How to turn off Norton Antivirus Automatic Renewal

If you’ve paid for a subscription with Norton Antivirus we recommend you turn off the automatic renewal setting immediately. Failing to do so means you’ll be charged full price when your current term ends. Meaning, you’ll miss the huge savings new customers enjoy.

How to turn off Norton automatic renewals

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Navigate to the Subscriptions Page
  4. Turn off Automatic Renewal
  5. Click Turn Off when prompted
  6. That’s it. Easy.

Why you NEED to turn off Norton Automatic Renewal?

Price comparison:

Norton Security Basic
  • Year 1: $29.99
  • Renewal price: $49.99

Click here to get Norton Security Basic for $29.99

Norton Security Standard
  • Year 1: $39.99
  • Renewal price: $69.99

Click here to get Norton Security Standard for $39.99

Norton Security Deluxe
  • Year 1: $49.99
  • Renewal price: $89.99

Click here to get Norton Security Deluxe for $49.99

Norton Security Premium
  • Year 1: $54.99
  • Renewal price: $109.99

Click here to get Norton Security Premium for $54.99

Antivirus is a competitive market. There are a handful of established security providers that all largely offer the same service. Often, the biggest difference between AV software is the introductory and renewal prices. With some products offering huge savings for new customers.

This is obviously great. It’s capitalism at work! However, if you don’t turn off automatic renewal, you could get stung. The renewal price is always much higher than the price you initially pay for the software.

By turning off the automatic renewal, you’re saving yourself $54.99 immediately. There’s no need to worry about your product expiring either. Norton’s will send you a ton of emails reminding you (and counting down the days) that your license is about to expire.

To take advantage of the new customer offer (again), all you need to do is renew using the website (again). That’s it. Sign up through the website and enter your new Product Key into your Norton app and you’ll have manually renewed – saving yourself 50% in the meantime!

But first, you need to turn off automatic renewals. Here’s how.

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