers.

This VPN is one of the best in the industry at beating streaming sites’ VPN bans. It provides reliable connections with US Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, MAX, Disney+ Amazon Prime, and many more.

Even better, it allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous devices to be connected to its servers at the same time. So you can share the account with all of your friends.

Read our full Private Internet Access review.

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4. Ivacy $1.00/month

A trustworthy and affordable VPN

  • βœ”5700+ servers worldwide
  • βœ”10 simultaneous devices
  • βœ”24/7 customer support
  • βœ”Dedicated IP address option
  • βœ”Available on all major platforms
  • βœ”Great price
Ivacy Best VPN image

If you’re looking for an excellent VPN, with an even better price tag, Ivacy ($1.00/month) is a great option.

While it doesn’t do much more than the other VPNs on this list, the main attraction is the price. This is an affordable VPN that will allow you to stream BBC iPlayer, in HD, from any country in the world on Mac, PC, Android, iOS and FireStick. You’ll also be able to unlock other services like US Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, MAX, Amazon Prime, etc. with ease.

Read our full Ivacy review.

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(30-day money-back guarantee)

5. CyberGhost $2.19/month

A solid VPN package

  • βœ”Deloitte verified no logs policy
  • βœ”Servers in 91 countries
  • βœ”7 simulatenous devices
  • βœ”Proprietary NoSpy servers
  • βœ”Multiple protocol options
  • βœ”Split tunneling support
CyberGhost Best VPN image

CyberGhost is one of the more established VPNs on the market. It has a well-established, and well-tested global network of servers that perform well.

It also offers NoSpy servers which are specially designed to provide an extra layer of security and privacy for users.

Read our full CyberGhost review.

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How do we test VPNs for Fubo?

We test VPNs for Fubo over multiple criteria:

  1. We test how secure the VPN is: We do this by running it through DNS leak tests. If the VPN has a DNS leak issue, it has an issue with its security, as internet service providers (ISPs) can still potentially see your online data. The best VPNs don’t come across these sorts of issues.
  2. The number of servers: The best VPNs have thousands of servers around the world. The more servers, the better. Lesser VPNs, especially free VPNs, don’t have many servers meaning there’s less opportunity for you to surf the web anonymously. We’ve found the best VPNs for Fubo have large networks of dedicated servers as opposed to virtual ones.
  3. Speed: VPN speed matters. We measure the speed of a VPN by doing speed tests for multiple servers worldwide. We then compare this to our base internet speed with a VPN turned off.
  4. Compatibility with streaming services: A critical use case for VPNs is the ability to access geo-blocked streaming services. Unfortunately, these services try and prevent VPNs from accessing their platforms. The best VPNs have measures in place to get around these blocks. When testing a VPN, we try it with several geo-blocked streaming services. The best VPNs will allow you to watch all the leading streaming services worldwide.
  5. Price: Based on our research, the average cost of the top 20 VPNs is $4.33/month. We use this as a comparison when looking for the best-value VPNs.
  6. Devices: VPNs are usually compatible with more than one device simultaneously. Obviously, the more, the better.

Will any VPN work with Fubo?

The good news is Fubo works with a VPN, and using one with Fubo is legal, but not every VPN will work with Fubo.

This is because Fubo blocks VPNs. It does this using a variety of methods which can be difficult for VPNs to get around:

  1. IP Address Detection: One of the primary ways Fubo identifies VPN users is by detecting IP addresses. VPN services use a range of IP addresses for their servers. Once Fubo recognizes an IP address as belonging to a VPN server, it can block it. Over time, popular VPN services might find many of their IP addresses blacklisted.
  2. Multiple Connections: If many users are connecting to Fubo using the same IP address (typical of VPN server usage), it can be a red flag for Fubo. Such patterns are unnatural since residential IP addresses usually have just one or a few users.
  3. Known VPN Ports: VPNs operate using specific ports, especially when they employ certain protocols. Fubo can monitor these ports for increased activity and use this as a basis to block or throttle connections.
  4. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI): DPI is a more advanced method wherein the streaming service examines data packets to determine if they’re coming from a VPN. By looking into these packets, Fubo can differentiate between regular traffic and VPN traffic and block the latter.
  5. WebRTC Leaks: WebRTC is a communication protocol that can inadvertently leak the actual IP address of the user, even if they’re using a VPN. If Fubo detects that the IP address from the WebRTC protocol is different from the IP address of your connection, it might flag this as VPN usage.

If you want to watch Fubo consistently, you need to use a reliable VPN that works with Fubo. The best VPNs for Fubo utilise techniques that allow them to consistently beat Fubo’s blocks and stay one step ahead of the streaming service.

If you use a VPN that cannot beat these blocks, you’ll come across Fubo not working with VPN issues.

Can I watch Fubo with a free VPN?

Using a free VPN with Fubo is possible, but there are several challenges that might prevent a smooth experience. One of the primary issues with free VPNs is that they often have limited bandwidth and speed. This means when you try to stream videos, you might encounter buffering or interruptions. Streaming services like Fubo require a consistent and fast internet connection to deliver high-quality video, and a free VPN might not meet those standards.

Another challenge is that free VPNs might not offer servers in the necessary locations to access Fubo. Fubo has geographical restrictions, so the VPN needs to have a server in a region where Fubo is available. Many free VPNs have a limited number of server locations, making it less likely they’ll have one in the required region.

Lastly, free VPNs sometimes get flagged by streaming platforms, including Fubo. If the streaming service identifies that you’re using a VPN, especially a commonly-used free one, they might block your access. Paid VPNs often have measures in place to avoid detection and have a better success rate in accessing geo-restricted content.

But if you’re struggling to afford a premium VPN, you can take a look at what we consider are the best free VPNs for Fubo.

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