How to watch all Manchester United games online

You can stream every Manchester United match live online using just a VPN and a cheap subscription to an overseas TV channel. Here we show you how to watch all Manchester United games online.

If you live in anywhere in the world, apart from Great Britain, you can watch every Manchester United game on your local rights-holding sports channel. Now, thanks to VPNs, users in the UK can watch all of Manchester United’s games online too.

In this article, we’ll explain how users in the UK (or anywhere in the world) can take advantage of the EPL’s global TV deals and watch all Manchester United games.

Steam Man Utd online: How it works

VPNs use a combination of military-grade encryption and a global network of servers to keep your data safe online. VPNs offer users an additional level of online security and privacy. Another popular feature VPN’s facilitate is the ability to spoof a location. What this allows, for example, is VPN users from anywhere in the world to connect to a VPN server based in the UK and watch BBC iPlayer online for free.

The flipside, for example, is that VPN users in the UK can connect to a server based in the US and watch US TV from outside the US.

By using this technique, users can take advantage of the Premier League’s global broadcasting deals that sees the EPL broadcast to 156 countries around the world. Customers who want to watch all Manchester United games online can subscribe to any of these international TV broadcasters and use a VPN to spoof their location and stream every Man Utd match live online.

How to watch all Manchester United games online

  1. Get a VPN
  2. Subscribe to a daily/monthly/annual pass from an overseas sports broadcaster (see below)
  3. Connect your VPN to the relevant country and watch ALL of Manchester United’s games live online

Below you’ll see a list of overseas sports packages you can buy online to watch every Machester United game live. However, to watch these streams online, you need a good VPN to let your spoof your location.

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Best VPNs to watch ALL Man Utd games live


1. ExpressVPN

Price: £5.13/month

VPNs for Spark Sport - ExpressVPN

Signing up for an ExpressVPN account will keep you completely anonymous while you’re following your Premier League team on Spark Sport. The service currently hosts servers in over 90 countries around the world, so you’ll be able to open up Spark Sport wherever you are.

All of your network data passing through ExpressVPN is encrypted. You won’t be penalised for accessing a website that’s usually geo-restricted as there’ll be no evidence you’re doing so. A single account will keep you covered on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, routers and smart TVs.

If you run into some technical problems while loading up Spark Sport abroad, the ExpressVPN team will be ready to help. ExpressVPN’s Live chat experts are on standby 24/7, so you’ll always have support whatever the issue.

Click here to get ExpressVPN for £5.13/month

2. Ivacy

Price: £1.02/month

VPNs for Spark Sport - Ivacy

This VPN is the cheapest option in our list. For a little over £1 a month, you’ll get your pick of over 1,000 servers in more than 100 locations around the world. If you don’t want to take on big monthly payments for a VPN, Ivacy is definitely worth a closer look. It’s a fantastic option for watching Spark Sport abroad.

If you’re living outside of New Zealand and fancy trying out Spark Sport for the Premier League season, Ivacy will offer you a way in. The company has a strict ‘no-logs’ policy, which means your data will never be shared with sinister third parties.

A built-in network kill switch will keep your identity anonymous even if your connection to Ivacy drops without warning. This extra layer of protection will run in the background and give you some peace of mind.

Despite the affordable price tag, Ivacy still works with loads of different gadgets. You can run it on iOS and Android smartphones, games consoles, streaming devices, routers and smart TVs. Get started today with the link below.

Click here to get Ivacy for £1.02/month

3. PureVPN

How to watch all Manchester United games online-PureVPN

Price: $3.24/Month*

PureVPN is a fast and reliable VPN provider with multiple servers in the US, Canada, UK and NZ. It also has official apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s easy-to-use and works perfectly with all the providers mentioned below.

The reason we’ve ranked PureVPN as the best way to watch all Manchester United games online due to its dedicated IP option. Broadcasters are beginning to get stricter with VPNs who let thousands of customers access its content via a shared IP address.

To futureproof yourself, we suggest spending an extra $1.99/month and buying a dedicated IP from PureVPN. This will guarantee that your VPN connection will never get blacklisted.

Get PureVPN from $3.24/Month*

*Buy with “Dedicated IP” for guaranteed access.

4. NordVPN

How to watch all Manchester United games online-NordVPN

Price: $4.34/Month

NordVPN represents a great way to watch all Manchester United games online. It has the most servers of any VPN provider, meaning you’re guaranteed a fast connection.

However, the one downside is that TV providers such as Netflix, and BBC iPlayer in the UK, have started blocking its servers. NordVPN is almost a victim of its own success. Because so many people use its servers to watch content in different locations, it makes its servers easy to spot and blacklist.

NordVPN combats this with Cat and Mouse tactics. When one of its IPs is blacklisted it opens a new one. The result is effective, but it does mean you sometimes have to cycle through several different servers before you find one that works.

If you’re willing to do this. NordVPN is a great all-round VPN provider. It offers fast speeds and a massive range of servers in other countries.

Get NordVPN from$4.34/Month*


Best Overseas Sports Packages (to watch Man Utd online)


1. Steam Man Utd online: New Zealand

How to watch all Manchester United games online

(Cheapest and best)

Watching NZ’s Spark Sport is the cheapest way to watch all of Manchester United’s games in a season. It costs as little as NZ$19.78 for a monthly subscription or NZ$197.80 for an annual pass. This works out at roughly £10/month or £100/year for UK users.

How to watch Spark Sport NZ abroad.

Note: You’ll need a VPN (connected to an NZ server) to sign up.

2. How to Steam Man Utd online: US

How to watch all Manchester United games online - fubo

(Biggest range of other sports)

If you want the most comprehensive sports package, we suggest subscribing to Fubu.TV’s standard package costs USD $44.99 a month, with a one-month introductory rate of $19.99 and a seven-day free trial. This subscription gives you access to US cable, including all major US TV networks, and will allow you to watch every Manchester United game live online.

Get Fubo.TV

Note: You’ll need a VPN (connected to a US server) to sign up.

Steam Man Utd online: Canada

How to watch all Manchester United games online - SportsNet

(Best of both)

If you don’t want to spend USD $44.99/month on a full cable package from the US, then we suggest subscribing to SportsNet in Canada instead.

Sportsnet Now gives you 24/7 access to live stream your favourite sports in glorious and reliable HD. Watch the EPL, Champions League, FA Cup, NHL, MLB, NBA and much more!

Get SportsNet

Note: You’ll need a VPN (connected to a Canadian server) to sign up.

How to watch all Manchester United games online: 3pm Saturday kick-offs in the UK


It is impossible for UK-based Manchester United fans to watch every game live. This is due to an FA (Football Association) rule that forbids any live football being broadcast between the hours of 2.45pm – 5.15pm on a Saturday. This rule has since been expanded to include Ireland (due to Satellite reception overlapping into Northern Ireland and parts of Great Britain).

When Manchester United have a fixture that kicks off at this time, customers in the UK who subscribe to both rights-holding broadcasters – Sky Sports and BT Sport – are still unavailable to watch Man Utd live.

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