How to watch (3 pm) Premier League matches online

How to watch (3 pm) Premier League matches online

If you’re a UK-based football fan the only (traditional) way to watch a 3 o’clock kick off (on Saturdays) is to buy a ticket and physically go to a game. This is because the FA won’t allow any football to be broadcast to UK screens at 3 pm on a Saturday. Here we show you How to watch (3 pm) Premier League matches online… plus a LOT more football and sports for just £22.50/month.

How to watch (3 pm) Premier League matches online

  1. Sign up to PureVPN (with Dedicated IP)
  2. Run VPN and connect to a US server
  3. Sign up to FuboTV ($30.99/month)
  4. Choose the game you want to watch at

In-depth: How to watch (3 pm) Premier League matches online

The FA and Premier League won’t let UK broadcasters show Saturday 3 pm games because it wants to encourage fans to actually buy tickets and go to matches. Which is fair enough. However, outside of the UK is a different story. If you’re watching in the USA, Ireland, Australia – pretty much anywhere apart from the UK – you’ll be able to watch any Premier League fixture you want.

Until recently, the only way to watch a foreign TV channel was to be in front of a screen in that country. However, most networks now make their channels available to customers over the internet and this is how this tutorial works.

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By signing up for a VPN*, you can successfully spoof your computer’s location. Do this in a country like the USA – where the Premier League broadcasts 3 pm games – and the only the only remaining hurdle is signing up to a TV.

*For the best results, we recommend buying a dedicated IP with PureVPN (£3.50/month). IPVanish or NordVPN are also good alternatives. is exactly that. You can register with a UK credit card (we used MasterCard) for $30.99/month (£22.50) you get access to every Live Premier League game via the broadcaster’s website. That’s not all. Your subscription includes Champions League, Europa League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, The FA Cup… and a ton of other leagues/matches from around the world.

FuboTV also includes comprehensive coverage of Rugby; NBA; NHL; MLB; Tennis; Golf; Cycling; Racing; MMA and a lot more.

How to watch FuboTV App outside of the USA

How to watch (3 pm) Premier League matches online - FuboTV

(This tutorial only works on Android devices)

If you’re outside of the US and you want to watch your FuboTV package on your phone or tablet, then downloading the official app is difficult. Google Play will only let you access the US app store if you have an American debit/credit card and you relinquish access to your existing App store.

To get around this block, you need to download the FuboTV APK from a third party site and install it manually (similar to how you’d install a exe file on Windows). You can find these APK’s easily – just enter this query into Google “FuboTV APK” and you’ll be presented with multiple options. Alternatively, go to and download the latest version of the app from here straight onto your Android device.

If you’re concerned about security, download Android antivirus software too – we recommend Bitdefender.

Once you’ve downloaded the FuboTV APK you need to go to your Setting menu and switch on the ‘Allow app from unknown source’ option.

FuboTV uses your data connection and GPS location to verify where you’re accessing its content from. To get around this you need to download your VPN provider’s Android app and also a Fake GPS Location app, we recommend Hola Fake GPS.

Note that all the provider’s we recommended above have good dedicated Android apps – but see our Android PureVPN Dedicated IP tutorial for help if you need it.

For Hola Fake GPS to work, you need to enable Developer Mode on your Android. This is easy. Go to Settings > About phone and then scroll down until you see ‘Build number’. Click on this several times and you will see a countdown notification saying “Press 4 more times to enter Developer Mode”. Once you’re in developer mode, open Hola Fake GPS and you will see a Settings menu pop-up that will guide you through the final step of spoofing your location.

That’s it. All you need to do now is select a GPS location in the USA. Then use your VPN to select a USA server/IP. Finally open the FuboTV app, login and enjoy live Sports on your mobile device.

Here’s those instructions again.

  1. Google “FuboTV APK” and download the APK to your Android device
  2. Enable App from an unknown source and install your FuboTV APK.
  3. Install your VPN and also Hola Fake GPS
  4. Go to Settings > About Phone > Developer Mode (and press several times)
  5. Open Hola Fake GPS and follow settings to enable your fake GPS location
  6. Open VPN and select a server/IP in the USA
  7. Open FuboTV app > Login > Enjoy live sports

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