How to watch Fox Sport Go abroad (outside the US)

When you travel outside of the United States you won’t be able to access a lot of your normal TV channels and subscriptions. Even Netflix is different. Here we show you how to watch Fox Sports Go abroad (outside the US).

You can use the instructions below to access US Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu… any US streaming service when you’re outside the US.

Quick guide

Follow the steps below in this exact order.

  1. Get NordVPN $3.99/month
  2. Download and Install NordVPN app
  3. Launch app and connect to a server in the US
  4. Open Fox Sports Go and login
  5. Watch Fox Sports!

How to watch Fox Sports Go abroad (outside the US)

If you want to watch American TV when you’re outside of the US, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Firstly, US TV is only available if you’re in the USA. You can’t watch internet streams of US TV TV when you’re outside the States. International licensing and copyright is the reason. To get around this you need to spoof your internet connection to make it seem like you’re connecting from inside the USA. Using a VPN is the best way to do this.

The next thing you need to know is that not all VPNs will work with Fox Sports Go (or US Netflix). This is because online streaming services have has to start blacklisting VPNs from accessing their content. Why? Because too many people were bypassing geo-blocked content with cheap and low-end VPNs.

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Which VPNs work with Fox Sports Go?

You need to pick a good VPN if you want to watch Fox Sports Go abroad. Cheaper VPNs share their USA IP addresses with too many customers, which gets them blacklisted almost immediately.

The best VPNs, however, spread their customers evenly across thousands of different US servers and IPs.

The Best VPNs have one more trick. It’s a game called Cat and Mouse. If/When a good VPN has one of its servers blacklisted by Fox (or Netflix) they react by closing that VPN down and opening a fresh (unblocked) IP. All the VPNs featured below do this.

1. NordVPN – $3.99/month (RECOMMENDED!)

This is the best VPN you can buy. It’s got 1500+ servers in the US and a world-class technical team monitoring its connections. If ever there’s a problem, these technicians get to work on a fix straight away.

NordVPN also provides an excellent Live Chat service via its website. If you’re ever struggling to connect to a website through its Quick Connect server (which is very rare) they will direct you to a server that will work.

Note: ExpressVPN ($6.66/month) and PureVPN ($2.92/month) are two more good VPN providers.

For an extra $70/year you can purchase a Dedicated IP from NordVPN. This means that you will be the sole customer with access to this American IP address. Which means, in theory, your IP will never get blacklisted for abnormal usage.

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How to watch Fox Sport Go abroad (outside the US) - NordVPN

2. TorGuard Residential IP – $12.15/month

If you don’t mind paying a little bit more for the very best service, then we suggest getting a Residential IP from TorGuard. It costs $7.99/month on top of the regular $4.16/month TorGuard VPN fee. But, as its name suggests, it buys you a Residential IP.

This is important. Most VPNs use virtual IP addresses of business IPs. These are fine. But the likes of Netflix, Fox, Amazon (etc) are starting to recognise these addresses. Which creates the potential for US streaming services to be more aggressive with known virtual or business IP addresses.

Buying your own Residential IP from a VPN guarantees that you’ll be able to watch American content. Forever. This is because your connection, protected by military-grade encryption, will be completely untraceable for Fox Go, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu. Why? Because as far as they can tell it’s a completely normal residential IP address.

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How to watch Fox Sport Go abroad (outside the US) - TorGuard

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